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  1. Yes, I can switch to "toggle ADS" and try playing, although it happens sporadically and it will likely take some time for me to try it out, not to mention me having to train myself to ADS differently
  2. I know that the "focus" zoom does not hold indefinatly. It is more obvious in the clip with the M4, when I switch targets to the man in the broken wall. It is as if I let go of RMB and come out of ADS, but I was holding it down the entire time. The 2nd clip with the AK, it happens right after the 1st shot, when the camera comes out of ADS for a second. It is subtle in the AK part, but if you watch closely, it is different than say recoil from the gun as shown in the subsequent AK shots. Again, the AK one is more subtle.
  3. I thought it might be me, but I have tired 2 different mice, and I have definitely held the RMB, not just click then hold, as the first clip shows. Also, it has happened now to me several times that I don't think it is a fluke. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens more than might occur due to randomness or me messing up.
  4. This may be why I can't seem to reproduce it in firing range.
  5. Hey all, searched for this, but didn't find a post. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a bug with aiming down sights (ADS) that seems to have started since alpha 5. For me every so often when I try to ADS on a target it starts to aim and then comes right out as if you let go of RMB. At first I thought it was me somehow letting off the RMB, but there have been times when I have definitely clicked and held and it still happened. Once or twice it might be me, but it has happened to me multiple times. It has happened with different mice, and with different factions/guns. A few other players seem to have experienced this as well. However, I can't seem to recreate it on demand, at least not in firing range. I believe it tends to happen when I ADS and go to fire. I feel it happens more often after getting off the first shot? But, again I cannot reproduce it when I want to. Anyone else have similar experiences? Here are 2 short clips I happen to capture to show what I mean. I believe it is a bug, but it happens so sporadically and I'm not entirely sure if others have the same experience.
  6. Pov's vids :D

    I get lucky while covering a teammate 0.0
  7. Gamemode: Uprising

    Nice idea, a few thoughts: To make it clearer, the picture with the arrows as reinforcement zones could be labeled or something, it took me a while to figure out that was what you meant. I thought the off-map arrows were attack paths, and that everyone started off map (I'm assuming everyone starts at HQ?). Also, IMO, too many Insurgent Cells. Better to go with fewer cells and more player per cell. With only 13 players per Cell, it will be easy to slip 1 squad past "front lines" who ignores capping, and proceeds to either 1) IED/mine/camp the enemy reinforce zone. 2) Camp the enemy HQ denying vehicles > then eventually spawn your own vehicles, and then rofl-stomp the vehicle-less Cell. You may say the enemy Cell would just play defense, but unless the Cell keeps both squads to defend, it's a decent chance that 1 squad vs 1 squad, the attacking squad can wipe the defending one. At which point they would need to respawn, likely a decent distance away. Maybe you can cut down to like 4 cells + bluefor, spreading the extra 26 players between the remaining cells + blue, and possibly add zones that start neutral in between the factions? Anyway, nice possible mod :)
  8. Pov's vids :D

    "I Shouldn't Be Alive" but did I make the right decision?
  9. Pov's vids :D

    New map changes are great. Fools road "fortress of fun" is a fun point to defend or attack. You guys have any good stories from fortress?
  10. Pov's vids :D

    lol i know, but he was rabbid so, i had to take him out back, old yeller style T_T
  11. Pov's vids :D

    "I need to bandage" ..... 0.0 I get lucky covering a teammate ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I Shouldn't Be Alive" but did I make the right decision? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just your routine capture, until a lost puppy follows a squadie home XD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You many never hear squad the same way again :P ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New map changes are great. Fools road "fortress of fun" is a fun point to defend or attack. You guys have any good stories from fortress? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------