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  1. Can you please stop derailing my thread thank you, the original topic has nothing to do about your rambling about taxes and muh capitalism
  2. You make my head hurt, not because what you say is complicated, but because I can't picture the person behind this post any different than a redneck talking about muhh free-market while simultaneously not having a clue what he is talking about. Ask the squad devs or anyone who sells a game on steam why games are sold for less in poorer countries, they will tell you the same thing. Also thanks for derailing the thread I guess
  3. Exactly, I didn't mean the echange rate, but the purchasing power of eastern european countries Yes you can and you DO sell a product based on the income of your target market, whould you try to sell your game at 40$ in india? Does MCDonalds sell their bigmac at 5 US Dollars in developing countries? No they don't. You really aren't making much sense. If russians made a game they would sell it at 40$ in North America and Western Europe, and at a reduced price in eastern europe, I really don't understand what you are trying to argue.
  4. You aren't gonna make much profit if you sell a game at the equivalent of 200 dollars, this isn't rocket science
  5. Again, I am not saying that Squad isn't worth the money asked, but that there simply are more polished, less expensive multiplayer games on Steam. The game has a hard time competing. Just 3-4 days after the free weekend and Squad has dropped to page 9 of the steam topsellers, which is pretty terrible. For comparishon, Arma 3 is on page 3, even Day of Infamy, despite having much less concurrent players, is on page 7.
  6. It's not what I want, I just think that the free weekend shows that there is a demand for a game like squad, but the game is never even close to the topsellers outside of 50% off sales.
  7. While I am not saying that Squad isn't worth the price asked, does anyone else think that it would be healthier for Squads overall popularity to be more in the 20-30 dollar range rather than 40? 40 is a pretty big price compared to other multiplayer only shooters on Steam. PUBG, Conan Exiles, DayZ, Rust, and Ark are all within this price range. Having two free weekends in such a short timespan seems worrying, I get the impression that the games population doesn't grow much on it's own.
  8. Without trying to sound like an asshole, but Guy
  9. PS is a mod, not paid DLC
  10. Is this bait?
  11. Another advantage of MEC is that we already have desert assets and MEC would mostly be using russian equipment. If you were to get another OPFOR faction, china for example, you'd have to create asian environments for that case, unless you send the PLA into african scenarios. Hamas or Taliban is out of question, so there really is not that much choice for another opfor faction, maybe african rebels?
  12. Yea, nevermind you are right
  13. I mean something similair to this
  14. A good way to get more exposure and potential sales would be an official update overview video. Squad now has a regular playercount compareable to Red Orchestra 2, which is great, but sky is the limit right? Doesn't have to be anything super fancy, just a short video demonstrating some of the changes and what sort of new content to expect. Many people are/were dissapointed by previous Early Access games. If people see that the game gets regular content updates they'd be more inclined to buy it. It would also be easier to share than a simple update blog.
  15. Sbeneh Outskirts when?