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  1. was thinking that maybe this would be an idea to implement regarding the grid map. the map you use in game to spawn on and use to call out points of information could be more detailed. say if you are on a hilltop you would have a tiny number/contour lines indicating how high it is or how low the piece of terrain is. (or this could be a separate function on the side of the map that you could click on to view) Currently i like what i see on the map but that is the one thing that is really making me go crazy. it makes it harder to view: -Hills -Ridges -Depressions -Valleys -Saddles -Draws etcetera with how the map is set up currently but thank you for taking the time to read this and consider it. Regards, Sargent Ikov Raven of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.
  2. Game won't start/launch

    still not fixed tried the above steps really makes me sad :( Edit: possibly managed to get it to boot after a second reboot of my pc.. im praying right now no more crashes, it is super slow to load though...