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  1. Why are you arguing over something that will probably change totally with the new animation system? Peerun's points are fair, let's just wait for new Animations and hope they will be fixed, if not then come back to this, meanwhile we are just arguing over which tone of blue is the sky.
  2. I have noticed that too.
  3. Looks like the same zero stamina bug I ran into the other day, it doesnt regenerate as usual and so weapon sway stays at maximum all the time, and thus the screen shaking. Someone suggested going prone and firing your weapon should make stamina regen go back to normal, I havent had the chance to check this yet.
  4. Hab

    FOB and HAB position will depend on each flag IMO. HAB doesnt have that radio sound so sometimes hiding it into structures can make them hard to find. But FFS, dont place the ammo crate next to the HAB if it is away from an objetive, that is useless as people who spawn there wont need ammo, place it as close to action as possible!!!!
  5. You came to the wrong neighborhood pal! Seriously though, it it exactly these features you complain about that sets Squad apart from the thousands of other FPSs out there. Regarding the learning curve, there could be other ways to make it easier, by means of tutorials, in game hints and tips, a training camp and so on. That way players can learn Squad features faster. But changing the game just to cope with the masses would actually be the death of the project. It might actually bring tons of casual players and make it sell more, but it would kill the original intents of the devs and frustrate thousands of more hardcore players who want something not as casual as BF but not as hardcore as ARMA.
  6. no.
  7. new animations: vaulting, weapon resting, etc coreInventory: coax MG in vehicles, limited loadout customization (vehicle and infantry), switch between HEAT/FRAG, etc
  8. There are so many variables it becomes impossible to pinpoint specific reasons for winning or losing. So after a while I just learned to enjoy the game and not worry too much about winning or losing, except when my team was steamrolled back to main base, but then one player or squad alone cant win by themselves. The best games are always those with a close score, in these I never mind losing by a few tickets as the game was balanced, everyone performed well, these matches area always fun despite who actually won.
  9. Guys go get a rest, you deserve it.
  10. I agree, I am all for it, I was just "translating" the other guy's post
  11. I think he meant trucks are an easy target and easy to destroy, specially in the hands of a unexperienced squad, so your team may end up with no trucks and thus no FOBs at all...
  12. Wow, I can almost smell the cake in the oven now...
  13. Yup, emplacements would become unusable if supplies points reach zero, either by consuming it all or by having the radio destroyed. If a SL places another radio again in the emplacements area it would have zero supplies and thus emplacements would still be unusable, they would become usable just after another logistics supply run to the radio. That would also be how the HABs work too, supplies should be greater than zero for them to stay active. This could be interesting, because the simple fact that you see an enemy FOB doesnt mean it is active, if you dont know if there is an enemy radio around or if the opponents just ran out of supplies. So better destroy that HAB regardless... Game gets more interesting mechanisms altogether.
  14. Well, this could be an insteresting idea, to let assets remain in place but just disabled/unenterable in case the radio is taken down. Enemies would have to actively destroy each asset by unshoveling all of them. It could make assets more viable, as they would take as much work to destroy as it does to create them, as right now just unshoveling the radio can destroy everything too easily in just one stroke. In case the team places another radio again in the assets radius they would become active again. This could drastically change the perception of payback to the effort of building assets in the game!
  15. After aaaallll this time people still are confusing montly updates and change logs? Gosh...