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    Just let them rot if they feel its not needed to do logi, if your stuck with it on your own. But it can be an issue if you just want a normal game of squad )
  2. Rally points is what makes squad fun, dont ruin it...If you want it super duper hardcore go do a mod for it. Else Squad will have the player base of Post scriptum. Regards A daily player.
  3. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Since there are full auto 23mm HE, 25mm HE and 30mm HE its not such a wild idea to give the MRAP a MK19.
  4. About Radio and noise pollution

    From where im sitting we have the best system for coms right now, its not perfect but it works. To make changes to it will end up making issues you will hate even more than whats experienced now. Im not sure how bad it is on Russian or American servers, but the EU's pub servers i play on this isnt an issue at all. But there will always be those people that just wanna hear them selfs talk.
  5. M1 Abrams Crew

    Was wondering that as well, gonna be nice if they mimic the layout from PS.
  6. How do I add friends?

    Yea, steam tab when ingame and look at the View player option like SMee said. Its kinda easy to use.
  7. Help me find a PC

    My advice is contact a local shop or something within driving range, check for reviews and make them give you an offer so you can ask around if the offer they made are fair. I paid 40$ to have the shop build the parts i wanted and update everything, might not be the same as back in the days but it was really nice getting it, and knowing it was tested and ready to go. *My EVGA 1080ti was 830eu so dunno if you can get the rest for what your budget allows.
  8. Vehicle reset feature

    Give Crewmen a tool or option to reset would be nice, since jumping on the wheels kinda do the same.
  9. WW2 factions

    I think he means PS Germans vs Squad Americans )
  10. Logi truck lacks horse power

    They were made slower, or some of the torque got lost. I used to go up everything, always called it climbing to the squad so they knew what kinda speeds and direction we were going. Now its just the piss poor way stright into mine hell. A lot of the maps wasnt made with vehicles in mind, its infuriating to drive on them already.
  11. 9 man squads will drain you instantly, id settle for 5 or 6 man. I could have super rookies with me then without issue.
  12. I think yiou are very good at talking down to people, but im not sure thats your goal.
  13. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    I kinda avoid burst weapons, they are not consistent.
  14. I suck in v11

    At least fighting the Brits, its like getting blown away by ghost with laserguns )
  15. V11 Feedback

    Sounds became more amazing, dont know how they did that. But gunfights 200-300 meters away is just perfect. And the new blue Hi-vis vests for ins makes them light up in the desert.