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  1. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    With such a radical change suggested, you might wanna look into squad ops 1-life events.
  2. Free-look Track IR???

    Squad and TrackIR would be really great, wonder if it will get support right when free look arrives or later.
  3. Ai mod

    Are there any real info on progress, or if there is any progress at all?.
  4. British forces release date

    Redit is all messy, can you do a tldr?.
  5. W♥S Mortar Calculator goes 2.0

    Good work, it looks a lot like the We love squad germany mortar calc.
  6. Good observation and idea's.
  7. Faction teamup..

    " none of the factions look alike".............Wat. Are we just gonna skib the green guys with AK's vs green guys with AK's in a green forest?, where people plow their own on a daily basis.
  8. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Haha you got your self a Nerd-pad >) But its a beast *Major Trouble.
  9. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Thats gonna give you many awesome hours in squad ) The predator tops it off great.
  10. SQUAD | I'm Glad You're Alive

    Ha ha
  11. Mobile Mechanic HEMTT

    Love the idea, just wonder if its too powerful.
  12. Mini-map

    At 3440 x 1440 i pretty much drive around with the map open all the time, and if im overwatch or stationary im playing with the map open.
  13. How to Not Suck With Big Vehicles

    Move and scan, do risk assessment every time you move or shoot. Like suds said use the map often, my self i always have it open in vehicles since teamkilling is easy. Make sure to ask if there are vehicle contact over SL chat before moving near unknown or uncontrolled capture points. And for the love of god repsect your vehicle, dont leave it unmanned, dont leave it cause its at 10% health or out of ammo. Get it back to main base or a FOB vehicle repair station.
  14. Noob question about servers

    Al Basrah the jewel of the desert, a place where vehicles can roam and RPG's fly true.