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  1. Reserve Slot - Change Request

    I am a paying supporter/donator in our clan. The contribution money the clan get goes to pay the rent for the clan servers. Clan members used to get access to even full servers but now we stand in line with everybody else. How are we supposed to get playtime on our popular server without some kind of priority access? As of right now I do not know what I am paying for exactly but I can say it does not feel right.
  2. Alpha 5 Released

    I as many of you guys have military training and experience. I am in the "realism camp" but not so much it is not playable or fun. Here is what I can say of some of my real word experiences: I seldom fire standing unless very short range I do never fire while moving unless duckwalking on a flat surface. I will always try to get support for my rifle since that is what gives me the laser. Usually this is prone or kneestanding with support in window or stuff like that If I try to hold my rifle standing it sways way to much to be precise Anything other then semi auto gives something other than laser presition Laser precision takes time. Experienced shooters will need maybe 5-8 seconds to hit a target depending on scope, distance and target size. Why it takes time is because shooter must find a good shooting position (as mentioned before usually prone or at least with good support for weapon), aiming, breathing, trigger squeeze and follow through. Next shot would take 1-3 seconds depending on experience and recoil. Shooting without using time usually ends with a miss. Speed might be the key. Spray and pray in the enemy direction can be very effectively but you cannot expect to hit anything. LMGs is made for support and hold down effect not laser precision. It is worth mentioning that new LMGs can be very precise in the hands of experienced shooters. But that is for the first shot not the next once. Game wise I think it is to hard to hit targets at long ranges while using time. It is even easier to see in real world than in game. I also think it is to easy to hit standing and from kneestanding without using long time. But that is just me.
  3. Alpha 5 Released

    Agreed. To much info on the map. You cannot separate own downed squad members from the other squads members. Also you cannot separate down medic or SL from other own downed members. So basically it does not work unless SL or medic is the only downed person.
  4. Alpha 5 Released

    Quick feedback after aprox. 3 hours of playing v5. MAP Map is scaled wrong or not in sync with players Gray map makes roads and buildings to hard to see To many colors, shapes and things on the map. Sometimes hard to see your own direction Do not like other player icons (why so many shapes for more or less same content?) Puls to strong Icons to big Colors to bright FPS Some people experience reduced FPS compared to v4.2, but not everybody Some playable maps has significantly lower FPS than others LAG Experiencing some lagging (running back and forth even while actually only running forward). Other players being behind you suddenly is still in front of you Personally I think players/characters is lagging more visually on the map. They stutter away in front of you. Not much but enough to not look smooth. UI Changed fonts is to big now Medic (old bug and still there) When playing medic and healing players they still jumps away from you sometimes I found many nice changes and fixes but do not see the point in mentioning them other then good work. Keep it up devs :-)
  5. I agree one on each side can solve the who says what problem. I am used to stack two mono headsets on top of each other. I was worried in the beginning that this was going to be a problem but it was actually working well. I was able to distiguish the two radioes from each other based on sound quality. The PRR (squad radio) is mush crisper/clearer. My tips: Add a sound alert (break sound) for incomming company radio but not for squad radio (PRR) Create sligtly different sound to the radios. PRR (squad radio) should sound the clearest (kinda like a good phone line, team speak, and such).Add ingame volume buttons for each radio. Useful for SL when there is a lot of chatting on squad radio and he needs to hear what other SL's are saying. Could also be automated. Ex. when a SL talks on SL radio the volume of squad radio is automatically turned down x percent. I wrote company radio but I should have written platoon radio. Same point however.
  6. Vote to kick squad leader option

    I have not read the whole thread so if I repeat anything others have mentioned I apologize in advance. An option could be to vote for who to pick as SL. Whoever gets the most votes get to be SL as long as the person wants to.What about a resume/CV about players? It could consist of game statistics like hours played, SL hours played, recommendations from others, votes, win/death ratio for team and/or squad, etc. Some written sales pitched text. Even more detailed evaluation could be given but not mandatory. Ex how did you think the SL performance was regarding Information, tactics, commands, etc. The values could be from 1-5 or what ever.Introduce voting based on player qualities. You vote players up or down or not at all regarding their experience/qualities. This could go into the statistics above. Voting is something that could be done for every roles/players not only SL, or just SL.My point is that the other players would be able to evaluate squad leaders in advance and choose wither they will be under that SL's command.
  7. Roadmap?

    I have worked as a software developer for over 15 years. I agreed there could be difficulties in giving a precise and detailed roadmap. In the software business you keep a list of features that is going to be implemented. The list with features is called a parent/epic. Ex. Driveable vehicles True sky North korean faction Manhattan map And so onEach epic/main feature is so big that you would always know if you are working on it or not :-) The development team should able to say we are currently working on feature xxx og yyy at any time. But they should never give any promises to when it will be released. They should just say it is the next big thing. Each epic/main feature is divided into many minor features (Humvee, BTR-80, T-55, etc). These parts might or might not be something you would tell the community about. It depends on factors like time, problems, unforeseen work, bugs, etc. If you however are about to wrap something up things that have passed testing you can tell about it because you know it will ship at the next release. So to wrap up big features can always be told about but not when it is finished. Things you know will be finished (maybe already is finished) you can tell the community about. I think the devs is telling us about main features already but maybe not in form of a list/roadmap as we would like it to be.
  8. beauty and the beast

    What Quacken said but you must reference the image not a page with the image. Usually you can right click the image and copy url to image. Some sights will still just give wrong address. This is the correct url for you image https://i.gyazo.com/abb7edb92094ed303d29816934888855.jpg
  9. Team killing

    HQ, come in! Team killing is sometimes a problem. JACKDOGBOB is a team killer all right. It is not the first time either. He just spawned and killed us over and over. That has to go away. People just left the game fed up. Team killing happens as accidents but when you do it two in a row you should be out of luck and get kicked for x hours on all servers. And you should be watched/monitored in the future. If it happens deliberately again there should be an even longer ban or a total ban. Plz do not let these people ruin for everybody else. Let them taste their own medicine. Avec out
  10. Alpha 4 Released

    Here are some bugs I noticed. They are probably mentioned elsewhere. Map was messed up in one game. In another game mine was ok but another complained his map was messed up (seemed like a jpg shrinked way to much or many times)Some servers lag way to muchTextures is missing on soldiers, weapons, foliage and probably morePopup when exiting game saying something about memory instruction reference error. Could not provide an image because the window was partially modal (at least for my screenshot tool)