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  1. Performance fix

    I think you need a better computer.. You need to have at least the minimum system requiremens to run it over 30 fps. But you can do some tweaks with some of the settings to get more frames.
  2. Updated High Quality Graphics Tweak

    My FPS did not really go down with these settings, it depends on your PC. Just try these out and see if they work.
  3. NEW UPDATED HIGH GRAPHICS TWEAKS FOR SQUAD Note that this is a work in progress, i'm just testing some commands that helps the game look more better. Doing these tweaks will make textures crisper, shadows, effects, etc. better. Please give me feedback if it works. Thank you Open DefaultEngine.ini Press WinKey+Run and type : %SystemDrive%/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Config/DefaultGame.ini Or go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config and click DefaultEngine.ini and open it with notepad. Copy and Paste under [systemSettings] r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=0 r.ViewDistanceScale=0.4 r.ShadowQuality=3 r.LightFunctionQuality=1 r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=2 r.Shadow.MaxResolution=1024 r.AmbientOcclusionMipLevelFactor=0 r.AmbientOcclusionMaxQuality=0 r.AmbientOcclusionLevels=2 r.AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale=1.5 r.DepthOfFieldQuality=2 r.RenderTargetPoolMin=400 r.LensFlareQuality=2 r.SceneColorFringeQuality=1 r.BloomQuality=5 r.FastBlurThreshold=7 r.Tonemapper.GrainQuantization=1 r.LightShaftQuality=1 r.Filter.SizeScale=1 r.Tonemapper.Quality=5 r.Streaming.MipBias=0 r.Streaming.PoolSize=1000 r.MaxAnisotropy=16 r.RefractionQuality=2 r.SSR.Quality=3 r.SceneColorFormat=4 r.EmitterSpawnRateScale=1 r.DefaultFeature.AutoExposure=0 r.ParticleMinTimeBetweenTicks=8 r.ParticleLightQuality=2 r.SceneColorFringe.Max=0.2 r.SSR.Quality=3 r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim=64 r.RefractionQuality=2 r.SSR=1 r.SceneColorFormat=4 r.DetailMode=2 Then find r.TextureStreaming and change it from true, to false. In notepad, press Ctrl+F and paste r.TextureStreaming and press find. Once you find it, change r.TextureStreaming=True to r.TextureStreaming=False Try these out and give me feedback. Also add me on steam : Viper or drk_viper
  4. If you download EVGA Precision X (an overclocking software) there's a setting called K Boost, if you turn it on, it will force your gpu to always run 100%
  5. Squad Graphics Tweaks

    Hey Squaddies, here are the things that I did to make squad more crisper, and better textures.I want you to test it and give me feedback. Open DefaultEngine.ini Press WinKey+Run and type : %SystemDrive%/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Config/DefaultGame.ini Or go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config and click DefaultEngine.ini and open it with notepad. Find [System Settings] and paste these commands under r.MaxAnisotropy=16 r.MotionBlurQuality=0 r.DepthOfFieldQuality=2 r.RefractionQuality=2 r.SSR.Quality=3 r.SSR.MaxRoughness=1 r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=0 r.ViewDistanceScale=0.4 r.SceneColorFringeQuality=1 r.EyeAdaptationQuality=0 r.BloomQuality=1 r.FastBlurThreshold=0 r.Tonemapper.Quality=4 r.Streaming.MipBias=0 r.SceneColorFringe.Max=0.2 r.EyeAdaptationQuality=0 r.FastBlurThreshold=0 r.LightShaftQuality=1 r.SceneColorFormat=4 r.RefractionQuality=2 Then find r.TextureStreaming and change it from true, to false. change r.TextureStreaming=True to r.TextureStreaming=False Give me feedback if any of these helped.
  6. Video memory error

    Here's some fixes.. Go to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/126962 and there's a step on the registry you have to do. Go to the AMD driver site and roll back a driver version. if that doesn't work, underclock your gpu and reinstall Squad
  7. D3D device lost error on better CPU?

    Go to GEFORCE and download the driver before the recent one. i think the new graphics driver are bugged, so just roll back a version
  8. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Squad Devs, great job on V7. Love the new game play mechanics, weapons, vehicles, sounds, and many more. The M249 sound is perfect. I had an orgasm hearing it. Alpha V7 has the PR vibe to it. Now with some Performance improvements in the future, Squad is gonna be fun af. Keep up the good work Devs!
  9. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Did the hot fix fix FPS Issues?
  10. High Quality Graphics Config/ Settings

    @smo0ths Thank you for letting me know!
  11. What i love about SQUAD physix

    27 fps? yikessss
  12. High Quality Graphics Config/ Settings

    On that setup no, I dont use sweet fx with those settings @Lutz_Persn But try it out and tell me if you see any difference
  13. High Quality Graphics Config/ Settings

    @Lutz_Persn Gtx 980 and i7 4770k and around 50-60 on Epic-High settings.
  14. Here are some of my settings to make Squad pop a little. If you're struggling with fps, dont use this. This is for the people who want Higher Quality. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config Open Default Engine Copy and paste this under [System Settings] r.LightFunctionQuality=3 (Not sure this is working yet, maybe use 2 i'll look into it)r.ShadowQuality=5r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=4r.Shadow.MaxResolution= 4096 (higher is possible)r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold=0.01r.Shadow.DistanceScale=1r.Shadow.CSM.TransitionScale=2r.DistanceFieldShadowing=1r.DistanceFieldAO=1r.AllowLandscapeShadows=1r.SSR.Quality=3r.SSR.MaxRoughness=1r.MaxAnisotropy=16r.Streaming.Boost=4r.DepthOfFieldQuality=2 r.RenderTargetPoolMin=400 Then go to [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] and find r.TextureStreaming and change it to False So change it to r.TextureStreaming=False Go try it out, and give me feedback weather it made some differences. Note that im still experimenting with these settings Add me on steam: Gamer tag is: Viper or my username : DRK_Viper Cheers, Viper out
  15. [solved] Launch Error: Failed to start the game.

    Go to C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Local. Then find the Squad folder and delete it. Then start up squad