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  1. 1440p 144hz or 4k 60hz?

    I got a acer predator x34, squad looks truely amazing on it, dunno if its better or worse than others.
  2. Marksman vs Rifleman+optic

    I do not believe you are missing anything )
  3. "Posted November 12, 2015 · Report post"
  4. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Some are into real gear with airsoft being second, more of a collector thing. I wear plates cause plate carriers feel weird without the weight. I think 90% of rifles are AEG, 90% of pistols are gas. Long guns were mostly gas and spring but now with the tech catching up you can do mostly anything if you arent poor.
  5. I think thats the point?. I might agree if you could destroy the weapon but leave the vehicle, but without it then its better this way imo.
  6. You may wanna use. Teams & Clans A section for community members both recruiting for and looking for clans. Post your server information here too. Btw MG is a cool guy, seen him a bunch of times.
  7. FOB ammo abuse

    I think everyone is super duper wrong in every way for wanting Battlefield magic ammo boxes for every single rifleman. My guess is that this is a multiple step thing that will evolve, maybe ending with a no points fob who knows.
  8. FOB ammo abuse

    Hmm i guess the factions without real vehicles are happy cause of this, so they better can counter the farming crows.
  9. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Gonna be cool with locked squad so you can make 5 man teams without issues. As a pub player i'm kinda worried about the 75point cost of rockets, its hard enough to get people to pick the class over sniper or the sniper MG when able. Getting About freaking Taim infantry got bags to fill with sand hehe Its really cool blowing up sandbags, im just worried some of the lesser factions gonna get a real stomping cause of this.(More than they already do) I was so used to crouching all the time to check my stance... And finally as a pub player please throw invasion in the bin, its clunky and worst of all unfun. Use the time to fix the broken INS gameplay after the no fob rule blunder. Narva looks amazing!. Voice out.
  10. Rocket Artillery

    I have never seen it used for anything besides transport, im the only one using it to try and rocket the enemy hehe
  11. Minor fixes to rocket techie

    Some crude paintmarks on the mount to handle elevation would be very welcome, i dont really care if 1 mark = 288m mark 2 = 421m etc. Just something aim with.
  12. Assets and FOB Costs

    We kinda loose em quick as it is, its gonna scare people off using the assets in game.
  13. Are there any bot mods yet?

    You sure are a negative nancy suds, the mod community would handle the smaller things they just need a push to get started. So its not like they will stop making the game you like for a game you don't like. And if i had to guess this wouldn't be a thing till a year or two from now.