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  1. Bella's Battleground

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Been working hard to provide fun for all and some quality gameplay Hop on our Discord some time
  2. Just weighing in with my observations from seeing all the reports of issues from people here, and on Reddit. Perhaps there's an issue with something in eye adaptation conflicting with your new shadows / AO? I've seen many people reporting their low FPS problems going away after turning eye adaptation off, (and some reporting problems going away when turning AO off, when shadows are already set to medium / low, which suggests that perhaps it's also conflicting with AO) and now I have one case of a guy running either high or epic shadows, AO on auto, and eye adaptation off, on an i5-2400K @ 3.2 ghz, and a gtx 960, and still getting decent - good FPS. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4le3et/help_a_brother_get_60_fps_or_close_to_60/d3ne2o0 "i5 2400K 3.2 ghz, and a gtx 960 and I get 40-70 all the time. Sometimes drops to 30 and below during very stressful situations, I.E if there's a lot of people and explosions." "Shadows settings are on either high or epic, Eye adaption is off. AO levels is on auto and AO radius is on 1.0."
  3. Can't walk under these arches, have to duck under them because of the angle of the ground. Needs the depression in terrain to be a little deeper / less steep, or the arch needs to be a little higher:
  4. Forgive me if these have already been posted (haven't checked the entire thread), but I've found these issues: Two seams in the walls on Fool's Road. When I saw them, they definitely gave me an advantage over the enemy as I could see them advance on that side of the compound (the bottom medic looking south in the first pic, and the left medic looking north in the second): If you walk forward here, you keep getting stuck in invisible little corners against the wooden log in front of me in the image. Needs some touching up / smoothing so you can walk over stuff better without clipping (the medic in the middle of the map): Rock floating in the air (not sure if this was a one-off bug but I'd think not): And I also saw that seam in geometry reported before:
  5. Logar Valley - one of the little compounds on E7K9 has a staircase that you can't walk up, you've gotta jump onto the first step: