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  1. Founder's Program & Pre-Alpha Access

    If you pay for the founder package that means you will get the full game on release also? If that is the case i will gladly pay 50$ for being to alpha test this wonderful game.
  2. Sounds of battle

    JSRS for ArmA 2 had much better sounds overall. I agree with OP this game needs really good sounds be it explosions and distant. Good sounds just makes the game extra immersive. One of the reasons i enjoy PR so much though some sounds there could use some work imo.
  3. Blood and Gore

    How is that not important? The devil in the details you know.
  4. Adaptive maps

    Good idea PR even has this sort of system in already as some servers has it that you don't get APC's before 20v20 and it works great like that.
  5. It's a good idea and would look and feel really immersive with a real dusty battlefield but like Jamil sais dust and such have a huge performance hit so people with a weaker system would struggle i think. Also dust and foliage isn't something that should be tweakable as that would give the people who play at a lower graphics settings an unfair advantage.
  6. Blood and Gore

    I don't necessarily think we need body parts flying but something like a leg missing or something after stepping on a mine or a blown up head like this after a clean headshot.
  7. For me it is. I can more appreciate the dangerous hard work that soldiers actually do overseas.
  8. I agree that the rifle swinging is unnecessary and just looks silly but it's the general concept that the video shows that this game needs.
  9. I second this, it would be a chilling experience to say the least fighting battles that people are currently engaged in. Would give you a different perspective on the Ukrainian war.
  10. Long Decal Lifetime.

    Gunbattle dead bodies with long life time would be so cool to with ragdoll collisions. I'd be so sweet! Nice info Cmbelitle it's nice to know that the devs are taking all the small details serious. I am sure this game will give us the much needed tactical experience and immersion we have all been waiting for!
  11. Yeah that is how it should be imo with the rotation of the used mags for further usage.
  12. Radio Proximity Noise

    I agree with this.
  13. formations

    After playing ArmA with a serious bunch i have just come to realize that telling people to change formations and expecting them to do it correctly and quick at that is just a waste of time. You really need tactical minded individuals for that to work and in a game like PR i just ignore formation orders sadly enough it's just to much of a hassle. It's a good idea with the markers and everything but in the end of the day it wouldn't work.
  14. I completely agree with you. Why throw away ammo when you can just keep it.
  15. I have always liked the detail of bullet holes and casings and enjoy it when after a firefight you can see how the firefight played out. It's always an immersion breaker when you see bullet holes and casings disappear in front of your eyes so i hope that his game will either give you the option to tweak the decal life time or that you just give them a long life time. Thing such as bullet holes, bullet casings and magazines on the ground just looks cool after a crazy firefight.