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  1. Squad mates communicating and working together is enough to get me happy, no matter the end score.
  2. I hope you don't ever get into software development, cause you're gonna have a bad time
  3. And PR had a good head start in the form of bf2 being a complete game, so devs had just to modify existing things and add some new assets. Compare that to Squad where almost everything is being created from scratch, except for the most basic stuff the engine provides.
  4. No you don't get it. I too would love for Squad to be PR2, started playing it back in 0.32 and it wasn't half of what you are praising it now, back then it didn't have as many factions, maps, features and assets. So PR too took many years to be what it is today. So give devs time, come back when game is ready. But mind you Squad won't be PR2 but something else which evolved from PR.
  5. No one has ever solved the hit detection completely simply because there is a physical limitation: network lag won't ever be zero. So when 2 players act on their ends the server must decide which action is valid given that the timing each action arrives at the server is variable, so there will always be a trade off involved. That is the main reason hit detection won't ever be perfect.
  6. Happy anniversary Squad, parents must be proud of their offspring!
  7. This patch is almost a major release!
  8. What SF faction? Squad is about regular forces.
  9. You'd have hated the eighties. Humongous pixels everywhere.
  10. korengal

    Taking shape nicely!
  11. Welcome to the addiction. I suggest you try also Project Reality, a bf2 mod that is the predecessor to Squad. Graphics are dated but the gameplay is amazing, very similar to Squad but with much more content: vehicles, air and land, maps, factions and so on. At least just to get a taste of where Squad can be in the future, as devs intend to keep Project Reality soul into Squad.
  12. Here is an article by the devs themselves back in the kickstarter days before Steam launch, where they mention all the types of vehicles they intend to add to Squad, jet airplanes included: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1272444
  13. Is it possible for a dev to give us some feedback on their plans regarding this? Is there any intention to improve on thei regard, or even allow for server scripts to manage players? I am fully aware it is impossible to totally avoid ghosting, but as OP said the intention is to make it so players could opt which side they want to play but minimizing the amount of information they are exposed to before choosing their side, which is a common occurrence everytime one enters a server to play with their friends or clan and they are on the opposite team.
  14. No, game play will come first over realism, devs have said that many times before.
  15. #prfeelings