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  1. Do you mean like in RS2:Vietnam where people explode on 40mm's? hehe
  2. *Skul No its 2017 and we have the tech and software to run the utopic arma 3 dream in Squad, that would be so insanely epic. "Nowadays most of the people have internet access." .............. It's ok you think they are unnecessary and are scared that it will pull people away from PvP gameplay, but not really a valid reason to put blindes on and avoid an entire market.
  3. Maybe there is just something that have to be left out, but tracking match stats are awesome with the updates.
  4. Yea its one of those things, its a thankless job driving around all match with your map open trying not to die while having some effect on the battlefield )
  5. It's gonna be amazing )
  6. We who also want incompetent enemies salute you!. But thats pretty amazing hehe
  7. Would be amazing.
  8. Welcome )
  9. Al Basrah have been my go too map since it got out, and thanks to Exodus for putting up a 24/7.
  10. Think i wrote it else where but on public servers people been really respectful of the "MORTAR 3 people max", but i agree that they are shooting too fast, so fast it feels weird. But at the same time i would love bigger explosions to make up for the burst fire mode they have now.
  11. Some of the new MRAP would be awesome for your next haul ) And 21:9 is the only way to roll he he
  12. Block war Judge Dredd style in Al Basrah is the best )
  13. I play medic a lot, and we already run out quick as it is and sure you can take dmg falling but lets at least agree that people are jumping or climbing off the roof even if the ability or animation isnt in the game.
  14. I ran squads named "MORTAR 3 PEOPLE MAX" this weekend and people were really respectful of it. With the mortar app we were quick to range target and get rounds flying. The biggest issue was getting com's with the other squadleaders cause i guess they were under a lot of stress as squadleaders tend to do.