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  1. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Many things: - run and gun isnt as effective, due to supression and bullet deviation (a way devs did to emulate weapon sway due to BF2 engine limitations). Game rewarded good positioning over good reflection. - camaraderie and teamwork above competitive drive (people played to win, but felt rewarded even when match was lost, as long as it was balanced) - teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. And did I mention teamwork? Being good at shooting was a nice thing (its a FPS game afterall), but being smart and using a more tactical style of gameplay as a team, was even better. Game mechanisms pushed strongly towards that. - punishing lonewolfing and reckless play. Everytime you die your respawn timer increases, so giving up is actively punished. These are the most obvious ones that come to my mind.
  2. Alpha 13 Released

    This has been discussed indefinately. Yes there are abuses of the Alpha term and of the process, but I dont think OWI is abusing the term. They have been following standard industry procedures applied to alpha projects up to now. The fact that the game looks complete doesnt mean it can be relegated as released, it is up to the product manager to decide. Again, this is standard nomenclature and procedure for sofware products not complete or ready for a full release by some criteria at product owner's discretion. Yes we should voice them, and I am not against it, I just disagree that OWI cant do some experiments at this point of development.
  3. Alpha 13 Released

    I wouldn't expect such radical and highly experimental changes to be added to a released game, ever. It would be ok to add new assets/factions/complementary features (commander?) after release 1.0, but overall gameplay should be stable. Like it or not, this game is and will be in Alpha for as long as devs need it to be, better that than release it in an incomplete state like Post Scriptum did.
  4. Alpha 13 Released

    Some people are forgetting Squad is still in Alpha, so this is the right moment to experiment and adjust. As Fuzz said, nothing is set in stone.
  5. Ticket Bleed

    This AAS rules has been working fine in Project Reality for ages. Just chill, players will learn and adapt, and matches will get more interesting than just thowing all bodies to the central flag every damn round.
  6. Permanent zoom? NO!

    It says "very slight" in case someone missed. I take it this will be the "normal unzoomed view" that will get a SLIGHT increased zoom, not that the currently existing shift zoom will become permanent on.
  7. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Ah, the good old days of semestral PR releases are back: "you broke the game!" Some here seems to have never played Project Reality. If you did you would completely get where Squad is aiming for, and V10 will be just a step in that direction. Oh, it is not the direction you would like? Sorry, there are plenty other games out there that promotes run and gun, but Squad was never meant to be (another) one. It has been clear in every patch since launch where it is progressing towards. The main issue here is that Squad (as PR before it) promotes TEAMWORK above all. Most of its mechanics are here to that end: rarely you will see a solo guy doing something that unbalances the whole match. But current mechanics were promoting "squad-lonewolfing", in which a solo squad could decide the match in the first minutes, which is against teamwork mentality: forget what the rest of the team is doing, it just takes a skilled squad to stop the whole enemy team, boom, done. So this specific change is to promote more teamwork between squads in the team, simply that. No more can a single squad easily win a match by abusing game meta, and more teamwork will be required now. Competitive players will compete in tetris or tic-tac-toe if they fancy so, that is the nature of competition, so I cant see how removing rushing could kill squad competitive scene. Players who like Squad style of gameplay will just adapt and evolve with the game, those who prefer another style will leave.
  8. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    My guess is somewhere down the line Squad will get supply crates very similar to PR, so that logi trucks drop big crates, smaller vehicles drops small crates, and APCs would drop small ones too. So the FOB/HAB mechanics may change like so: first have a logi truck drop a big supply crate, then SL will be able to place a radio inside a given radius from supply crate (which if such radius being relatively small would potentially also solve the issue of radios being placed in absurd spots in maps as currently happens). Players would be able to resupply in these supply crates, and these would disappear after depleted. Not sure how current FOB(radio)/HAB separation would work out in this case, as in PR they where one and the same, perhaps in Squad they will remain distinct entities, so SLs have the option of creating a HAB or not, depending on which use the FOB will have (just be a resupply spot for the team for example). Besides that, AR kit being able to resupply specific items in very small quantities would be nice too, similar to BF2's ammo bag or something. All that would give logistics its proper importance to the game.
  9. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    Not just Internet, all wired and wireless communication device is up for being spied on. So I suggest we start a penpal squad modding support group, and collect stamps on the meantime...
  10. Squad

    I think the argument "I paid so they must obey me" doesn't hold any ground. You paid for the right to play, not for the right to demand things from devs. And like others said, balance and fun will always come before realism, this is not a milsim. Perhaps a mod in the future will cater for the milsim audience, but don't expect that from the core game, Squad is aiming for a middle ground between realistic and casual, this has been stated since the start of the project. Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  11. They will get antihawks Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  12. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Read about it in project reality forum. Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  13. No foosteps sound

    This game is meant to be played with headphones, not because of the faint sounds, but because of sound direction in space. Many times I was able to react to enemy flanking me because of sound direction, which speakers won't convey with the same efficiency. Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  14. Hide inactive white flags from map?

    Well, this time I have to agree with FishMan (but not with the harassing and name calling, that I cannot condone). Rush tactics in Squad is indeed OP at the moment due to current game mechanics. Some devs have already said they are aware of it so I expect some changes are going to happen in this regard, perhaps in white flag capture rules. Removing the ability of enemy team of preventing a white flag capture should fix that IMO: rush would still be valid, but as a tactic to make enemy slower in its progress, no to halt it completely as it is now.