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  1. September 2017 Recap

    noice.. starting to see a more advanced logistical and resource system, waiting to see it on mega maps!
  2. - The giant insta namelabels, Destroy the immersiveness and part of game depthness - - People who keep saying that squad should not be realistic which is arcadish this or that ..., being that realism guides most of the mechanics of this game genre, ensures depthness, asymmetric balance and a tactical slow paced environment suitable for teamwork, If that's why they will not play some mainstream games that are already in the market, and stop coming to the forums to try to make squad one more of them with their ´´uhhh duuurh this should not be realistic, do not bring me data of reality uuuuurhhhh!`` Most other things I know is for the sake of the game being in alpha
  3. Reduce mortar spam

    In the PR, in addition to the need for supplies, a "physical" transfer of supply boxes to mortar through ammunition bags is also required. This requires the work of a dedicated squadron, as well as driving at a more realistic pace of operation. To see this in Squad, I believe only when he has his "physical" supply system formulated.
  4. Reducing punishment only superficializes the game and renders it devoid of strategic depth, and the same holds true for infantry and its kits as well as for vehicles. Reducing punishment for the death of infantry contravenes the purpose of the game and disables the existence of an environment conducive to the application of strategies, removing the strategic depthness. Something I had commented on in another topic:
  5. HAT (Heavy Anti Tank) balancing?

    I believe that squad is going to the wrong side of the balancing, with huge amounts of AT being compensated with vehicles that spawn very quickly (8 minutes for the Stryker), when in fact there should be less availability of AT kits compensated by vehicles that take longer To spawn again, creating an environment with more strategic depth. And creating true strategic value for the loss of a Hat for example that should take time to become available again, and even more so for a vehicle that has ceased to provide the support function for your team. But of course, there is still a lot of material left in the game to take a final verdict, AT weapons, vehicles and their capabilities, a lot of material
  6. I am in favor of complete withdrawal of nametags, but how hard it is to do this in squad game genre, descendant of PR, I think it would be better rework them, besides limited to a maximum of 30 meters, must also have 10s or more to appear, making the most immersive and realistic environment where teamwork, communication and tactics should prevail. Make nametags available for beginners it is not a good idea, the players adapt, work in teams and gradually learn to identify their targets properly without the need to create unnecessary differences of immersion in the game, as the PR in to learn about the nuances of the game turns out one of its most appreciable and beautiful aspects. Next to this, arguments about increased TK also are very weak ... compared to the possibility of having a game more immersive, realistic, slow paced and fit to a enabled environment for teamwork and stategic depth, that only the most realistic mechanical enable us to have. Surely someone will talk about the map, not realistic or too this or that, the map .... unlike giant instantaneous nametags, shown inextricably linked to the game, it is much deeper issues, it is directly linked to the organization both macro and micro of a team, relating squadrons tactics as team tactics, and need a quick adjustment, so that should take a few brief seconds to appear.
  7. The Wrench - June Edition

    I prefer the southern prairies ...
  8. spawning

    the minimal base time in 40 to 50s was okay but should be cumulative to 5 minutes, depending on a set of triggers that change values. and we are waiting for a major change in the damn fast paced current game model with future additions of logistic and changes in mechanics. Ralypoints really limited, totally dependent of a logistic system fobs...more coherent fatigue system ( jump dependent of the main stamina bar), limited nametags to be slow to appear, and only in short distances...and much more.
  9. Checking ammo

    Your suggestion would be interesting if implemented in conjunction with this other suggestion I posted on another topic.
  10. I would open an additional topic to discuss some things, but I'll take yours. 1- Change the fatigue system, the jump should affect the main bar of stamina and be dependent on it, since fatigue is not divided into specific groups, it's just fatigue. Furthermore, the recharge rate and total amount of stamina should be reduced. It would be interesting to have a fatigue accumulation system, each discharged bar successively become the slower recharge of stamina, being necessary at any given time a longer stop, to get rid of fatigue accumulation. 2- Reducing the use of nametags / labels, let them slower to appear (much slower!) And set a small maximum distance in which nametags may appear. Currently most of the fight comes down to see if they appear or not nametags. 3. Hide the display of loaded magazines, and connect it to a ´´hold button to check``, this would take some brief seconds to show how much loaded magazines is being charged, in this period the character could not shoot/run unless you cancel the action to check ammunition. Future this function could receive a character animation groping the vest. 4 Limit the map to take a few brief seconds to appear. 5. Remove the ´´flag`` capture display from player hud and put on the map. 6- respawn times larger and cumulative to certain conditions.
  11. What did will prevent your teammates play like dorks reckless will be a loss in the score, blocking the possibility of ordering kits for a period, a significant increase in next respawn time, in addition of course also having a game with an environment conducive to teamwork, with realism, slow paced and possible authenticity, I am sure that such an environment would filter most of the players who want to play only as `` reckless dorks'' out. Better than mechanical fully against reality and the genre of game, giving damage to yourself.
  12. Squad radar

    map and compass are excusable, even in how they are implemented as game mechanics, and are used irl, unlike radar that detect close companions used to simulate Situational Awareness, this should be generated by communication and squad tactics. would be another way of damaging the immersion and quality of game as''team-based military experience where high levels of teamwork and communication are crucial to success.`` especially''hight level`` that every implementation like this , tend to get smaller level. Moreover the map involves much deeper issues such as team strategies and tactics relations between different squads in different functions.
  13. Squad radar

    I think arbitrary demonstrators are completely unnecessary and break the immersiveness and situational realism, map to compass and communication are more than enough, if the issue are new players is nothing to which they can not adapt and learn, and is better adapt to something more realistic than creating a set of dependent players of artificial means to maintain cohesion, instead of tactics and squad communication. It should also be removed ammunition demonstrator and replaced by a''hold`` button to check the ammunition, and the stamina to be unified in a single bar, as fatigue is one thing ... but this is a matter for other discussions.
  14. Classic AK-47 and Type 56.

    Much of the game must be built around the details, it is about the little things, the little realistic features that will form an immersive and slow paced game, is there that is the beauty of the game. perhaps these suggested weapons are not appropriate for the moment, and of course these details also are not limited just around the arms, many other aspects of the game are also turned into little details that make the difference, and if the devs are working on them, we need to have patience. We must remember that the suggestions involving realism, the accuracy of the material, can not be placed in 2nd plan as make up one of the main characteristics of the squad and game premise that a sign can only exist in a more accurate, authentic, realistic and slow paced environment as far as possible, only to be worked at different times. And I was very happy with the Z-trooper's claim that the devs would be fine with 95% of realism and accuracy, what it is certainly a very good value.
  15. We hope that with the development of the game becomes more slow paced, realistic and focused on teamwork and also that not only there is the limitation of number of kits, but also a time lock, or pool limit with a limited amount of regeneration. before the next kit can be ordered. (enough to warrant a strategic victory for the loss of specific capacity of the enemy in the field.)