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  1. Get kicked - EAC Connection timed out

    Yeah i managed to fix the problem, just re-installed the eac and it worked
  2. Hello, after the update when i join a server i get this error : and then i get kicked after a minute for EAC Connection timed out. Any help ?
  3. Bit late to say hi

    steam account?
  4. Hello World

  5. add me on steam : kabab44
  6. Upgrade My PC Specs

    Hey guys I have squad and I wanna run it smoothly on best quality and I can't seem to do it with my current pc. gpu : Nvidia geforce GTX 670 cpu : intel i7 3770k 3.5ghz Memory : 8GB RAM My question is if upgrading only my gpu will be enough to do the job? Or I need something else ? Thanks!