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  1. Russian optics (Kashtan 1p78, PO 3,5x21p)

    You better watch those 922r compliance parts Nice SLR104. I've dicked with a Kashtan at a gunshow and it really had a pretty awesome field of view, I just don't know how they'd model the eye cup coming up to your eye.
  2. Desert Camouflage for Militia

    I'd love to see mixed up chocolate chip tops/coffee stain bottoms. Hell any mixture of desert would do. I was hoping we'd eventually get some Syrian looking rebels, that way we could have militia vs insurgents in Aleppo maps or something.
  3. The Weapons Thread!

    Wow that's nice! But my man, where's your beaver barf?
  4. The Weapons Thread!

    I have only seen the VZ58 in Vietcong 2. A friend owns a Czechpoint VZ58 with beaver barf furniture and it's pretty slick. It's as nice as my slr107/ak103 clone.
  5. Sniper rifle damage.

    But but butttt didn't this game spawn from Project Reality? I know it's a SDM rifle, and should be used as such, but would it really ruin gameplay to have accurate damages and ballistics?
  6. Sniper rifle damage.

    I don't see why it would be anything other than a one hit chest/head kill with the SVD. The 7n1 special SVD 7.62x54r load had a 10g bullet weight and it's leaving the barrel at 2700 feet a second. There's not a issued rifle trauma plate in the world that could stand up to the AP specialty 7N13 round, and those kevlar helmets are not good for any more protection than a .357....
  7. Game is totally broken

    Have you tried going into windows search and deleting the %appdata% settings folder for Squad? That, for some reason, cured lots of my low frames and desktop crashes seemingly.
  8. I heard some whispers they were re-doing the insurgents, if they still stick with the Afghan-Pashtun looking guys that'd still be kinda correct. I've seen several videos of non-Syrian fighters wearing those Pashtun caps and dress in Syria. I hope to see some Aleppo maps. Especially since I study the conflict in that area daily...there's so many real battlefields to be had there. If I could design maps I'd be working on a battle for the Aleppo Airforce technical college or 1070 apartments. Edit: Thanks for the responses everyone, btw.
  9. Could be an seemingly somewhat easy out to make an Aleppo map of some sort....Militia(SAA) vs Insurgents (pick random faction of choice.) What do you guys think?
  10. Possibility of Suppressors, Knife, C4, NVG ?

    We were in the artillery and even WE had NODS issued to us to attach to our kevlars. I know people that have purchased the same or the civilian equivalent of the current issue just to personally own....I'm kinda surprised we won't see night vision really.
  11. February 2016 Recap

    Shit I'd be high on life if I happened to even spot something remotely that happy in Afghanistan, buds or not.
  12. The Weapons Thread!

    Oh wow. Yeah they could've had a better marketing department, but I guess you don't have much to work with in 1960's USA besides Shotgun News magazine.
  13. The Weapons Thread!

    Every time I see PM63 I think of the Romanian AK with the DD foregrip lol. I hope for Insurgent flavor (Taliban) they randomize the 7.62 AK you get. It'd make sense, in one photo of Taliban you're likely to see several different ak variants. AKM, PM63, Type 56, Yugo M70B1, AMD65, AKM63, MPi-KM, Type 68's. The list goes on and on.
  14. Whats your favorite "Role" in Squad? :)

    I have been getting it with the rebel/insurgent RPK74M lately. If the SVD wasn't so under powered it'd be a tie between the two.