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  1. Insurgent Team UAV need help!

    BUMP. anybody???
  2. Insurgent Team UAV need help!

    for whatever reason I cant get the UAV to gain aviation, go up towards sky, what is the default key? I messed w all my settings with no luck.
  3. Helicopter Joystick Support

    I agree! want to be able to use joystick for heli
  4. We need more maps!

    Be nice if some of the custom mad maps could actually get intergated into the game, so far that has no been the case, and it seems to me the RAAS versions are all most always the capable are in the same place from last time it was played and never "random"
  5. -|TBG|- True Born Gaming - Adult Oriented Fun

    www.tbgclan.com come check us out, always looking for good people to join.
  6. HELP, Very Slow Load Time on V12

    Hello, I been playing since early pre alpha 2015, never been a issue but now with V12 it takes me forever to load into the next map when round ends, so long that most time all the squads are made and I dont have a chance to make one or join one. I disabled pre load textures and that did not make a different. V11 it was insta load, V12 is when my issue started. any suggestions? I got a pretty good machine i dont think that is the issue.
  7. -|TBG|- True Born Gaming - Adult Oriented Fun

    all most 25 plus squad players now, come check out tbgclan.com
  8. V12 no ammo

    more I played it more I like it, my post was just a rant after playing 2 rounds. no real complaints on v12
  9. V12 no ammo

    I been playing this game since day one, and absolutely hate this new ammo system, makes me not even want to play squad any more. Spawn in, spend 5 min wasting time bagging people for ammo, if hab gets burned your completely SOL. Not liking this one bit, getting the same feed back from many of my squad mates and people in our server.
  10. So today in the TBG Server my squad was building a mega fob, and we had the idea, it would be bad ass if each faction had a place-able flag pole of types. Something you could put on a roof to show off your fob if you so wished. I have never heard this brought up before. Thanks!
  11. Announcement: Experimental 36km2 Map Event

    Where can one sign up to try this out? I like the idea of the delay to build a super fob. Building Super Fobbing is the best part of this game in my opinion
  12. Specialist Roles - Suggestive Concept

    pass worded squads might be a good thing to have at some point?
  13. 100 man server. CHECK!

    No doubt, 100 players would be nice to have soon beings how big some of the maps are getting
  14. -|TBG|- True Born Gaming - Adult Oriented Fun

    We are up to about 10-15 members who play squad now, still looking for new recruits!
  15. Socrates' Squad Video Youtube Channel

    enjoyed playing with you on Easter Socrates on our TBG Server, you are welcome anytime and if you wanted admin to do a live cast we could probably set that up.