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  1. Free FPS boost for Windows 10 users

    Comes with windows 10. If you want to remove it just open powershell (not CMD) and run: Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxApp | Remove-AppxPackage
  2. Audio lag temp fix

    Anyone still having this issue with a fresh install of squad and windows please let me know via the public discord. https://discord.gg/0VcFH6sxVnnN3hfj
  3. Hey Kilt, I wanted to just make sure you feel like your feedback was addressed. We are actively working on it and hopefully we should see this fixed in the soonest patch. Regards, @MJBrune
  4. Haha, yes the effects are awesome. As pointed out that is the work of the amazing Bruno.
  5. Hey All, Sorry for my late reply. Been a bit busy. So for those who want to know a bit about me and my past. My previous position was at Auroch Digital working on Damage, Deformation and replication of Vehicles in www.darkfuture.info. Before that I worked with Mektek Studios on a Mech-like shooter specifically on the vehicle movement and physics systems. I have a few game jam games at www.mjbrune.org but honestly they suck. If you want the source code to any of those projects I'd be happy to provide it. Lastly on the side I am working on a game called The Away Team which is written in C++/Lua (not UE4) and published by CrackShell AB (The team who made Hammerwatch.) It's a small 2D game that the game is code complete on and is being worked on by artists and writers currently to fill in the gaps. I hope to be a very valuable and long term asset to Offworld Industries. I've already been very impressed with the extensive work they have done with the engine and tools. It's really a great group of people. Thanks, Michael Brune
  6. Hey All, I thought I would introduce myself. I am a new developer on Squad. I don't really tweet a bunch but my twitter is @mjbrune. I've worked with Unreal Engine 4 for almost 2 years now. I'm glad to see such an awesome community built around an already fantastic game. I look forward to making the game even more amazing. Thanks, Michael Brune