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  1. Admin Abuse I played on the: [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU #1. My squad name was: ONLY [DDF]. I was the squad lead and was normally playing squad. As the squad name suggest, my squad was only for DDF (Dutch Deadly Forces). [Rip]Dean and a random guy joined my squad. I told the random guy that my squad is a [DDF] only squad and waited 8 seconds but no response so i kicked him. Then [Rip]Dean. The conversation: Funkmen '[Rip]Dean I will kick you this is [DDF] only.' Dean 'I would not do that friend/m8.' - Translated from dutch Dean 'You are playing on my server. Then you have to ....(sound disappeared). - Translated from dutch Funkmen 'Then you should read the server rules to get a license again. - Translated from dutch Funkmen 'The rules say that squad leads themselves may determine whether they kick someone or not.' - Translated from dutch Funkmen 'So yhea..' - Translated from dutch Dean 'I'd say, try it boy. Then is the entire [DDF] off the server. - Translated from dutch Funkmen 'Then i will get my recorder running' - Translated from dutch A [DDF] member ' well then you do that' - Translated from dutch Dean 'Look, that is the big advantage of being a admin.' - Translated from dutch A [DDF] member 'So that would be abuse.' - Translated from dutch Funkmen 'Yes, but abusement is also something.' - Translated from dutch Funkmen 'And then the server license gets in danger.' - Translated from dutch A [DDF] member 'Anyhow we only have 13 tickets' - Translated from dutch Dean stopped talking and we continued playing. 20 seconds later i kicked him. I did my best to translate it fair. The conversation was also recorded See this link: Link to the Funkmen and Dean recording 0:00 - 1:00 The conversation 2:31 Me Funkmen getting kicked The reason for him to kick me: kicking for no good reason. What does the game server administration guidelines(condition of holding a license) say? '~ Squad leaders should be free to kick members of their squad for any reason they choose.' Link: Game Server Administration Guidelines What actions should i take to prevent him banning the [DDF]clan/community? Server rules not in line with server license rules? Because i wanted to know if the [RIP] server rules are in line with the server license rules i checked them and saw this: use teamwork listen to you squad leader no locked squads do not team switch more than once within a 5 minute period no attacking uncappable bases, which means: no personnel may enter an enemy uncappable base no shooting weapons of any kind into an enemy uncappable base no spawn killing in an uncappable base|utf-8 Link: ripserverrules This rule: 'no locked squads'. It can be discussed if this is against the following server license rule. '~ Squad leaders should be free to kick members of their squad for any reason they choose.' When i'm free to kick members for any reason then i can lock my squad(I may kick all players but keep my select few).
  2. [NL] Dutch Deadly Forces #1

    Nice to hear that! I will pm you soon. Tonight we wanted to test how our server preforms with 72 players playing. Maybe next week! Hope to see you at squad soon! salute
  3. No dutch servers

    Hello, I wil setup a server located in the Netherlands Rotterdam in the evening today. Name of the server: [NL] Netherland hosted by [DDF]. I expect the server to be online at 21:00 CEST UTC/GMT +2. Hope to see you there![emoji6]
  4. [NL] Dutch Deadly Forces #1 >DEDICATED< #1 Play Fair Rules http://dutchdeadlyforces.enjin.com/serverrules Forum http://dutchdeadlyforces.enjin.com/forum About Dutch Deadly Forces http://dutchdeadlyforces.enjin.com/history (Dutch/Nederlands) Challenge Dutch Deadly Forces! http://dutchdeadlyforces.enjin.com/contact HELP! I got kicked/banned from the DDF gameserver. http://dutchdeadlyforces.enjin.com/forum/m/37110761/viewforum/6973273