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  1. Milita vs Russia Nightmare!

    militia wear tracksuit, SS Leto, and don't have helmet covers. Russians were digital camo with helmet covers
  2. Entrenching

    Can we expect to be able to dig trenches as part of the fortification building mechanic?
  3. so you just want it to be like war thunder?
  4. most everyone has their own camo pattern that can be used Canada france Australia UK
  5. i think it would be great, one of the most annoying things about modern wargame is the lack of diversity of factions, its always NATO vs Ivan/the turrurists. another way we could get more diversity though would just to be to add more factions traditionally ignored in these games. More games have had china recently, which is an improvement, but i'd like to see more far east and mena nations. Japan, Australia/new zealand, korea, india, iran, south africa, etc, would all be great.
  6. Devs any chance we can get these few things in the V4 update?

    Polish, Czech, Slovakian, and Hungarian forces?
  7. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    it would be great if there could be a different faction for every MENA country, i think that a single MEC style army equipped with soviet arms and vehicles would be much easier and quicker to implement. I'd like an central african militia along with the euro and ME miltitias. to face off against these forces i'd be very interested in seeing France & India added, to often overlooked participants in conflicts in this region. some suggestions for maps with these factions would be India vs MEC in the india-pakistan border region, France vs MEC in northern africa, France vs militia in central africa, and India vs China on the india-china border..
  8. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    i'd like to have the m230 underbarrel instead of the 203, also adjustable grenade launcher and rpg sights, makes it much easier to adjust for distance
  9. spotting enemies

    i'm having a ridiculously hard time spotting enemies in squad, but it seems like i'm the only one. anyone have any tips?
  10. US Army Uniform Camouflage

  11. found a visual bug, heres a screenshot of the bug and a shot of the map so you can find it