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  1. November 2017 Recap

    This is true. I've had the feeling many now have after trying out V10, since, let me see... 17.11.2016. But now we're there, the core infantry gameplay that I've expected (and had no doubts about, as I've followed the development since PR 0.1) is in place. It's been steady well paced improvement all along, and a prime example of how an early access should be run. Thanks indeed, I'll be putting some serious hours into V10.
  2. I was just looking at some V10 ZU23 footage and noticed the zero recoil on the gun. In this video you have the ZU23 in a prepared ground position, and look how much there is recoil within one short burst when doing surface firing. Especially after 1 min mark when you can see the zoomed in shot.
  3. The Military Media Thread

  4. The Military Media Thread

    Anti-tank porn
  5. I tried adding the game to nvidia control panel profile and selecting prefer the GTX 960M, if the problem was caused by game running with the integrated GPU, but still the same thing. CPU is a true quad core i5-6300HQ so the game should run fine with 1080p resolution and lower settings.