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  1. previous shadow settings were better imo where you can choose the actual resolution of the shadows so even on epic it will still look good without eating as much fps as now.
  2. Narva looks like its a part of gorodok
  3. Turning off the eye adaption helps to tone it down a bit.
  4. Damn this is beautiful keep going , helis and boats will make all cum on the island.
  5. Beautiful keep it cuminnn
  6. A night map with bright moon light wont need to raise the gamma . Unless you iz a pussy.
  7. Why this or the Gaz was not mentioned on this wrench modding recap ???
  8. korengal

    I hope he gets back into it , looks beautiful so far.
  9. Rgr that chance, anything from you will be beauty <3, Ramiel is good too, Karbala,Korengal valley, operation marlin or archer... but what ever your feeling go for it and take your sweet time.
  10. Muttrah city seems legit heheh already got the assets buildings' ,palm trees, the mosque, we got containers so we can make a dock as main spawn point for u.s until choppers gets made. The hard part might be the castle although I can see it already looks beautiful!!!
  11. Nice work keep going
  12. Albasrah is amazing best map so far imo , it actually makes you feel like your in a real battle... it keeps your balls sweaty for the whole match. always intense battles go down in Albasrah.
  13. Its perfectly balanced, it all depends on your team:).
  14. Make sure that your anti virus or firewall is not blocking EAC or squad in general.
  15. Because consider this as a monthly recap Hopefully V9 will be released sometime this week.