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  1. T-72 sights off

    Shooting at 1500 meters youd think you should align with 15y, but no you should aim at the top of 13y letters. Also the y part means nothing in russian.
  2. toggled or delayed tracers for every1
  3. Other tracer ammunition for MG

    please give delayed tracers
  4. yes you full auto across the map while moving forward landing hs
  5. doesn't outweigh crap burst at all
  6. This only makes sense in terms of balance for militia, otherwise being too much. Otherwise USA is crappy vehicles, crappiest weapons, and crappy camos. There's nothing at all that they're good at except bradley that is as rare as unicorn.
  7. Scout bomb feeble

    I tested this on teammates and it looks like it were buffed to like/over mortar level with walls penetration.
  8. Scout bomb feeble

    i suspect this is still true.
  9. please give british scopes.
  10. british when the made the sa80 has scope by default, like germans with scope literally part of weapon. The scope kind of being trashy its not that much of change.
  11. Like when you aim with iron sights your target is really in periphery vision/out of focus as you'd ideally be focusing on front post?
  12. Like the whole point of dot sight is to reduce ADS since you don't have to align shit, I think it will do right by US with their crap burst fire to up their ADS.
  13. You can't place a mine under a vehicle which is unfair. If you do manage to place it relatively close it will disappear, even it shoed green placement.
  14. Scout bomb feeble

    The scout's bomb makes lots of noise, you can hear it across the map, it's apparently two mortar shells, yet damage it does not. You can stand 5 meters and it will not kill you, a grenade is more powerful then the bomb.
  15. Downed medics should have additional designation.