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  1. No one has ever solved the hit detection completely simply because there is a physical limitation: network lag won't ever be zero. So when 2 players act on their ends the server must decide which action is valid given that the timing each action arrives at the server is variable, so there will always be a trade off involved. That is the main reason hit detection won't ever be perfect.
  2. Happy anniversary Squad, parents must be proud of their offspring!
  3. This patch is almost a major release!
  4. What SF faction? Squad is about regular forces.
  5. You'd have hated the eighties. Humongous pixels everywhere.
  6. korengal

    Taking shape nicely!
  7. Welcome to the addiction. I suggest you try also Project Reality, a bf2 mod that is the predecessor to Squad. Graphics are dated but the gameplay is amazing, very similar to Squad but with much more content: vehicles, air and land, maps, factions and so on. At least just to get a taste of where Squad can be in the future, as devs intend to keep Project Reality soul into Squad.
  8. Here is an article by the devs themselves back in the kickstarter days before Steam launch, where they mention all the types of vehicles they intend to add to Squad, jet airplanes included: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1272444
  9. Is it possible for a dev to give us some feedback on their plans regarding this? Is there any intention to improve on thei regard, or even allow for server scripts to manage players? I am fully aware it is impossible to totally avoid ghosting, but as OP said the intention is to make it so players could opt which side they want to play but minimizing the amount of information they are exposed to before choosing their side, which is a common occurrence everytime one enters a server to play with their friends or clan and they are on the opposite team.
  10. No, game play will come first over realism, devs have said that many times before.
  11. #prfeelings
  12. Again you are assuming wrong. Nowhere I said simpler is better. And it doesn't have to be a either / or situation, as Squad and pr before it has shown, it it's about balancing complexity with fun. Let it be as complex as fun allows, that's the best definition for me. So when you add windage and other cool features, ask yourself what fun it would add to most players. Of course the definition of fun depends on each one, it is a matter of taste. But devs have a very clear plan they want to achieve, again based on 10 years of project reality experience.
  13. And offend the older players in the meantime... Way to go. OP would be ashamed to know how old I am. Heck, *I* would be ashamed, lol! My suggestion to the OP: go play some Project Reality, the precursor to Squad, it is free. I know, Squad is not PR 2.0, it has so much more potential and possibilities, but devs have stated they intend to keep PR's soul alive in Squad, so the best reference as to what Squad will be in the future is indeed PR. Regarding Squad being mil sim or arcade, it depends on each persons' perpective: for someone coming from ARMA it is more arcade, for others coming from CoD/BF it is milsim. But just because devs sometimes mention the term "realism" or "milsim" doesnt mean the game is totally realistic or a simulator, it is just a parameter of reference. Others have made this mistake here too, assuming Squad would aim for total realism and authenticity just because a dev has mentioned these terms. But the most important thing that devs have repeated time and again: "GAMEPLAY > REALISM". Meaning that gameplay will trump (oops) realism when they come to a point where they should decide if/how to implement features in Squad. So perhaps your suggestions are realistic and would fit a milsim, but in Squad these features would need to pass the question: "will they enhance the gameplay?". Squad is not aiming to be a milsim as a dev have already made clear, it aims to be a middle ground, pending more to the milsim side but it will always put the gameplay and fun in first place before reallism and authenticity. Now let me get back to my old man stuff...
  14. Lol, it was a matter of time before newcomers started reviving old suggestions and assumptions.
  15. #prfeelings