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  1. Explosive "C4 style" device game mechanic

    I played my fair bit of RO. I would like to see that style cooking implemented as well. I remember the first grenade I threw I tried to cook. I then ran around for 30 seconds time after time trying to cook them... After thinking about what Pyle added. If they were to change the Idea of C4 to actually being a planted device instead of a "powerful antitank grenade" The players would have a more difficult time abusing it. On top of the fact it would be more realistic. I like it.
  2. Playing a large amount of games that have a typical C4 (Or other explosive like satchel device) I have noticed that they share the same limitation. Usually there is a detonator in one hand and the other hand is empty. Along with this, the player must throw the C4, wait a required allotted time to detonate the C4 (which is usually a millisecond, but still long enough to notice). Due to this required time to "prime" the C4, players are often tasked with spamming the throw c4 button, and spamming the detonator button at the same time in emergencies. What if we threw out that old game play mechanic, and attempted to animate the detonator in one hand, and the C4 block in the other. Remove the "allotted" amount of time to prime the C4. What you are left with is an explosive device that can be donated instantly from the soldiers hand, Or possibly before the C4 even leaves the soldiers hand... Now there has been discussions about suicide vests, and how they are not adding them due to PR, and other obstacles. This change would not only remove this old style of the "prime" time for the c4, but it would also give the developers the ability to surpass a typical "suicide" vest, with a similar feature, that some of the community is asking for. Also, dont tell me you Arn't adding C4, because God Dangit I'm a spec ops 4 lyfe Comment if you would like to see this reach the ears of developer team.
  3. Fan made trailer

    Hey Squad mates, and Team leads. I make Youtube videos for a hobby, when I'm not busy with anything else. Usually I jump from game to game, however Squad has found a sweet spot in my heart, and I foresee that I will be stuck on it for while. Here is a "fanmade trailer" I created last night. Just a sample of what I might be making, and trying to improve on. Thank you. Here is my main channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/Comradewithers