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  1. US acog scope

    I thougth it was the rifle who kicks, and not the scope.
  2. What do you think about the new gray scaled map?

    Grey maps are pretty unrealistic, I have never seen a grey map in my life,
  3. Weekly top 5 highlight reel

    Oh right, I'll need to check that out.
  4. Weekly top 5 highlight reel

    Sweet, I'll try and record more then. When the crazy stuff happenes, I always don't record.
  5. Weekly top 5 highlight reel

    I would love to contribute, but I have no idea how to cut out a snip of a 45min recording.
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    Ha wrong timezone.
  7. Weekly top 5 highlight reel

    Well, why don't you just try, and see if it works out?
  8. Why is there an orange in the mosque toilet?

    Yeah it's no different than the toilets on a mountain cabin, where there is no electricity or plumbing. Or when you are trecking in the wilderness you just have to squat in nature. Where my biggest fear is to tilt/fall backwards because of my stiff ass legs.
  9. Why is there an orange in the mosque toilet?

    Yes, the slit is about 1,5 oranges wide if you take perspective into account. That is pretty narrow.
  10. Why is there an orange in the mosque toilet?

    I'll have to investigate the toilet better then.
  11. I could have eaten that orange.... :(
  12. How comfortable are you?

    Oh you are one of those guys where understand = agree, yeah. That's nice.
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    Thanks for the game, and thanks to Exodus for hosting.
  14. Where's My Update Bitch?

  15. FOB's

    lol, sorry for showing my fanboyism but CS is pretty damn tactical, and you need teamwork to win if you play seriously. Playing at low ranks with strangers, yeah your experiences may be pretty shit. Fucking talking about CS and COD as the same thing... damn I think I may be a little salty here.