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  1. LAG + High Ping

    RoyAwesome-Today at 4:23 PM yeah, its odd i did some testing and didn't see anything, but I reverted a change I made that probably caused it for the next update [GNS] C4-Today at 4:24 PM whens that getting released RoyAwesome-Today at 4:24 PM dunno alpha 6 well at least someones admitting there's a problem... not that there's a date on solving it but I guess one step at a time...
  2. LAG + High Ping

    Sadly this doesnt seem to have changed anything can someone from Squad Please Reply to this?
  3. LAG + High Ping

    start SquadServer.exe "MULTIHOME=xxx Port=xxx QueryPort=xxx FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=72 FIXEDTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log" would I just remove the Fixedtickrate or just leave blank or?
  4. [GNS] C4-Yesterday at 1:44 PM all of my servers have been having massive lag since last update anyone else having that issue? Super bad pings and terrible lag and server fps at like 2-4 thought it was just my dedicated but BlueFangSolutions server having that issue to Tidrow.D-Today at 4:12 AM We have been showing the same issue @[GNS] C4 over at the 7th CAV
  5. Genome Soldiers LA

    we currently use genomesoldiers.enjin.com or message me here or on steam at any time
  6. Squad Server Files Released!

    at the time u had to own the game to DL it so unless I was to rebuy the game that was not possible
  7. Squad Server Files Released!

    I have just cant make them work :P... hoping to get that worked out soon... also need my Licenses approved to Get Genome Soldiers back on the front page :D
  8. Squad Server Files Released!

    But cant run it without being logged in and if im logged in I cant play...
  9. Squad Server Files Released!

    Are we going to be able to host more than one server on a machine with this program?
  10. Squad Server Files Released!

    so we are going to have to buy the game again to host on a dedicated :(
  11. Squad Server Files Released!

  12. Console Commands

    AdminAllKitsAvailable <Valid> (Sets the server to ignore kit restrictions)
  13. cant get server to work V4