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  1. Hi everyone, I play alone usually, and I have 40 hours in this game. Both are equally laughable to you hardcore players, those of you who feel as though you have a group you can work with play with them a lot - more than 40 hours... So the defenders of the game can relax. I'm here about the players. Squad seems like an awesome concept, but as I found in my time with Project reality, the players make it or break it. No One want to be FORCED to stay together, to travel slowly at times, to COMMUNICATE (most importantly)... Squad shows us what we have when we aren't. To me I have started likening Squad to Halo, a game franchise I have made fun of over the years, mainly for it's popularity with kids and it's complete fantasy "Space Marine" Universe. Squad is Halo, with humanoid Enemies that are hard to see, who BLITZ FULL SPEED EVERYWHERE, ALONE, sometimes gaggled together... and that is when they aren't camping in a bush somewhere. It's Halo. Run down the flat open hallway that is flat and open on most sides, watch your stamina bar, sprint and jump into and out of a firefight. Camp in a corner. This is how the game feels to me as a player. I play in Squads an awful lot of my time spent playing, though I like to say I play alone most of the time, because squads on public servers are a complete waste. Usually some lumpy headed jerk barking "On Me. If you aren't here leave my squad please." ... I arrive, I pick an angle, I'm trying to help the local security before we.... "Where did everyone go?" ... These Civilians - will NOT SAY that they are Moving Out, not even a "go", and moving through COVER? Forget it. You will be lost if not shot because your squadmates can't diversify cover, either. This is BASIC, BASIC STUFF. .........BASIC STUFF! Why are ANY civilian players playing Arma or Squad if they don't want to do these things? Alright. Now some of you may be wanting to recommend a group, or a clan, or a league or whatever you call yourselves... Here is my thing - I've been through that a little with Squad already. Stop Recruiting when you can fill a server, guys. I'm NOT going to spend - ANY time - AT ALL - "Trying" to play with people I don't know, unless those people A) Are pretty friendly when I meet them via VOIP, first impressions and all that, B) They recognize the issues around organizing events in this game and they speak to the issues that arise - as they arise - like you would in an Arma group. and C) They make me feel like I am needed - not banging on the door to a crowded party that I "can join if'i wan too".... So in short, man... This game relies way too much on players to create the space it needs to take on serious players like me. I was taught by my Combat Veteran brother how to fight, how to stay close, where to look, what to listen for, what to DO what NOT to DO... Now that he is gone I don't think I will find a game or players who will SOUND OFF, who WONT leave a man behind, WHO ENJOY playing this in the mindset of a firefight- because serious firefights are FUN to them.... haha I always get hate because "it's just a game, dude" -... I understand more now... it's not just any game, it's YOUR game, they are all YOUR GAMES, and the games for me are like the rest of the things I am after in this life - Beyond all of YOU and the Realms YOU have created full of things for YOURSELVES. Enjoy! ------------ By the way a Big shout out to the Creators and organizers of the game and community, I plan to watch as much of this stuff as I can, I really enjoy Squad and Arma in my own way and pretty much watching videos is the only way I can feel any of the furious glory of skilled combat. I was very excited for Squad, as I was for Arma, I've learned both games just don't have a place or people for me to play with, and I wrote here some of my objective observations about the way I see it played. Back to singleplayer games! ---- In Memory of LiteFite ----
  2. Howdy yall, I just downloaded the update, and my server list looks very different... Many servers showing the most population are simply named "Local Server" or something like that, and I can't seem to stay connected for more than 5-10m without a "Server Closed Connection" kick and message. Thought I might post my experience here - looking forward to a hotfix or something! Thanks
  3. [iB] Relaxed but effective.

    Sounds good Bun, I had fun playing with Sharky and learning about SL - I'll pay attention to Discord and try to get it in with yall. You know how to reach me!
  4. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Uncle Boom [AG] Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/UncleBoom Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 30 Timezone or Region: PST [GMT-8] Nature of Interest: ~ No strict schedules, please. ~ "Serious" Tactical Realism/MilSim - I don't play Squad for laughs I play for the battle. Gaming Background: Part of a small but active Arma 3 community called ARAIG gaming for a year now. I just got Squad today, and I have played PRBF2 for 3-4 months on my own, none of my guys have shown an interest in these games surprisingly... I enjoy teamwork and being a part of a close knit fire team. Looking to play alongside some of the same folks and get a groove going so that we can conduct some BAMF combat. I play pretty often but I want to stop short of a strict schedule to avoid conflicts with work/Arma 3. More Info/Additional Skills: I communicate, I'm easy to get along with, I try my best, and I expect a lot out of myself and my team. I have been playing alongside serious players for years. My Real Life is pretty uncommon and I get along with anyone who can stay cordial and respect someone who is from a different background. That said - I don't make my life or politics or anything too seriously and I wont let it take away from my adhesion to my team. You roll with Me, You are Family, I expect to be treated the same! Status: Unsigned