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  1. when is the next update

    Does anybody know what the next update will include?
  2. when is the next update

    Does anybody know what the next update will include?
  3. Squad Leaders In general

    Agreed, maybe make it so the loading screen gives you tips and tricks.
  4. Thank you! I guess i'll be returning then! see you on the BF!
  5. nice, however i dont play competitive. just casual. and it seemed a big problem a few months ago.
  6. Hi guys, i'm just wondering. the glitch where you delete a particular 'folder'(not going to name the one, incase it didnt get fixed) which removes trees, grass etc has that been fixed? i'm not really keen about getting shot from the other side of the map every 1 m again. Thanks.
  7. Upgrading my PC

    I have the same cooler 212evo and my 4690k is ocd to 4.3. Max 67 degrees.
  8. dev's, can we get a more realistic 1st person view?

    I disagree. This is still a game and i get your point that you want more realism but this would massively change gunplay
  9. Joining games halfway through?

    There Is nog way to join fresh games right now maybe we willsee something in the future. And you are getting kicked because People who pay for reserverd slots get priority
  10. 21st Deathstalkers Battalion Server

    Exellent server and clan!
  11. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    That is bloody well made. And it's in my home country! will definitely keep an eye on this. good luck to you and your team!
  12. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: FatalDutch Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068696605 Primary Language(s): English, dutch Age (optional): 20 Timezone or Region: cet amsterdam +1 Nature of Interest: Casual/MilSim Gaming Background: I have expierence in arma (1000+ hours) and i also played a bit of PR. squad is really starting to look good and i picked it up and i want to polay it seriously . Additional Skills: Not instate of squad leading right now in squad as i'm quiet new. but i do think i have to knowledge and communication to do it in the future. Status: Unsigned
  13. it's not an 'amd problem' it's just the engine and game's optimization. same with arma 3. wait till they push out the optimization update and try to play it or wait for other people to benchmark. but the amd bulldozer series will never run this game really good because off their poor single core performance. strongly recommend that you OC you cpu since that can help alot. also try to unlock your cpu. you won't get enjoyable fps on your rig. maybe if you lower your res but the game looks horrible on low graphigs as it is.
  14. New to the game. any guides?

    Hello! as you read, i'm new. are there any guides or video toturials from youtuber's you guys might know? thanks. EDIT: jesus, i totally missed the uses created guide's on the forums. anyway if there are any solid videos on youtube please let me know!
  15. Is it worth a buy?

    i have intel ;)