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  1. Well, this time I have to agree with FishMan (but not with the harassing and name calling, that I cannot condone). Rush tactics in Squad is indeed OP at the moment due to current game mechanics. Some devs have already said they are aware of it so I expect some changes are going to happen in this regard, perhaps in white flag capture rules. Removing the ability of enemy team of preventing a white flag capture should fix that IMO: rush would still be valid, but as a tactic to make enemy slower in its progress, no to halt it completely as it is now.
  2. Aw man, who would think a game would bring such fond memories like that? Thanks Egg for the best 10 years of gaming me and many, many friends had in the brazillian community, some of them which have turned into personal friends and even business partners IRL. During this 10 years we saw these game buds finish school, get their first job, get married, and now having their children. PR became almost like a second family to us. For me it replaced the tabletop RPG game sessions after I had to move to another city for a new job and so lost contact with my old friends, and playing PR was the closest I got to that: endless nights of fun, battles, stress and jokes. Personally, I enjoyed the short time I worked with you guys in PR2 team, I remember sending my resumee and being proud of my acceptance as R-CON and later to R-DEV. We started with that ugly engine the team won in that mod contest, then with the initial tests with UDK, but then I had to part ways too, in may case for a very good reason: my wife got pregnant and so priorities moved drastically... Too bad PR2 didn't advance as we all wanted, but then maybe the time wasn't right, comparing now with what Squad is achieving. One of the very early demos we got working back then, sooo crude: So seeing some of the devs and players from PR reunited here in Squad is a strange feeling, like going back home after a long time: you see those familiar faces, and realize you will have a hell of a good time again... It's priceless. Cheers!
  3. Do I hear Muttrah? Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  4. +1 Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  5. Remember that the loss can be "reverted" if your team captures the flag back (by issuing the same penalty back to other team), so retreating is still viable if it increases the chance of getting lost flag back. Not counting the bleed and other factors, of course.
  6. Well, lets just call it "a frigging big map" and be gone with it BTW I too sense a hint at 100 players too, as there will be 50 vehicles per team...
  7. Mind you, 6km2 is not 6km by 6km... Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  8. Somos um clan criado em 2007 para jogar Project Reality (www.realitymod.com - modificação realista do jogo Battlefield 2), sendo o maior parte do contingente do clan formado de jogadores maduros (pra não dizer velhos... ) O BR Devils atuou firmemente por vários anos no apoio à comunidade de jogadores do Project Reality no Brasil, através da disponibilização de servidor público gratuito, administração de servidores comunitários, tradução e confecção de manuais e guias, e divulgação do jogo. Com o surgimento do jogo Squad, sucessor do Project Reality, o clan deve focar seus esforços neste novo jogo promissor, atuando da mesma forma para apoiar e promover o jogo no que for possível. Prezamos por jogar de forma tática e organizada, porém sem militarismo e sem deixar de lado a diversão nos momentos propícios. Possuimos um conselho composto por 7 veteranos, além de Código de Conduta e Regulamento Interno, definindo o papel e comportamento esperado dos integrantes tanto internamente quanto nos servidores onde jogamos. Não temos horários ou obrigações, apenas nos reunimos para jogar, principalmente jogos de guerra tais como Project Reality, Squad, War Thunder, ARMA, Rising Storm, Red Orchestra 2 e outros jogos tais como GTA, FIFA e afins. Os principais meios de contato são: Discord: https://discord.gg/kqRUsXN Fórum: www.brdevils.com.br Grupo do WhatsApp: privado, apenas para membros ativos Para solicitar recrutamento favor contactar um integrante do clan ou fazer uma solicitação no nosso discord, o recrutamento será avaliado de acordo com a atuação de cada player. Que o teamwork e a amizade sempre prevaleçam!
  9. LOL! I vote for a true to life emulation of engineer kit with theodolite operation, complete with 3d model and HP32c calculator interface for setting FOB placentment! Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  10. People who use TS and discord audio channels should be banned too, as they are using a game feature outside of it... /s
  11. Yeah, imagine the forum would be flooded with immature players asking for dumb features, should devs listen to them too? Who would decide which feedbacks are good and which are lame? Fact is, devs have a clear plan they want to reach with squad, so listening to each and every feedback would be actually a disaster for the game.
  12. This preview of the new animation system which may come in v10 could invalidate all this discussion... Anyway, some people will be competitive no matter what, be it Squad or tic-tac-toe, some will try to improve their abilities to the max, this is gaming. Some will be happy staying in the middle, and there is nothing wrong with that either. So all this discussion about some taking the game to extremes is dumb. Let each one play as they like, game will cater for some audience but there will always those points out of the curve, we should just live with that. Play squad as you like, as long as you dont break any rule or act unfair. I bet with new animation system released competitive players will just adapt and try to outsmart other players as before, just with the new tools and limitations the game will impose, as I said this is a game and some players have this need to compete and improve beyond the regulars, and both ways are ok, each one is having fun their way and it is actually a good thing that Squad allows for that, instead of limiting to just one style of play. That said, squad is obviously targeting the more mature and tactical style, but not a total milsim ultra-realistic ultra-authentic. Finally, remember that tin box says: "Capture combat realism THROUGH COMMUNICATION AND TEAMWORK". People with reading disabilities seem to stop reading after the "realism" word, but the phrase makes clear that communication and teamwork are the main goals that will make the game reach its realism, what will set squad apart from other realism focused FPS games.
  13. Why are you arguing over something that will probably change totally with the new animation system? Peerun's points are fair, let's just wait for new Animations and hope they will be fixed, if not then come back to this, meanwhile we are just arguing over which tone of blue is the sky.
  14. I have noticed that too.
  15. Looks like the same zero stamina bug I ran into the other day, it doesnt regenerate as usual and so weapon sway stays at maximum all the time, and thus the screen shaking. Someone suggested going prone and firing your weapon should make stamina regen go back to normal, I havent had the chance to check this yet.