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  1. V12 Public Test

    Read the bottom of this: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=313
  2. Helmets - is there something different?

    Hitboxes are a bit weird since they updated the animations in V10.
  3. Clan Tournament

    https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1343458918973554688/information https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1343379632696672256/information
  4. Helping the community

    TL; DR - they disbanded and shut down their servers.
  5. Server Browser Icons

    Servers with the padlock symbol means they're password protected, while the shield is for servers with EAC enabled.
  6. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    There's a command in-game you can use to disable nametags and the rest of the HUD: DisableHudWidgets It's by no means easy to toggle on the fly, but if you find the HUD unimmersive, you are free to disable it for a few rounds.
  7. Warning before squad kick

    ^^Yeah you're correct, sorry I feel it is giving too much power to Squad Leaders, which could be any random player Imo, moderating and punishing problematic players falls under server admins and moderators, not SLs. At least admin should be following a set of guidelines. If there's too much of a delay on any admin action on a server, that to me is an issue with the server and the admin team, not an issue with SLs not being given enough tools.
  8. Warning before squad kick

    A lot of SLs kick to make room for clan members so to punish players by forcing them to wait at spawn for a long period of time will be even more frustrating, so I'm not a fan of this suggestion I doubt it'll be used, if a SL spots someone lone-wolfing or doing something annoying, they'll just say something on comms as they do currently and then kick them - it's just much easier to do. If someone is lone-wolfing/ignoring the SL's orders and then not paying attention to comms, I see nothing wrong with them being kicked.
  9. Post Game Recordings

    There's already something in-game, a UE4 feature called Demo Recording. It saves the gameplay of a round, allowing you to spectate as if you were in admin cam. It's only accessible to server admins and is also quite broken and bare bones. Like you, I really hope this gets worked on, but I'd happily take new content updates over this.
  10. Squad & Civilians

    I'm pretty sure that NPCs have been confirmed to not appear in the base game, however I'm sure there will be a few mods for it (Squad Ops for example). There's already a lot of posts about NPCs/Civilians: http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=civilian&sortby=relevancy Remember to search before you post!
  11. Planning before a match

    They had map drawing in early phases of the game. It was removed because it wasn't used too seriously afaik, so I doubt they'll add it back again. I do like the idea of being able to properly mark out your route in more detail, instead of just your final objective.
  12. Alpha 9.6 Released

    I'd prefer if the stance indicator was smaller, it feels quite large compared to the rest of the UI. Other than that, it's a really nice patch. Good work devs!
  13. Clan/Guild function

    At the moment, not really. You can insert a clan tag into your name in-game, but it is just the same as adding the tag to your name on Steam. OWI have said that they plan on implementing clan patches on player models down the round.
  14. HI everyone

    Welcome @Jano!
  15. Will my computer run squad?

    Yeah you should be able to run Squad with that rig. Perhaps on low-medium with no AA at 1080p. Squad is in alpha, proper optimization will come in time.