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  1. Yes you can go behind the enemy lines and build a Fob, but as you yourself said ... it will require a truck, supplies, people to assist in the construction, it requires time, it makes noise, it is big and it draws attention, especially the trucks, in addition it can not be ignored that it will be a limited fob since to load supplies to it again will require additional exposure, or maybe not even more possible ..., it is not difficult to understand, I already said it requires planning and teamwork !!!! and all this is not too much to see, in the pr you can see extensively equipped defensive and offensive fobs, simple fobs to feed key sectors, fobs in the rear of the opponent to mount ambush atgm's and hidden fobs that has up their suplyes hidden so they will not be detected. And of course the rallies are also used, but with much more care and planning and also not as the main spawn system. And removal? I did not mention removal, I personally would like it to be removed yes, but if you read the suggestion you can see that it is a request for adequacy to the type of game that the squad intends to be, an adequacy at least at the PR level that works very well already at years.
  2. The fob requires time to be built, supplies, teamwork and planning, because eventually it needs to be defended, it simulates areas of advance and front with cohesion, demand of a functional logistic system, has a defensive, offensive or blocking function for strategic points, communication demand between the team. Rally more realistic? random and non-cohesive advance zones, dispersed infantry using as spawn a structure created with one click and nothing more, so it sounds so magical.
  3. To see how you take the game and the rally system ... For someone who views the squad only as a source of instant magic spawn, you really should see a system that requires more planning and teamwork as an asinine idea.
  4. And I can not understand how some people can defend the current rp system, luckily are few , it requires so little teamwork and planning, it does not fit into a game like squad, many of those who talk like that also probably never played PR, in that RP has the necessary restrictions to not serve as a magic point of respawn and subjugate all Fob system and logistics that was planned for the game simply because some think they can play individually, if a team is not minimally competent to make some fobs he must lose. It's not a matter of dependency, but what is the purpose of the game, is made around teamwork and communication, these elements can not be supplanted by a magic rally system, if someone thinks so ... well, maybe they should look for another game for that. The game can not build a whole environment suitable for teamwork, communication, planning, realistic aspects, the slower gaming pass, with greater strategic depth and at the same time maintaining a rally system like the current one, is completely disrupting the game environment and disrupting many of the things I've cited. Someone also said that the devs tested and found these current conditions as the best for the rally .... simply not, given also the latest updates we will not be slow to see a restructuring of the rally system, and also prefer the 11 years of testing of PR with its rally system if we are to take a measure of what has been tested, in this I have produced a suggestion for the restructuring of the rally, it is not a removal but an adaptation to the game genre of the squad, so that it does not remove depth of the game and do not destroy the other aspects, leading to the need for planning, teamwork, this is only satisfactory when you can do this effectively, as I could feel for so many years in PR, who simply can not accept this is very accommodated with the system rally to accept a change in the right direction.
  5. A10 is great and all, but...

    Did you mean the dirt on the optics? if yes, sorry hehehe, I misread your sentence, yes the crew would probably keep it clean.
  6. A10 is great and all, but...

    Some of that things are the next step for squad updates, the labels need to take longer to emerge, and should not run at greater distances, at least not enough to not detract so much of the depth of play, currently the players are relying on the labels to engage when it should be by positioning, communication and eventual verification on the map. besides they do not appear through obstacles: P - another thing would be the physical existence of the supplies in the form of boxes, bags ... or whatever, but I believe that these should be being worked by the devs, especially with the air logistics coming. - As for the rallies, I suggest you come here: the realistic depiction of the vehicles reticule is the correct for squad.
  7. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    Here is a BPPU modernized turret with their 2a72 autocannon (btr-60 parts), Remember what I said before, both 2a72 and its 2a42 predecessor are able to switch to 400, 600 or 800r / pm fire rates, and I've seen bmp-2s using rates in excess of 1000r/pm, the btr of your video was shooting very slowly, perhaps because of training or ammunition saving, especially if it is an exported btr.
  8. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    updated the main sugestion on top.
  9. POLL - v10

    I agree, I believe that the next important steps of central gameplay changes that the squad must adopt are: - rework the rp system so you have at least the constraints of the pr rp, or be removed for who dont know : - physical supply system, just as in the PR it is necessary to carry supply bags in a supply crate and physical transfers to a mortar niche. - rework or removal of labels.
  10. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    After some tests I can say that the squad is in the right direction, favoring the realism, the need for teamwork and the planning, great work of the devs and to follow this path. Next step is to redesign the rally point system, so that it is at least as pr, and the label system needs adjustments ... or removal
  11. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    This is an autocannon 2a72, which in official terms is capable of firing at 400r / pm, but like its predecessor I assume that it can also have the adjusted fire rate, with 400r / pm being a sustainable fire rate and 600 or 800 r / pm at unsustainable rates. Unsustainable fire rate means you'll have to shoot for a few moments and then let the gun cool down so you do not overheat. It's a perfectly correct change and it makes the gun behave like its real counterpart, before the 2a72 had the rate of fire of a damn l21 rarden at 90rp / m
  12. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    50m is a ridiculously small scale, especially on 4x4 maps, which allows for rally being abused and placed literally within objetives.
  13. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    And many wanting another game with the same structure of run and gun AAA arcade title without any depth, why they do not play them instead of wanting this for the squad.
  14. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    Strongly waiting for adjustments or reconstruction of the RP system Tired of seeing how the current RP subjugate the logistics system, how much depth is lost from playing with rps on all sides acting as magic sources of respawn. There is a current much greater concern of the Sl´s in maintaining rallies than fobs, supply routes ... or anything else, this is not right. Even the Rp system of PR, which is slightly more limited than the squad, is already capable of producing much better results, with a tiered system of minimum enemy distances (50 to 125m) for implementation, according to the size of the maps, and an extra 5 minutes penalty in the recharge time for having had the rally overruned, +2 player within sl to set, Rp implementation only with SL kit..