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  1. 9th Infantry Division [German]

    Hallo Frontliner, Das ist wohl wahr. Irgendwie tauchen wir immer wieder auf. Genau, wir haben mit dem Mapper aus dem Dev-Team ja damals auf seiner neuen Karte eine Szene aus BOB mit mehreren anderen Clans nachgespielt. Das habe ich gerade dazu gefunden, vielleicht erinnerst du dich ja auch noch daran. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82XZMnMBX0U Horrido, man schießt sich!
  2. 9th Infantry Division [German]

    Hallo Community, Vorwort Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle kurz vorstellen. Wir sind eine kleine Community von Gelegenheitsspielern mit Schwerpunkt Realismus. Da viele von uns beruflich stark eingebunden sind, haben wir uns gegen eine Clanstruktur entschieden. Wir pflegen einen lockeren Umgang ohne jegliche Verpflichtungen, denn nicht jeder hat die Zeit, sich an Clantermine zu halten. Wer da ist und Lust hat spielt, wer nicht da ist, ist eben nicht da. Geschichte Wir sind teilweise die Überbleibsel des damaligen 9.Regiments. Zu finden waren wir lange Zeit in Spielen wie Day of Defeat Source, Red Orchestra 1, Armed Assault 2, Battlegrounds 2 (HL2 Mod), Mount&Blade: Napoleonic Wars¹ und Resistance and Liberation (HL2 Mod). Zu besten Zeiten umfassten wir 4 Züge (Squads), davon 3 deutschsprachige und einen englischsprachigen, wobei wir mit c.a. 50 aktiven Membern auch an unserer Belastungsgrenze lagen. Wir existieren seit 2006 und waren/sind ein nettes, wenn auch inzwischen kleines, Team. Aus dieser Geschichte heraus blieb die 9 im Communitykürzel erhalten. Struktur Trotz des lockeren Umgangs möchten wir uns unseren Realismus zumindest zum Teil erhalten. Strukturiert sind wir wie ein militärischer Zug und halten uns an das U.S.-amerikanische Modell. Es gibt also ein Rang- und Auszeichnungssystem bei uns, sowie eine militärische Struktur. Das bedeutet, dass es die Laufbahngruppen der Enlisted (Mannschaften), NCOs (Unteroffiziere) und COs (Offiziere) gibt. Der Spieler darf sich also auch auf Feldbeförderungen und Auszeichnungen als netten Nebeneffekt neben dem Spielspaß freuen. Was muss ich mitbringen? Es gibt kein Mindestalter, sondern in fortlaufender Tradition des 9.Regiments entscheidet der Charakter und die geistige Reife, keine Fixangabe wie das Alter.Ein Headset mit Mikrofon sollte natürlich Voraussetzung sein, um im Teamspeak und Spiel kommunizieren zu können.Etwas Spaß am Spiel und Freundlichkeit Schlusswort Der Post ist nicht besonders umfangreich, aber schaut euch doch einfach mal bei uns um. Ihr findet im Teamspeak unter folgender Adresse Ansprechpartner TS: Horrido und bis bald auf dem Schlachtfeld! __________________ ¹ Vgl. ,,https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=238346.0"
  3. Hello Community, Just wanted to post what worked for me now, hopefully it can help some of you. I got an AMD 8-Core CPU and AMD Radeon R9 200 Graphic card. I got low FPS and VOIP lags. Here is what I did to fix: Updated to beta crimson drivers for AMD Radeon cards. Delted both soundfiles ( RadioVoice and Voice. First try it worked for VOIP but i got lags while shooting. Second try it worked well for me and without any issues) Went to AMD Radeon Settings program installed with the new driver Went to profiles. A ,,squad"-profile was already created. Profile Squad -> Profile Overdrive Turned up GPU-FQ to 1330 Turned up Memory-FQ to 1800 Back to profile -> turned ,,tesslation-mode" and ,,Shader-Cache" to AMD optimized Any other options are turned off within profile if possible Went back to Radeon settings -> 3 Points right of Squadgame profile -> Start game (Only way it worked for me was starting game that way, not via Steam)I am usually not overclocking anything, cause im afraid of crashing any hardware, but for me the game runs very good. I am able to play on epic graphics now without any sound or framelags on 30 FPS, even with SweetFX installed. Deleting SweetFX and turning graphics down gained me a bunch of FPS. Playing on acceptable Graphics made an FPS boost from 30 to nearly 80 for me on 50 Player servers. On 72 Players it dropped to around 45-50, but still runs great. Just wanted to tell you guys, if anyone is desperate or brave enough to try overcloking with that Radeon Overdrive. But remember it is your own risk if you try that, if you do not want to wait for UE4 or Squad updates. Edit: Updated to Windows 10 + Graphic drivers + DirectX12. Runs on 40 FPS now, but more stable then ever and nearly without any lags.
  4. So first of all, thanks for that contructive-minded post. You understood how to outline my arguments and quoted them correctly. So thanks for that one. @VarenykySupreme Well, i hope so and i will have trust in yours and eleriks PR-experience. So no qualification to comment on that things, just wanted to share ideas. But anyway, thank you guys for the digression to PR and your explanations. See you guys on the battlefield. It would be fine with me if topic will be closed or deleted.
  5. Thanks for that friendly and informative post, elerik. Furthermore I'm sorry for not finding all that topics via search function. Will do that next time before i post a new topic. @VarenykySupreme: Ya, that may be true. Maybe I did not see that, because we used to play that game in a team, so we revived each other when possible. Barely played alone on servers. But i think the big difference to AA is the big terrain and the excellent squad system, that allows a medic in that game to be a medic instead of just caring for combat. Sorry if that oppinion could be wrong, did not play AA for a long time. @Elerik, Smee It's sad to hear, that most people just give up, maybe a countdown for giving up function should be integrated instead of spawncountdown. This game is tactial and realistic. The medic should be the medic primary and fight in combat secondary. So the point is, that he just should return fire, drag the buddy out of the firezone, get behind his squad and treat the wounded with that enhanced medical system. So playing medic would really mean to staunch the flow of blood with your israeli and care for wound treatment in the right way, not just revive and heal. That means that he would be busy with his primary task first, while the squad is in combat, retreating or whatever they gonna do.
  6. Dear Community, I just wanted to write down some Ideas i got for the game. If already mentioned yet, im sorry so far. Furthermore I am sorry for my bad english already. Medical treatment In my oppinion Squad has a very high potential to get a really great and big tactical shooter / simulation. So i remembered something i was delighted by, years ago. The medical combat treatment in America's Army. No Defirevivals like in battlefield or similar games. You have to choose the right treatment from many, when you drag your buddy out of the firezone. Analyse the symptoms and get him the right treatment. If it's wrong he could actually die, anyway you wasted bandage and other medical materials. This would bring more realism, consideration what to do, and more dramatic scenes into this game. Structure I actually really enjoy the squadsystem but one thing that i miss is something like the platoonleader (No i do not want so say commander). The platoonleader should be a player in rank of a captain or higher (Will be explained at the ,,rank" topic below). He coordinates the squads by voicechat and the map. He should be the one in command to build the big FOBs, not like it is at the moment. Squadleaders should be able to build barricades, outposts and small stuff like this, in addition to that something in between the RP and the FOB. So something like an Outpostpoint with more Tickets that an RP, but not unlimited like the FOB. The Platoonleader should be able to build the FOBs only and with some more stuff then it is in the game already (i know, that more will be coming, no offense). So with that way arguments between the squadleaders could be avoided and Squads only playing ,,Minecraft" could be avoided as well. On the other hand the platoonleaders tasks are to coordinate the squads and ,,play minecraft" for the FOBs. It could structure and balance the game a bit more. Ranks If i may mention, the game Heroes&Generals got a really fine ranking system. That's a system, that would actually fit in this game, too. Every player gets his own profile. He can start to rank up but not in a way like CoD or BF does, no, a way more realistic and slower. Every player could choose between Enlisted and Officers at the beginning (fighting class and commanding class). Enlisted could rank up from Private till Captain and Officers from Officer Cadet to Colonel. Once the new player played a while, ranked up to PFC, SPEC and CPL, he should know how the game, the squadsystem and fighting in a group works, so he gets SGT with the next rank, that unlocks the Squadleader function. The sniper should be unlocked at the rank Specialist. Once he got SGT, all classes except of platoonleader are available for him and he can go to rank up slowly now. That could avoid new and inexperienced players blocking barely available classes and allow them to be introduced into the game, till they can lead and snipe by theirselfes. Also it would incentivize players to stay with the game and rewards them for loyal spent hours on community servers with a new rank. These rank updates should be shown at the uniform ingame. It is detail, but that would be totally new to that games, that we could recognize each other by ranks and outer appearance. Just a wish for all you detail and realism lovers. Badges What army would we fight for, if there were no medals or badges. And again, I am not talking about Badges like ,,Runningmaster (You lovely sweet runner sprinted 200 miles in that game)". Im actually talking about stuff like Shooting badges (Marksman, sharphooter, expert) for kills or medical badges for 60 saved buddys with the right treatment. Stuff like that. But thats a profile thing. Factions I've seen, that the community has grown big. So many players, many nationalities. Squads are often just open for special languages. Some more factions from different countrys could be a nice thing, especially for that Takistan (Afg) maps. There could be added Canadians, Englishmen, Germans, Italians, Australians, French and so on (And if its just the flag at the uniform sleeve with no different uniform). Tanks Well. Tanks are a big apprehension in the community i heard. I am sharing that idea, because that is a point of many, that makes this game so attractive to me. Including tanks would destroy the atmosphere and the game feeling. The maps are big and running around gets literally exhausting after a while, but there will be vehicles included, what's good news. But except of maybe light armored vehicles there shouldn't be tanks, choppers or something like that, that could turn the game into a new battlefield. The only exception i see could be one BlackHawk for transport given to the U.S. Army for the missing sniper class. That were just some ideas to hopefully stimulate a discussion. Have a nice week and stay friendly, community.