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  1. Alpha 9.8 Release

    Nope quite the opposite I remember back in the day they actually had monthly or bimonthly updates and gave a monthly recap every month and that was BEFORE they made a shit ton of money from this game Somehow they have increased the funds for the game and added more developers yet the progress has slowed down to a crawl and before i get the generic "Stop bitching its early access" I understand that but criticism is needed
  2. Alpha 9.8 Release

    *Next 6 months* Squad Update 9.9 Squad Update 9.91 *4 months later* Squad update 9.991 *sometime in 3 years* Squad Update 10.0
  3. This game isn't about handholding, it doesn't matter how good you are if your team as a whole is not working together you should be at a disadvantage its not the game mechanics thats broken its the playerbase
  4. Reduce mortar spam

    im sure US soldiers in Iraq also complained about mortar spam
  5. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    Gonna be so fun using deployables in the city finally, walling off an entire city block to cut off vehicles and setting roadblocks will actually be possible
  6. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    so is everything in the change log the only things going to be added? i was really hoping i would be driving around in an MRAP
  7. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    OMG the sound of that 30mm is so meaty! I cant even imagine what the 105mm tank shells are going to sound like
  8. Update dates ?

    I understand this they want to make it as polished as they can but this is an alpha, we expect it to be buggy not everything has to be perfect, alpha is suppose to be primarily content and beta should be for polishing
  9. Recap Hype?

    Should we expect a recap come Feb 1st? I miss them and without an update in a while im going into squad withdrawal
  10. militia and insurgents

    as of right now both the militia forces and the insurgents are basically mirrored in thing like weapons and vehicles, i was wondering as the game develops more, how will the militia differ from the insurgents? if they do at all
  11. insurgent/ militia on training map?

    i wanna test out some weapons like the AT grenade on the training map, is there any console command to do so?
  12. reward for winning?

    i know were not getting any level system but honestly idk what could work i just want people to have a reason to care about winning, and idk how else to do that
  13. reward for winning?

    is there gonna be any reward for winning games in the future? i just feel that a lot of people dont care about winning or losing because theres no punishments or rewards and i find that it ruins some of the experience because no one is trying there hardest theres no drive to really "hold the last location at any cost" losing just feels meh
  14. Carrying ammo?

    hey just was playing around as a LAT and realized that it would be cool if they were ever able to implement a class that could hold extra ammo for the squad, like maybe they could choose to carry an extra 2 rockets on their back for the LAT or 2 mags for an AR I wouldnt want this to be like BF where its infinite ammo for everyone but instead youd have a limit of what you could hold from the base that can add an additional layer to classes like the AR
  15. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    im not even kidding when i say the happiest moments of the month are when i see a new update for squad