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  1. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Game was unplayable for me before 7.3 even 40 p servers. I noticed that fps increased. now its playable on 60-70 p servers.
  2. Why play this game?

    I play SQUAD because this is one and only realistic FPS game today...
  3. After update I have 30-35 fps but game looks like 10-15 fps, why it happens? sorry for bad English
  4. Squad in Three Words

    Best FPS game
  5. Squad uses 100% of cpu

    I have the same percentage with i5 2500 and gtx 670...
  6. V6 update not smooth

    Gorodok is very nice map, but very low FPS, also Sumari FPS is slower... I need to change GPU and CPU I think.
  7. Keyboard, Mouse, Headset

    Thank you all guys! yes I need 7.1 sound, because I have cheap speakers now and its not easy to hear where sound come from, from left or from right and do I need the sound card for this headset? I have H61 motherboard...
  8. Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying: Logitech g710 keyboard Logitech g502 mouse Hyperx cloud II headset Are these peripherials a good choice for SQUAD? or if you advice me better? (Sorry for bad English)
  9. Which type of audio card for my MOBO?

    I want to buy A4tech G501 headset for squad, its a gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound. do I need a sound card for it?
  10. What is your CPU/GPU usage in squad? (V5)

    and how can I limit FPS without vsync? I dont know... and if I limit FPS on 60 with vsync off, I will not have screen tearing? sorry for bad English :)
  11. What is your CPU/GPU usage in squad? (V5)

    Usage: GPU: 98-99% CPU: 67% max I noticed Framerate: 30-60 (vsync on) System: CPU: i5 2500 GPU: GTX 670 RAM: 8 GB Monitor: 1920X1080 In Game Settings: everything epic, res scale 100% do you think that better CPU will give me more FPS? I think about upgrade my GPU to GTX 970.
  12. Headsets

    hi people. I think to buy this headset A4TECH G501 what do you think, will it be good for SQUAD?
  13. Price of the game after pre Alpha?

    40$??? I bought this game 20$ on steam...