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  1. Any ETA on V10?

    What size monitor are you using, maybe you have a tiny one and dont use your cpu that much.
  2. But i always get a bad driver or bad gunner when i dont solo, unless its Jarlen(AEjarl) or Dogbite #sadface But it does feel weird disembarking troops at 70 km/h
  3. Any ETA on V10?

    *Covalent At what Ghz are your CPU running?.
  4. Sounds cool, don't think dropping a crate would be ideal but maybe allow the vehicle to work as a ammo crate, give it 500 ammo point limit or something like that?.
  5. How to be *GOOD* at squad

  6. Militia PKM machinegunner skin

    Keep apoc looks out of our game please )
  7. Alpha 9.9

    Is the info too secret to put it on the squad forum?.
  8. Alpha 9.9

    Just for the love of satan please don't release weapon rest with a free weekend 50% discount, its really killing any fun with a content update (
  9. Yet another mortar calculator

    Bahh, the old one was the same. Back to the drawing board!.
  10. Yet another mortar calculator

    Does it work with SnApple stuff like my Ipad?.
  11. 1440p 144hz or 4k 60hz?

    I got a acer predator x34, squad looks truely amazing on it, dunno if its better or worse than others.
  12. Marksman vs Rifleman+optic

    I do not believe you are missing anything )
  13. "Posted November 12, 2015 · Report post"
  14. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Some are into real gear with airsoft being second, more of a collector thing. I wear plates cause plate carriers feel weird without the weight. I think 90% of rifles are AEG, 90% of pistols are gas. Long guns were mostly gas and spring but now with the tech catching up you can do mostly anything if you arent poor.
  15. I think thats the point?. I might agree if you could destroy the weapon but leave the vehicle, but without it then its better this way imo.