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  1. If anyone wants to know how squad performes on highest IPC cpu clocked to 5GHz. It is still CPU bottlnecked, at 1440p (gtx 1080ti, stock), all maxed.
  2. check this video.. for squad, arma 3 and all IPC hungry games with poor MT, just buy kaby or skylake and OC it
  3. GTX 1070 Low GPU/CPU Usage

    Everything about squad not using all threads efficiently is correct. If money is not the problem sell your PC and buy i7 7700k and nhd 15 cooler and oc it to 5 GHz. I have gtx 1070 and i5 6600k@4,7 with 16GB at 3000 MHz, and that runs the game nice...but my gtx is still bottlnecked. I get 60-80 fps at full 80p server. Sometime i drop to 50 fps, and when i watch gpu usage it is like 70%, and all my CPU cores are maxed (125% res scale at FHD) You can wait for them to fix UE4...or you can pay and enjoy fluid game...OR JUST PLAY AT LOW P SERVERS... Few months ago there was patch that improved performance, maybe there will be more fixes
  4. My GF has 1280x1024 monitor and expirience same problems+ i want to fix scaling on server bro. This should not be difficult to fix... Ty in advance
  5. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Well, i was the guy who was bashing you, and im not sorry 4 that... v7 was terrible Now, V8 is excellent, realy good work. Best way to say good job is that i will buy onother copy 4 my wife. Good job!
  6. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    I didnt clear old conf
  7. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    I have gamma/brighntness bug. Latest nvidia drivers, gtx 1070. All other games look fine. And im not alone, other squad members have the same issue.
  8. I have 6600k at 4,7 and msi gaming x 1070. Video card (gtx 1070+) at FHD is overkill. Game for me is unplayeble at 72 player servers (40-100 fps). If you have money, rather buy i7 6700k and overclock it to 4,7. Game is totaly CPU bottlnecked, and there is boost from i7 6700k, like 10-20%. I realy dont like watching gpu usage at 50%, so i play maxed+res sacale at 150%. Compared to haswell R i5 4690k at 4,6 the game on my new system is running like 30% better, probably cos i switched to faster ram (from ddr3 1600 to ddr4 3000), so maybe buy OC ram...maybe it does matter in this game like it matters in similary CPU bound game ARMA3. Whatever you buy, you will not get decent FPS in this stage of developement.
  9. Alpha 7.7 Released

    steam charts http://steamcharts.com/app/393380#All i stopped playing it, and most of my friends stopped... Bad decisions from devs cost them money (just check recent comments on steam), and community is slowly going down
  10. Help with making a PC

    Dont buy i5 6600k. I have one, and overclocked to 4,7. Yeou realy need i7 6700k@4,7 becouse this game realy is cpu bottlnecked. I even had bottlneck with i5 with 970. Now i have 980ti, and watch 50% GPU usage. And there are alot of games where i7 is better, and more games will utilize aditional logical cores in the future. With i7, you will have less anoying frame drops and better minimum FPS. As a cooler i prefer noctuan so buy nhd15 and OC it to the max.
  11. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Im at work now? Was there a hotfix?Is rubberbanding and server lag fixed?
  12. Alpha 7.7 Released

    m8, im no frustrating kid master of science in EE and IT, using computers since 89. i play 2 games, becouse i have young baby....and no much time (ark, and squad). In squad, i have 300+ hours so when my baby isnt crying, and my wife isnt PMS-ing i enjoy squad...and now this is no fun Shure, i will try to reinstall. But as im obviosly no new guy in squad, i was playing with my friends, and they all had same issues... issues are on different servers (and server player slots) some i remember i played yesterday (france excited, mumblemarines, exodus, dog germany...eu servers....but that are not all, just one i can remember). So as this isnt affecting me only, reinstall isnt likley to help.... but i will try it anyway Isue is on server side (pings are higher), no client side... If you want i can record video
  13. Alpha 7.7 Released

    M8, i used to play ark survival evolved with my wife at 30FPS (same engine, with gtx 970) and it was stutterless and lagless, and im no fps whore...here even with 80fps there is lag and stuttering And why do we have same issues in inf only servers??? Please explain why, i couldnt care less for vehicles, i want to be able to kill someone, i wish rollback. My fps is no issue for me...rubberbanding, lag, and microstuttering is... and if people with overclocked to the limit skylake cant have acceptable frametime, and lag, i just cant understand how the other pople, especialy people with AMD CPUS can enjoy the game. And i realy realy liked the game. I wanted to buy 2 more copies to my brother, and to my wife...i want until they fix it
  14. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Im out of this game until they fix the performance. FPS game that cant be played, becouse you cant kill people becouse of the performance issues. Game is CPU HOG, i knew this....but now it is unplayeble (un enjoyable....you can play it...but it isnt joy). Im no fps whore...i could play with 40fps, but there is rubber banding (server side), and microstuttering that is making me sick....litteraly fealing im going to puke and im heaving realy bad time aiming MY specs asrock z170 extreme 6+ i5 6600k@4,7 GHz gskill ripjaws V 3000 16GB asus strix 980ti @ 1450 MHz Gpu, 8000 MHz GDDR5 FHD monitor 50/10 Mbit internet there are better systems out there, but this is no mid range system...
  15. Ok, there is video with detail about my system, all info. I didnt use MSI afterburner overlay becouse i have GB oc software, but i did open task manager/performance. I forgot to check sensors on gpu-z, but GPU usage drops to 70%. For this game, CPU with best IPC is best benefit. Performance difference is big, compared to your system. i5 6600k, @4,7, noctua nhd14 GB 970 oc, @ +120 on clocks, and 8000 GHz DDR and vents on 25% (all the temp range...im low noise freak) RAM 2x16 ripjaws 5 3000+ 2x4 patriot 3000, at patriots XMP CAS 16 (3000) I found later that OC profile on my GPU wasnt loaded, i get like 10%+ average fps on same simulation