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  1. Squad Royals

    I have a suggestions involving class/groups/clans - I think it would be very cool if clans or constant squad members could customize their gear, guns, uniform and symbol to the representation of a name or symbol. These would be like the clans that are in the top 100 in the leader boards. The clans or squads would have like a universal symbol of being good. Like Spetnaz, Navy Seals kinda title in squad. Like the whole game Titans idea Were you have grunts, then you have titans Like "Omg" we are playing or we are fighting with "so and so" clan. Famous tank clan, or sniper clan... etc... Ya know? I am not editing this*
  2. I have a question/Concern

    I bare-boned it and added back what I felt I needed to have an enjoyable game experience. Much better KD, but I would rather hold back as much as possible. And I do have a little bias to people with good PC's... I'm playing with a college laptop between programming classes (Which the computers are still running windows 7 lol). So I growl at people who can run AAA games when I can not... I want GTA 5 dammit.
  3. I have a question/Concern

    I have kinda of question / concern that I want your guys feedback on... 1st Post here Especially those who have lower end PC's please express your views After playing for awhile (About a week) I noticed a particular trend to the game... Graphics mixed with view range. It seems for my perspective at least the people with better computers can see a greater distance away and more clearly then lower end PC players. I've come to this conclusion based off of teammate performance, especially at range. Often times as I, and others peek over roof tops of building they will call someone out and fire ... I just don't see them... I've been sniped looking over roof tops from place I've been before and couldn't see a whole lot. I know if I can't see them it doesn't mean they're not there, but do you get what I'm getting at? Is there some advantage with a certain graphics performance. AKA better color distention, etc... Is this something others feel too, and I'm not just wack? (I have view range set to max, and 30fps)