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  1. New player, having a hard time.

    This game isn't suppose to be like Battlefield, in that every corner you turn there's a dude running and it's a contest of who shoots faster. Squad is more slow and calculated. If you are surrounded by team mates, and they are shooting, they see something or they saw something and are suppressing what they saw. You aren't suppose to be able to run around and easily spot enemies without communication from other squads and your own squad about the locations of enemies. As of now Squads main goal in a match is capturing points and holding points. If you are moving forward to attack a contested point, you will most likely run into the enemy defending to some capacity. On the other hand, if you are defending a point, consider it a good thing if you aren't see any enemies. Sometimes the other team focusing too heavily on defending and won't attack your point that you are defending, make sense? TL:DR; get a feel of where the major engagements are and help that squad out. The enemy is definitely there though
  2. I think the trees and foliage looked better pre-v8. I don't know if something changed between the two versions but it's just something I've noticed. I'm sure it will be address in the future but it's always good to provide feedback. I think the Devs are going for a minimalist approach to the foliage textures while they are optimizing and stuff.
  3. Workaround for fatal error Alpha V7.3.

    I think this still applies for the majority of players. It's almost the norm at the end of every round to disconnect and reconnect, albeit most won't return to that same server so it's left with a fraction of the original player population. I think it's more prevalent to crash after certain maps as opposed to others but I don't have any data to back that up with. I've been doing to the disconnect reconnect workaround for about a week now so I don't get the fatal error anymore, so doing that workaround definitely helps eliminate the issue. I would be interested to know why the fatal error occurs after it gets sorted out.
  4. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    I haven't crashed at all playing 5 matches straight without reconnecting. I'm getting around 100 FPS with a GTX 1080. Very playable and looks gorgeous. Thanks devs!
  5. Why play this game?

    I second Ginastic on the New vs Vet levels
  6. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    Everyone deserves a good break from work. Looking forward to v8. Awesome job as always guys!
  7. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    I'm running a GTX 1080 with a 6700k and getting avg 60 fps on ultra everything. I guess it's mostly hardware constraints for the people getting low fps. People have said it a million times of this forum, this is a freakin' alpha guys. Games are in development for years without public knowledge. You aren't suppose to even be enjoying the game, you should be reporting bugs and feedback to the devs so they have as much info as possible per version number. Why do kids think they can be so entitled to a game that's not even technically released yet let alone close to being developmentally complete?
  8. Chinese Spam Accounts

    I don't really care if there are plenty of threads about it, It may need more consistent visibility until the issue gets fixed. And I posted it in the feedback section, so I'm only giving my feedback on the site. Prior threads are irrelevant to me in this case.
  9. I see this behavior split right down the middle. And you can tell who understands good communication and who doesn't. I kind of think text chat is the bane of any multiplayer game, it encourages the keyboard warriors en masse. I rarely ever see sound advice or good information through the text chat. And because of this, SL voice comms are paramount to spreading information between squads. Anytime someone in my squad wants me to relay a message to another particular squad, I make time to do it. They could have pertinent information on the battlefield that I may not see but they can and the faster I can relay to the other squads the better. I think it just takes good SL's to start a trend that will catch on eventually. I do completely agree that if you are being led by a poor SL then you should leave that squad. No reason wasting your time in a game that requires good communication and support.
  10. Chinese Spam Accounts

    There has to be a solution to the spamming of threads from Chinese accounts. This is becoming a daily thing.
  11. Is it worth a buy?

    I would say if you enjoyed PR then you will like Squad. In the coming months vehicles will be introduced, map will be expanded too and added, and game mechanics tweaked. I would say if you enjoy the infantry style combat with base building and excellent sound production, to get it now. 95% of the community are great people and the Devs are very active. It would be a win win to just buy the game now to support the Devs and try out some awesome gameplay.
  12. VESA Publishes DisplayPort™ Standard Version 1.4

    Too bad we won't see this technology in effect for another 2 years at least. GPU's can barely push 4k60hz right now. DP1.4 is nice and all but all the chains in the link need to be as strong as the next, unfortunately we have some weak links. The Titan has a DP1.2... circa before 2014. DP1.3 is virtually absent from the market and that came our a couple years ago. VESA is pushing the "standard" though, which is what drives technology forward. It's nice to see it regardless.
  13. Hello Everybody!

    Welcome to the community!
  14. Where are the Squad Leader's Donation Weapons?

    Yeah I like the idea of environment based camouflages. It only makes sense, especially the type of warfare we have inside the game currently. spray painted sand camo for desert operations or moss/dirt camo spray for forest operations. I can get on board with that stuff. Hello kitty and DOTA skins will turn me off the game completely, which I'm sure they don't have plans to add thankfully! The way they did the founder skins though is smart. The Devs seem to have good heads on their shoulders for the type of game they are creating.
  15. Where are the Squad Leader's Donation Weapons?

    I was talking specifically about the M4 designs. Unless you were attached to special forces, the typical Marine/Soldier/Sailor/Airmen, carried a black rifle. That's the only point I was making based on what so many people usually say on the forums about being "authentic". Soviet weapons with little personal touches to it make sense, yes. When I hear skins though I have flashbacks to how skins have always been implemented in the past in any FPS. I just didn't want to see DOTA themed M4's on the battlefield, would ruin the immersion for me a little bit :lol:. I fully support, supporting the devs early on though, if that means a couple skins to the ones who helped in the beginning then so be it. If I knew about this game from the beginning I would have done the same thing. EDIT: I actually like the desert themed M4 skins, I was only talking about more colorful obviously not camo related skins.