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  1. Laptop users

    I'd have to disagree, but yes I know it is CPU heavy. Either way, I'll be building a proper desktop in the near future and I really cant wait to be able to play at higher settings. I forget how beautiful Squad can look sometimes!
  2. Laptop users

    It's a 4th generation Intel Core i7 Quad Core ..... Definitely not the CPU that's holding it back. Not sure why you would think that. The GTX 860m is starting to lack.
  3. Laptop users

    Cool, let us know how it runs for you.
  4. WTF with the cheating over?

    It's a non issue in Squad. Nothing to be worried about. Sometimes you just get unlucky and other people get lucky. Fire suppression towards smoke happens. Also if people are perfectly still over looking some part of the map it's pretty easy to spot something that moves as there isn't really any other movement aside from players and vehicles at this point. No dense forests with trees and bushes moving in the wind or anything like that.
  5. Laptop users

    You should be fine; I play on an MSI GS60 Ghost - i7 4710 2.5Ghz - GTX 860m - 12gb DDR 3 - 128Gb SSD m2 which game is installed on. The weakest link in my system is the GPU - the 860m. I play with everything on low at 1080p at 120hz (Monitor, keyboard, mouse) and I get 30-40fps.
  6. AK74 recoil

    I don't think the recoil is exaggerated. I'd say it's as close as you can get to real life in form of a game. Certain things have to be altered to try to convey a certain feel. But I don't use the AK74 at all if possible so I'm not really talking about that one. I'd have to go play again to see.
  7. Squad on ps4/xbox

    If you're serious about tactical shooters you and your friends need to buy a good PC and play them like they should be played. I've got no problem with consoles, I have a PS4 and a PS3 before that. I love consoles for certain types of racing or 3rd person games (but PC can still replicate it with a game pad) Just get a good PC and keep bugging your friends to do the same and eventually you wont have to worry about when all the cool games are coming to console or not. Plus there is no comparison playing with a mouse and keyboard for a FPS. You've got far more precision with your entire arm + wrist + hand + fingers combined then you do with just one thumb. Because honestly I wouldn't get your hopes up. If Squad ever came to consoles you're talking about something that would be YEARS away and I highly highly doubt it will. Some things are better not bothered with. There is talk about PUBG going to consoles and the devs have confirmed that but that game has sold like 7 million copies or something crazy like that.... They can do whatever they want now.
  8. Well I saw Dunkirk last weekend and it was great. Not your typical gore fest movie as it's PG13, but it was incredible. Very little dialogue but very realistic feeling combat and engagements. The air scenes were my favorite. The audio was incredible. Definitely recommended. See it in the theater if you can, it's worth it.
  9. Yeah, if we're going on people voting then you will have many people abusing or trolling the system. Like one Twitch streamer could get a bunch of their viewers to all give him positive votes as much as allowed. Same goes the opposite. Someone gets a bunch of people to troll some person into the negative because we all know how childish some people act online. Don't like the way some guy talked to you? Get your viewer base or clan members to down vote him into the abyss.
  10. Are you a good shot?

    Ah yeah, I re-read your one post. I thought you had said it was too slow. But in any case, my point on the DPI adjustment is that it isn't always possible to reach the desired sensitivity setting in games if you have mouse acceleration off and your windows set to the point you want. If my mouse was set at 1600 DPI constantly, or higher- there would be no way I'd be able to get the sensitivity low enough in the game options for it to work. For example if I kept my DPI constant then even 0 sensitivity in game would still be far too fast. If you're not running into the problem then I guess you don't really need one. I couldn't live without being able to change it with the buttons on the mouse quickly.
  11. Are you a good shot?

    Why? That doesn't make sense. If you're windows is too slow and your game is just right, just upclick your DPI once when you back out of a game. It isn't that complicated. Don't make things harder on yourself.... You don't have to settle or compromise for just "okay"!
  12. Are you a good shot?

    You definitely don't want mouse acceleration on either. You want the most smooth and consistent drag as possible. Id also highly suggest you get a mouse with dpi adjustment buttons. I seriously would not be able to get by without one. I use and highly recommend the Razer Taipan. It's an ambidextrous mouse and the buttons will work without the software installed. Before people start hating on Razer, I will say that I have had bad luck with them in the past as well but this mouse is going on 3 years and I plan on buying another one shortly as it's been great. Either way, get something with DPI buttons. Reasoning being that you will have different sensitivities between windows and games. For example I keep my dpi up 2 clicks from the bottom on my desktop and depending on the game I click to the lowest or 2nd lowest DPI. Without a adjustment button it would be a pain in the ass. I can't reach sensitivity low enough in games with the sensitivity I have for my desktop. Most games I am between 0 and 1 for sensitivity and my windows sens is only like 35%. It's weird. That's why you can't hit your start button now as easy. You have a good setting in game but now to slow for windows. If you had a mouse with DPI buttons you could just click up a couple when you exit your games and you would be fine.
  13. Squad & Civilians

    Would probably also be a large hit on performance but I'm just assuming. Definitely would add to the immersion if they could fit it in the future
  14. Fight Night McGregor Vs, Mayweather

    Yeah, with $1000 you could put $100 down in every round that either will win by KO and if you at least pick the right fighter you will recoup you money plus a big profit. This is basically a win/win. Win or lose these guys get a huge ****ing pay day anyways. Kinda like that one joke.... There's 2 guys in a bar having drinks. One guy next to the other. One guy leans over and says to the other "Ill bet you $1000 I can piss into that glass over there ten feet away without spilling a single drop!" The guy responds "No ****ing way! You're on! There's no way you can do that! It's ten feet away! So the guy stands up, unzips his pants, pulls out his dong and proceeds to piss ALL over the bar. He's no where near the glass. He's pissing on the bar tender, on the floor, and ALL over the other guy next to him who took the bet. The guy is laughing because he knows he is going to be $1000 richer. The guy who pissed then says "Ill be right back". He walks over to 5 guys at a table and talks for a minute out of hearing distance from the guy who got pissed on. He comes back over and the guy who got pissed on is still laughing hysterically and smiling, as is the pisser. He goes "Why the hell are you laughing? You just lost a $1000!" as he is handed the money. The pisser says "I just bet those guys over there $5000 that I could piss ALL over you and the bar and not only would you not be mad, but you would like it!"