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  1. Very nice boys! I'll join in quick. It's been a while.
  2. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Definitely real. This article was on the website just for a brief moment on that third of March 16'. It got removed so fast i could hardly believe it myself!
  3. What gets you pumped in Squad?

    Squad get's me pumped in general.
  4. V5 Hype

    Just the thought of the update coming out is good enough to keep the hype alive.
  5. How good is this game

  6. How good is this game

    It depends on if you have a pelvic organ as well. Then you're possibly a hermaphrodite. Otherwise i would say a you're a dog or a human from the male category.
  7. How good is this game

    I'm anticipating you're not a very decisive person. So to help you with your own judgement of this game, which will help you to make your decision to purchase it, here a some points to take in account: Balance opinions and facts and seperate them.Don't judge a book by it's cover.If you know you can't make a wise dicision of your own, use someone else's wisdom (take invisible.nin/SINE for example, he or she seems to know what he or she is on about concerning this game). All of the above considered you can make your choice (leap of faith).
  8. FPS: 37-80 (map dependent) CPU: I5 4460 GPU: GTX 970 (msi) RAM: 8GB RES: 1080p settings: mix of medium and high, shadows on medium. Resolution scaling @ 140%
  9. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Very nice, thanks a bunch!
  10. Militia small arms

    SKS, yes sir :)
  11. Vote to kick squad leader option

    Beware, deserters and traitors will be shot!
  12. It burned down pretty quick some time ago though. Maybe there's some reference there to inspire a city map.