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  1. 9 man squads will drain you instantly, id settle for 5 or 6 man. I could have super rookies with me then without issue.
  2. I think yiou are very good at talking down to people, but im not sure thats your goal.
  3. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    I kinda avoid burst weapons, they are not consistent.
  4. I suck in v11

    At least fighting the Brits, its like getting blown away by ghost with laserguns )
  5. V11 Feedback

    Sounds became more amazing, dont know how they did that. But gunfights 200-300 meters away is just perfect. And the new blue Hi-vis vests for ins makes them light up in the desert.

    Ive seen you write this is most of the posts mortars where mentioned Lug, and from talking to people i think you are an isolated case with a few others. There been written quite a few examples where mortars solves problems, where other methods are too costly or time/ticket consuming. But that said i wouldn't mind having to piss on the tube to cool it down We were soldiers style )
  7. The horrors of redit will never end...
  8. Nice and thanks, wouldnt have seen it if it wasnt linked )
  9. [BUG] stryke wheels stuck

    Wheeled vehicles got very bad driving characteristics some times ago, i can't stand driving them on anything with hills. Before it nearly did a 90* climb hehe
  10. Yea same here, pretty sure i had it all of the time and never notice it.
  11. Yea its very clear now, when i booted up the game to take a look mine acted more like your 2nd video. Ill try record it if i get to it.
  12. ArmA 2 PR

    After looking at Arma 2 PR videos. You can keep that laggy and unstable thing with 10,000 features. Please dont bog down our game.
  13. Reddit AMA Transcript

    You should give up on redit, use your site and forum, members and new people will most likely never see what you are doing over there.
  14. Might not understand what you mean, but he zooms like 500% so i think thats why its looks like its moving that much. If its something 3rd just disregard what i said.