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  1. Button Bug

    Thanks a lot, @Chirac! Moving the taskbar solved the problem! I've always used my taskbar on the upper side and It never ocurred me that such a thing could be causing the issue. Funny how it just started with V8 and only happens with Squad though. No biggie, I'll move the thing down when playing the game then.
  2. Boosting Over Walls And Vaulting

    I really think Squad would benefit a lot from a game mechanic similar to the aforementioned climbing assist from Warface. This, along with ability to drag wounded teammates (which I know is part of the devs' plans already), would make the game feel even more immersive while also emphasizing it's teamwork-oriented nature. I really think such a feature would be feasible to implement, without the need to turn the controls into a mess like Arma's. Really hope the devs are already considering the idea.
  3. Button Bug

    I'm having a similar issue but instead my mouse cursor display has to be way below something to click it. Everything works as it's supposed to be on the initial menu, the issue only appears after I try to join a server. The only way I found to kind of fix the problem momentarily is to change the resolution and then change it back, though it will only work throughout the match and as long as I don't alt+tab. Whenever the server changes the map I have to do it all over again. The issue won't happen on Firing Range though, I can even alt+tab with no problem whatsoever.
  4. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Sweet update! GJ, guys!
  5. Normandy Map

    Stunning map, Oakley! With your work and R0tzbua's it's certain that Fallen Heroes is gonna be an epic mod...Can't wait! Keep up the good work!
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

  7. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I'm glad their project isn't dead! *phew* hehe
  8. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Pop Smoke Team finally posted something new on their Facebook page regarding the state of their game and the announcement of "RS2: Vietnam": Link to the post on FB: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=829599833792901&id=101929719893253
  9. Bear Crawl/all-fours

    Loved the idea,unfrail! And also liked the contributions of you guys! This is the kind of thing that, if implemented, would set the game apart from the rest even more!
  10. Botei $86 lá no Kickstarter! De olho no jogo desde fevereiro e com base no trabalho desenvolvido por eles no PR esse grupo merece toda a colaboração! Sempre que posso divulgo para os amigos e conhecidos!
  11. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    Looking beautiful!