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  1. That all sounds perfect actually. Good stuff.
  2. There is definitely a manual. Also, the couple servers I regularly play on usually have good game play with good teamwork. They both usually have multiple clan members of the respective server playing so that helps of course as well. I'd say at LEAST 50% of my games end up having great team work that makes the experience very fun.
  3. The M16a1 doesn't feel right either. It feels like a laser gun and the sound is terrible. I voiced this in game and was greeted by a few people spewing out "durrr well have you ever fired one in real life durrrr?". Well yes, actually. Aside from owning an AR I've also fired nfa ARs in full auto. I think Squad has it down pretty well. I ended up getting the most kills with the greasegun and the Mosin Nagant sniper. I got to play a short round with a good squad leader and a good pilot. Being able to spawn on the SL and in the chopper made it a lot more fun, but still no one else was using teamwork or mics. I'd like to play a few rounds with good teamwork and see how I like it. I still just can't stand the gun play and sounds. I don't mind the free aim movement when your not aiming down your sights, that's fine. Also being able to extend or collapse stocks to have a spray and pray more with view when you aim is cool. I'll give the game more play for sure.
  4. well i just played for a bit and i gotta say im pretty disappointed. thought this was going to be much better. the gun play is terrible.... incredibly arcade like it. Weapon sounds are bad, recoil is bad, just didn't like it. The map GUI is TERRIBLE. Oh well.
  5. So if we pre purchase this now we can get in on the current beta wave? I'm installing at the moment, $22 isn't bad at all. EDIT- Actually just saw a email about the key. Well I bought it already, oh well. Ill be able to try it out soon. Have off work today anyways. Looking forward to it.
  6. Yeah, the optics with magnification suck at the moment. (For small arms) They are being redone. Hopefully we'll see them in v10, but I'm not sure.
  7. Been playing a lot of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds the past week but I can't wait to jump back into Squad and check this new stuff out.
  8. Every small arm in the game "kills" you with 1 head shot. DMR rifles, M4, all AK variants, SKS, G3, PPSH, as well as the handguns all kill with 1 shot to the head. Being able to get revived after that however is a bit silly. EDIT - (If you were just talking about a full kill and not just incapacitated, then my bad! Didn't even think about that. ) In any case... I love seeing people in Al Basrah in the multi story buildings come out onto the balconies. If they're high up enough you really only see their head. I've picked off a bunch of people with 1 steady lined up shot right to the dome. It's quite fun. When all you can see is their head, it's so satisfying lining up that single shot and watching them drop with the M4 or AK or anything really
  9. Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes you can see enemies legs or arms sticking out of a wall. Like if they are crouched or prone in the corner of a building with an exterior wall. I've found if you shoot their exposed body they will die. If you're not aware of that it could definitely seem like you just got popped through the wall by a hacker.
  10. Nothing you just explained would indicate a definite hacker. I've not once experienced any 100% indication that someone was cheating in the entire time I've been playing Squad and I currently have 164 hours.... In my opinion you're seeing people who are communicating with teammates, using good tactics, playing carefully, using sounds to their advantage, etc. I mean for crying out loud. Clearing a building is a tactic, you watch the corners, you communicate. Once you get to know the map and you know where people are most likely to be, you know where you should be aiming as soon as you enter a structure. As far as shooting into the vegetation... I mean come on man. There are numerous things at play there. You have multiple squads and people spotting enemies. Someone could have seen someone run into the vegetation and requested fire suppression. Who knows. I'm not saying there aren't any cheaters playing the game, I really don't know and I'm sure some people have figured out how to cheat or alter graphics or create hacks. But honestly if you think you've been playing with cheaters every single game that you've gotten into recently then I gotta say you're being awfully imaginative and paranoid.
  11. The server I play at usually has a lot of good team work and experienced players. Vehicles also put to very good use. Of course occasionally there may be a game with more new players or even **** wads then experienced serious players but that isn't the usual. I typically have a very good time. Not sure what the deal is with you. Maybe the problem is with you and not the game? Maybe your squad was bad? Who knows.
  12. Muzzle flashes happen incredibly fast, sometimes it's just hard to see them. Especially in the day time. When you have something firing full auto it's much easier to spot the flash since it's sustained fire. It would be much easier to see the flash from the side of the weapon as opposed to behind it as well. The flash could be multiple feet long so it would be easier to spot from the side.
  13. Can't go wrong with the 19. My 19 was the first pistol I bought almost a decade ago and I'll never, ever get rid of it. I love CZ as well, will be picking one up soon. Hopefully a SP01. Just picked up a TLR1 for my 19 since I've been carrying my 43 more since it's getting warmer out. In the cold my Bravo Concealment OWB will conceal my 19 with the TLR1 perfectly. I can pull it off now too with some looser fitting shirts while its warm but for the most part the 19 is on HD duty unless I'm heading far from home or into the city.
  14. I've had no issues with the new queue system and I think it's GREAT! Before, constsntly refreshing and trying to join servers could sometimes cause my game to freeze on a black screen requiring a restart. I'd much rather wait in the queue. We're talking about 70-80 man servers here, waiting for a few people to leave shouldn't take very long. Even when I'm #6 in queue I've never waited more then 5 minutes. Thank you devs!
  15. I use a nice MSI GS60 gaming laptop that's a few years old but still very good. I use it mainly as a desktop with the ability to travel with it if need be. So 95% of the time it's on my desk connected with a monitor and keyboard/mouse. Monitor is a 24" BenQ connected with mini display port to DVI active adapter in order to run 120hz. Have to do this because the laptop doesn't have a DVI port and HDMI can't run more then 60hz, which I can't stand. Even when not gaming, 60hz looks like shit to me now a days. - Specs - Intel i7 4710 2.5ghz 12gb ddr3 NVidia GTX 860m 128gb m.2 SSD 1Tb 7200rpm HDD This gets me around 35-65 fps on Squad with medium/low settings at 1080p. Other new games run better sometimes, like Battlefield 1 I get 50-70fps on medium/high settings at 1080p with resolution scaled down 10%. Razer Taipan ambidextrous mouse which has been fantastic, I know Razer can be hit or miss Corsair K65 LUX mechanical keyboard with cherry mx red switches. My first mechanical keyboard and I love this thing. I'm going to get an even nicer board soon that I will design through one of the custom mechanical brands online. Pricey but you can customize everything and they look more professional. The Corsair ones are pretty cool though, the lighting and macros especially are great. For instance I have a profile just for Squad that turns on when I launch the game. I've lit up only the keys used for Squad (movement orange, voice chat appropriate color, white for text chat and scoreboard, etc) and I have a macro set to Capslock that enables me to sprint without using any keys so I can rest my hands. Squad profile on the board pictured below. I really can't recommend getting a nice keyboard enough. But make sure it's mechanical switches! Go for the legit Cherry MX switches too, not imitators. Red and Green are the most popular. That's not the color of the outside of the key or rhe lights by the way, it's just the name of the different type of switch. it's only colored underneath the key on the actual switch. They have different feels. Read about them, it's pretty cool. Having a nice mechanical keyboard is so helpful though, very smooth and precise.