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  1. SVD: Devs, explain yourself!!!

    ok i see ... u guys clearly dont have expierence with the SVD nowadays my thought was, the forum is maybe there for stuff to be explored which need a fix or sth like that... but it seems nobody wanna hear anything about it and sacrifice themself in anyway imaginable how flawless and blablabla all is i am done posting in here
  2. SVD: Devs, explain yourself!!!

    its broken because of 1 out of 10 shots get a hit registration m8... look at the video or try it yourself before writing such bs... was really bumped for squad today...but this nerfed it to 0 again... pls guys, fix that thing... "#makeSVDgreatAGAIN"... or at least let it hit the targets when it is on point... this thing feels like it shoots through parallel universe broken as in BAD AF ... pls try it yourself on a server, not on firing range... it's hit registration is worse... every other guns' hit reg is ok... sometimes bullets disappear but its ok... but the SVD is since, idk V5 or sth, terrible AF... it needs a buff... at least a buff in its netcode/hit reg. ... and i am not the only one who is saying that, tbh everybody who plays the game on a daily basis knows and says that
  3. SVD: Devs, explain yourself!!!

    i think its 100% accurate in this case tbh
  4. Hi guys, i just played on a UK server, i am located in austria, so i had a ~30-60 ping... and i just want to show you guys this: (sry for audio out of sync but i made it as quick as possible, and the audio is not important in this clip anyway) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUCxRsUDSSY&feature=youtu.be wtf?? i mean i know the SVD is broken, but this...
  5. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    when i see this... i get hyped... but the only thing is this "technical" comes with such speed... the current RPG meta will be completely useless against it... people atm cant even hit other standing people over 30-100m, how they should be supposed to hit a speeding car? and the rockets behave very strange imho... is there a system behind or is it just random? sometimes it flies miles away straight, sometimes it goes down after 10m... ?!?!?!
  6. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    guys, if the m110 with acog is capable of shooting better at long ranges than the current m4 acog then pls, buff the SVD (in ammo and/or range accuracy) .. this gun is literally useless on range... has to less ammo for engaging close-mid... its just useless... every m4 + acog or aks74(s) + scope outplays it in everyway i pick the AK74(M) for sniping ppl over distance over the SVD every day 24/7... is this how it should be? idk ... tell me
  7. Vehicles and Rules

    and one question is will it be like in BF3 and BF4 where people waiting minutes on the "deployment screen" rapidly click on their vehicle to spawn in ... i am curious what system the devs will bring up with spawning in vehicle (who, when, spawnrates, etc) but i guess on public the first random/no mic'er will take the BTR and lets go
  8. for my part the SAW is absolute fine... the only issue is the weapon model when looking at a player who is using the SAW ... ist bugged since day 1 i guess but gameplay-wise i see no big reason to change it up big time
  9. How long until we get significant Optimization?

    i have the feeling that ever since the unreal engine 4 update the netcode, or lets say the hitreg, changed a little bit... not to the worse or the better... just changed. is it just me or did you make similar experiences?
  10. Hi guys, i thought i make this topic and tell you guys my opinion about switching to the secondary weapon, the pistol. i think it has to be a little bit quicker, not only for gameplay reason but for realismn. i never saw a trained soldier who needs 3-4 seconds (or more) to switch to his side arms. i know many players think the same so what do u guys think greetz
  11. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    please no OP vehicles, pls no BF4-alike, please no 10 vehicles per side per map ... please just no OP *EDIT* *looking afraid at BF4 and other games* (...when there is no need in playing infantry anymore...) etc etc etc ... you get the point
  12. I donated, where are my forum tags?

    me too m8, i donated twice but never got the Forum tag... but anyway... *EDIT* i didnt donate for the tag btw... so i guess it's ok not to have it rofl
  13. Fubar May Tournament!

  14. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    most likely i will be there