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  1. What are the chances of things like buddy-rallies, dead-dead system, vehicle health and similair debated points becoming server-side options? Or would you rather leave such changes up to the modding community?
  2. He said that build radius and distance to other fobs should be equal, meaning that you wouldn't be able to stack FOBs. Where is the problem? Your argument is literally shitposting and putting words in his mouth And make it impossible to find the radio of a HAB you found? In Project Reality the distance inbetween FOBs was 200 meters, which was much better atleast. It didn't make FOB placement on smaller maps so restricted like Squad is doing right now.
  3. And make it literally impossible to have more than one FOB on Sumari and OP first light?
  4. I have the impression that the minimum distance between fobs was initially a way to avoid FOB spam, back when there were no logistics vehicles and supplies were gained automatically (crazy times). Now, with cooker FOBs gone, we are at a point where you MUST resupply a FOB for people to spawn on it, spamming them is hardly a big problem now. Why not remove or atleast shrink the minimum distance requirement so that 1. stupid teammates can't **** up your plan with bad FOB placement 2. Smaller maps like Sumari and OP First Light can have more than one worthwhile FOB?
  5. Isn't the performance still mainly an animation/playercount bottleneck? Personally changing graphic options for me has almost no impact on overall performance, I only see a difference when loading maps on the firing range. I do have a high end PC though so maybe this stuff is different for midrange PCs. The shadows look "okay" most of the time on the dusk/dawn settings, but I still stand by what I said about Al-Basrah. The map looks great in the PAAS dusk setting, but with the sun up so high in the AAS v1 variant the shadows look really weird. I hope that can be changed because I generally like the new bright look of the map.
  6. Some more comparishon shots today pre-6.3
  7. The grass doesn't usually look THAT bad, that's a chora specific thing where the grass simply doesn't look like it fits the ground it's on. Here are some examples where the ground doesn't clash as much with the grass foliage. compared to chora it just doesn't seem to fit Two seperate problems that could use improvement, it is only really Chora where it is this obvious, newer terrains like Yehorivka or Gorodok don't seem to have this kind of issue. Looking back at the pic with lighting from early builds, the higher shadow resolution might just be a simple solution to this, as the shadows make the grass more "believeable" within the scene Pls devs a bump in shadow resolution overall, or even better, a seperate shadow resolution option like we have seen in early pre-v6 versions, is all I'm begging for this christmas
  8. This is true, I took the worst offenders as examples, mainly Chora and daytime Al-Basrah (with the later being really, really off-putting as you can see in the example in the OP) Shadows seem to look a lot better overall on dusk/dawn maps and worse when it's full daytime, though Kohat Toi looks decent. I also don't necessarily mean that grass should have to cast shadows again, as in reality you won't really see that happening (well maybe on those thick long grass patches but what do I know, I don't go outside), it's still a good showcase as to how much shadow resolution has dropped since the earlier alphas. I was hoping that the devs would take a look at this again with the true-sky implementation but since thats on hold this seems to be what we are getting unless the devs change it. That's really the main issue with the games visuals in my opinion.
  9. Like many on this forum I've played since the first alpha. Seeing the game shape up to something truly worth playing is great, but the devs seem to have driven shadow quality down a lot as a hasty way to improve performance. While the overall color palette in regards to lighting has improved compared to earlier version of the game, shadow quality has gone to a point I personally find a bit ridiculous for a game being developed this decade. Sadly I no longer have any of the older builds to check, but in pre-steam versions shadow quality was good enough for every bit of grass to draw it's own shadow, so I went through youtube to find an example for this. After the developers messed around a bit with distant field shadows in v6 ( which were promptly removed for performance reasons ) shadow quality took a major hit. Shadow resolution has gone so low that grass lacks any kind of shadow now. This was before the overall color palette for all the maps changed, so it doesn't look as bad now, but shadow resolution seems to pretty much have remained the same, which is dissapointing. This is pretty much what the game looks like now. The above screenshots are with all settings on EPIC. While Squad isn't a great looking game and considering it's scale it probably never will be, still it gets the job done. But shadows, even on epic, look downright BAD, there is no other way to put this. Some maps, and even some map layers, are more guilty than other. Shadow resolution is so low that even player models aren't more than blurry blobs, we had better looking shadows back in Battlefield 2. I know that many people have trouble running the game still, but is there any chance that we can get a bit of an upgrade in this area? We used to be able to set shadow resolution seperately, why not go back to that? Looking back at how sharp everything used to look, it is painful to see how ugly the game has become. Lighting is probably THE MOST important factor, more than textures or geometry, to the overall looks of a scene. Pick any game released a decade ago and they had better looking shadows.
  10. There was literally nothing wrong with the PR base zones, wide area to not get locked inside a compound, warn and kill enemies that get to close, why not got back to that?
  11. Is the current spawn protection final or will it change? It seems like you are only protected in a very small area, while PR had a much wider radius, making it harder to spawn camp in general. It still happens from time to time that a team just gets completely base raped.
  12. Right now players can dismount from a vehicle going at full speed, they do not even a ragdoll, they get out of the vehicle with no damage whatsoever standing upright, ready to shoot at any would be ambushers. Neither do players take damage when their vehicle goes from 100 km/h to 0 by hitting a wall head on. It feels cheap both from a gameplay and a technical perspective, even Battlefield games don't let you dismount from a speeding vehicle.
  13. Price drop?

    Can you please stop derailing my thread thank you, the original topic has nothing to do about your rambling about taxes and muh capitalism
  14. Price drop?

    You make my head hurt, not because what you say is complicated, but because I can't picture the person behind this post any different than a redneck talking about muhh free-market while simultaneously not having a clue what he is talking about. Ask the squad devs or anyone who sells a game on steam why games are sold for less in poorer countries, they will tell you the same thing. Also thanks for derailing the thread I guess
  15. Price drop?

    Exactly, I didn't mean the echange rate, but the purchasing power of eastern european countries Yes you can and you DO sell a product based on the income of your target market, whould you try to sell your game at 40$ in india? Does MCDonalds sell their bigmac at 5 US Dollars in developing countries? No they don't. You really aren't making much sense. If russians made a game they would sell it at 40$ in North America and Western Europe, and at a reduced price in eastern europe, I really don't understand what you are trying to argue.