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  1. Yea its very clear now, when i booted up the game to take a look mine acted more like your 2nd video. Ill try record it if i get to it.
  2. ArmA 2 PR

    After looking at Arma 2 PR videos. You can keep that laggy and unstable thing with 10,000 features. Please dont bog down our game.
  3. Reddit AMA Transcript

    You should give up on redit, use your site and forum, members and new people will most likely never see what you are doing over there.
  4. Might not understand what you mean, but he zooms like 500% so i think thats why its looks like its moving that much. If its something 3rd just disregard what i said.
  5. I got it as well, now i think about its been there since v5?. The buildin unsteady aim till you hold shift down.

    Great edit: I think most of the things i want personally, wont effect the broader population positiv. I don't think those changes will be a good thing, plus i really like the way it is, but on a side note im more than willing to try out things like these in the comming patches, but i worry it will cost player base to test things that X amount of people would like that Y amount of people doesnt.

    WaT Wat do uO mean? ...
  8. Crouching at MRAP gunner seat

    Yea hehe, looking up is the only thing you can do, and getting sniped from a highrise in Al Basrah its not a fun day )
  9. Im a few dacades older than you, and i get the same feeling driving with a full BTR. You dont wanna **** up, you dont wanna get it stuck, you dont wanna take too long getting from point A to point B. But all of this excitement and minor responsibility is what make this game so great, there are some form of consequence for your actions, being it having to run, loose assets or working with 8 other dudes that got put in a hard spot cause you didnt plan your actions or missing experience. Hateful and stressful people might sound the same, but just keep working harder and try not to make mistakes, and if you do **** up learn from it my digital warrior friend )
  10. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Ease off the drama, or make more drama out of it, its really up to you )
  11. Logistic run

    Yea shooting range can be a bit wonky for testing ingame stuff that your unsure off. But you are correct that you pick up new supplies from the main base, and you hold the mouse button(left&right) down and i think its 100 points every 0.5 (gut feeling). A neat thing is you can do the 1500/500, but you can also pick up supplies from a radio on the map and move it to a 2nd fob on the map, i havent really used that feature my self. In the lower left corner your logi hud will show how much build/ammo you have, so you dont even need to stop the truck even if its a good idea. And you simply select build or ammo with number 1 and 2 on the keyboard(I dunno if numpad keys work) Its really confusing to start with, but im loving it now.
  12. Good laugh hehe, stuff like this happens everyday ) And Quinch is right on if you ask me hehe
  13. Logistic run

    Number 1 and 2 selects the build or ammo points, holding down left mouse unloads 100 per tick, right mouse loads...So what we sometimes do is unload 500 ammo and load 500 build so we 1500 build and 500 ammo, this allow multiple fobs+habs in one logi run.
  14. M4 m203

    No, it have to stay useless as a rifle )