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  1. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Firing on a range in a sweatshirt dropping mags on the ground and firing in full kit while in combat are different things. "like the inability to shoot from 50% of the windows in the game." Agree "Clipping through buildings" Agree "Inability to lean progressively and generally bad movement and animations, In real life, an operator can reload an AK in less than a second, but the tactical masturbation doesn't allow us that so we must make all animations unnecessarily slow and sluggish like the soldiers in the game are slightly retarded. When will developers understand that realism cannot be achieved like this? if you need to get your pistol FAST to save your life, and you see your soldier without any stress slowly put the rifle away and.. bam you're already dead. IRL he wouldn't put the rifle away, he would just take the pistol out and shoot. It's frustrating and destroys the immersion. Same with grenades.. you lose 5 seconds watching your soldier hold the grenade in his hand and do very slow moves when the grenade should be such a quick thing.. " Im sure you can find speed runs or some Elite guys doing mag changes very fast, but its the same as that video above - Running around in full kit and having to do Mag changes isn't going to take 1.88 seconds for every average soldier. Squad reloading feels fine and using the fastest times to represent average soldiers in combat conditions would make it into like so many other twitch shooters. There's so much more that has to happen that squad cant simulate. Did your Vest move to a slightly different position that would slow you down? Are empty mags getting put away or not? Do you slow down reloading after sprinting across a field? Are you in an awkward position? Is your issued holster falling down your leg? The same thing with Grenades - If I'm standing with a grenade in my hand ready to go you can get a good throw off in 2-3 seconds, but your not doing that in the squad - IRL your trying to get it out of a pouch first and then getting your grip and removing the safety clip-Squad feels about right. "Rallies are completely against the "realism" that you want to achieve, mainly because of the magic spawning of enemies and second because it is a supernatural source of intel on enemy positions, some leaders put the rally in an FOB just to see if there are enemies nearby. If you want realism, do it, this middle road is very inconclusive and frustrates everyone" Agree "Customization: I don't understand why most tactical games are so strict regarding gun customization, it actually goes against the real world because for all I know soldiers are free to customize their guns (to a certain extent) and make them as comfortable as possible. Yet in this game there are classes that don't even have an optic, and if there are too many optics in the team you can't use it, what is this garbage? it's just limiting and annoying, not at all realistic or "tactical", again, tactical masturbation in my opinion and nothing more. I don't want 650 gun attachments, but the ability to freely use grips, preferred optics, and maybe muzzle attachments would be nice, very basic stuff. I understand that you don't want to promote shooting in some classes, but taking away their firing capability altogether just seems limiting and stupid to me, but everyone can disagree" Squad represents your average soldiers - I don't see any guys walking around with suppressors because they feel like it. The most customization I've seen on average is getting to pick where your PEC is and if you want a forward grip or not. For the most part, the weapon you get is what you get. Squad already gives you options on the type of sights if it's not limited, and I'm not sure what gameplay changes would really be made by allowing you to pick a grip.
  2. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    Ya it does. Heres a pretty generic emergency procedure for loss of tail rotor effectiveness (not a complete loss), for counter-clockwise (almost all US helicopters) 1.Pedal - Full Left 2.Cyclic - Forward 3.As recovery is effected, adjust controls for normal flight 4. If spin cannot be stopped and a crash is imminent, autorotation may be the best course of action. Maintain full left pedal until the spin stops, then adjust to maintain heading. Collective reduction will aid in arresting the yaw rate, however, if a rate of descent has been established, collective reduction may increase the rate of descent to an excessive value. The resultant large and rapid increase to prevent ground contact may further increase yaw rate, decrease rotor RPM, and cause an overtemp/overtorque. The decision to reduce collective based on altitude available. Now that might be pretty hard to get in a game like a squad, but something simplified might be doable.
  3. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    I don't think it would be too bad. Our procedures are basically to stay above a minimum airspeed and do a run-on landing. In single-rotor helicopters, the vertical fin starts to relieve the tail rotor from having to provide all of the directional control the higher your airspeed. Landing is more tricky if you don't have the space to do a run-on landing because you'll start to spin if you're not controlling your power right. I don't know anything about making flight models in-game though. It boils down to above say 60KTS= little spin, the more you go below 60KTS with power=more spin. I'm not sure on the numbers for blackhawks though.
  4. When about thermals?

    What Nossa said and maybe FLIR is something that can be easily disabled with turret damage?
  5. Player Name Prefix Field Always Resets

    I'm having this issue but sometimes it saves part of the prefix.
  6. 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment 508th|

    Hello everyone, The 508th PIR Clan is still playing squad and is actively recruiting! We would like to welcome the newest "BCT" Graduates! Ben BigTony Ninja Schadling Sir Ferret Warcry Olekander When you are tired of unorganized squads, lone-wolfs and Rambo. Then maybe you are interested in a teamwork orientated group of Squad players, maybe the 508th is something for you! We are searching for mature, teamwork orientated and motivated members! Apply at our forums today!: 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Clan - Forum If you are interested in tagging along before joining up to see what we're like; then you can contact me here. As well if you have any further questions: Email: [email protected]
  7. 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment 508th|

    Hello everyone, The 508th PIR Clan is becoming more active on Squad and we have started recruitment. We have opened up a new steam community page for all our friends and affiliates! All announcements and future events can be found at: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/508thpirpublic We will use this group for more teamwork oriented game play during public rounds of Squad. Players interested to join or players who want to keep things more casual are encouraged to join! Thanks and happy gaming, -508th Staff
  8. Alkali needs your help!

    If I could vote I would! I can't for some reason, it might be my age. Good luck!