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  1. Admin tool Settings

    An admin tool to see what player settings people are running? Logged and filtered into a file with what we wanna see would be better
  2. The Weapons Thread!

    swords, bow and arrows for insurgents
  3. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Can I just say usual server rules are infantry squads cannot be locked under certain amount of players??? everyone forget this ? also with vehicle squads I'm fine with them locking a set player numbers 1 tank why do we need 9 guys
  4. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    I'm all for teaching the community and what not but we have the right to choose who is in our squads. some days I don't wanna teach noobs or have random in my squad. I'm not one who likes to kick people as I agree it has a bad effect on the community but if that what I have to do at some point if this isn't implemented I will, an so will others. You cannot change the fact that this will happen and I think that having the locked squads feature in place is better than not having it as the effects will be worse with a more salty community. I have genuinely had more TK's from kicking noobs from my squad then any other reason. The way to get a better community is to reduce kicking and to do that you put locked squads in place.
  5. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    As much as id like to agree with everything in your post I don't.
  6. Picking up kits

  7. Picking up kits

    1. Yes as I have said I think it will benefit gameplay design or current implementation of systems and functionality. Yes and no with the ideas I said that only player revivable is medic wouldn't even need to pick up kit as already on them. (again concentrating on medic CBA to got through all classes right now). With the way it's implemented the gameplay will change for the better in my opinion. 2. well I think its wrong. Remember I'm on about dropping kits in general not the way its done that's a whole other convo (I have touched loosely on it). Yes its been done before can it be done better yes. taking it out completely well I think that's a bad idea. 3. again focussing on PR (Why so much hate) yes I get what your saying but the way its implemented can solve this issue. medics are still important everyone's role is specific. I also think it will increase communication within the squad along with other squads. 4. It doesn't as the way I have suggested it for the medic for example. Obviously there are other ways of doing it more crude such as dropping kit completely to partially swapping or just using what they got on there body. 5. yes But then you start pushing more to the aroma style of gameplay. and you can always develop into the individual items at a later date. 6. Not entirely I was generalising at first we just got tied up on medic. don't agree with last part. Questions woop woop 1. for the dev's to work out. I mean I can't speak about coding stuff like that but surely it can be designed so certain factors have to be made. 2. This is touching on how its implemented I mean I can suggest ways like I have mentions above but there's endless ways to this. "You don't understand. Dropping kits is a workaround to not being able to do more advanced interactions such as picking up one specific weapon/item/piece of equipment. It fulfilled its role for what it was trying to achieve and worked only in that regard, a decade ago. However, Squad is a full game running on a flexible engine in 2016." - With that quote basically your saying you can pick up individual items? is that like swapping or dropping kits because I'm all for this idea P.s. I don't wanna seem like were arguing can we still be friends? I love squad and its community plus #nohate
  8. Picking up kits

    So it cant be done? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=saving+private+ryan+medic&view=detail&mid=FE00E2B73C09878B2DC5FE00E2B73C09878B2DC5&FORM=VIRE
  9. Picking up kits

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1265547 As it says the downed players still able to talk so he would be talked through it this is why they can only revive medic. I think it adds to the immersion and makes the squad function better and increases survivability. - can explain further
  10. Picking up kits

    Not at all the medics still the only one who can stabilise other players the only thing players can do is stabilize the medic? Again PR did it, well whats wrong with that it was a good feature made the game what it is
  11. Picking up kits

    My main point is that people are reaching and trying to justify the idea of being able to pick up kits on the fly and/or be able to revive people even though you're not a medic but you have a medic kit. There's no actual ideas coming out, just ways to justify it. It limits depth. 5. Wounded soldier has the option to go to a CCP and be fully healed, removing any penalties. This is to "simulate" a wounded soldier being replaced by a reinforcement. Yay realism logic. "think you should take a step back and read what I posted again," OKAY THEN ^^^^^ I believe the gameplay is better on PR and has more communication due to kit swapping ( yes there are flaws but its not broken) "You need to contact your SL to get another medic sent over, or if you are one to ask another squad to send one over. " your basically saying communication will be better yes but its still going to happen with dropping kits the whole medic system stays the same other than players can now get medic back up. If dropping kits was broken why did they keep it in and why is it still going today if it was such a bad feature? it is a very big game changing feature. WE seem to be focusing on the medic class only here where I was aiming for a generalisation. Ask me some questions I can answer? and when you get the answer just saying I'm not listening when I am
  12. Locking threads

    How come my PR mod thread got locked?
  13. Picking up kits

    Why take away the features that made PR a great game yes there where flaws not the dropping of the kit just the way they went around it. I'm only justifying it because your saying its not realistic so I was giving you an answer then your saying all I'm doing is justifying it. your main argument is realism? Gameplay isn't restricted if anything its made better as you can survive for longer. Game is based on PR? It was the best game
  14. There reply will be that there changing the system too the 2 man claim in a three man squad. my argument is how will this work for a btr, lav , tank 3 man squad for a lav? one guy becomes useless the best suggestion I have seen is that it only applies to fresh spawn vehicles once they get unlocked they remain unlocked. I also think it should be dropped to two people too unlock large assets.
  15. You forgetting the fact that custom servers do not work I haven't seen one custom other than clan pre-arranged ones up. there isn't enough people so were stuck on official servers if however the servers shared the same browser something like that then sure . yes there was also talk of having just vehicle claim at Main Base and for a set amount of time at the start of rounds which I hope that the dev's will seriously think about as this will pretty much solve the issues I have. Nope I don't think the current system is the final literation the dev replied with what they plan and I still don't agree fully unless it includes something as above ^^^^ as i said why punish the masses. As I said before no one will join as its on custom server tab it doesn't work. also I think it would be difficult to manage at the current games status as there are a few more feature I think need to be implemented for it to work fully. - admin tools - Locked squads -commander - dropping kits