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  1. Alpha 10 Public Test

    This with the force of a thousand suns +1000. What I'm looking from Squad is that experience, being in the "helmet cams" you can watch online. Everyone knows what happened to OFP 2 when they started re-directing the project to this direction...
  2. Which screen would you pick ?

    The proper reviews from tftcentral.co.uk and pcmonitors.info are coming for the LG 32GK850G (probably around march UK release), but based on the ones already out, and user reviews, it's perfectly fine for input lag and ghosting. Described identical to the Acer XB271HU - but with 3x better contrast, no IPS glow and no BLB. The AOC is the same old IPS bleed junk since 2015 due to the same exact bad quality panel... just forget them. The LG is a godsend at this point for the non-TN gaming screen market, all manufacturers have forced the same horrible quality IPS panel for 3 years now.
  3. Which screen would you pick ?

    Around 100ish. No the tearing will not go away completely at any fps, but the higher it is the shorter the tears are. The LG monitor would be ideal for you, you get the best advantages out of g-sync at those sub 100 frames, and the VA panel is a heaven. Time to start saving the extra 200-300
  4. Which screen would you pick ?

    But keep in mind a 144Hz screen will have almost no visible tearing even without sync, especially when you keep high fps. No need for fast syncs which cause other stutters in image.
  5. Which screen would you pick ?

    There is no choice, the TN G-syncs don't have proper adjustable gamma so the colors are bad. It's basically XL2730, or the new LG 32GK850G if you want G-sync and awesome colors. The LG is all around better than any IPS panel - identical motion performance, but gives 3500:1 contrast instead of 1000:1 IPS contrast, and has no IPS glow/backlight bleed because of good quality control. It's the first monitor of this kind without problematic quality.
  6. Which screen would you pick ?

    The 30 panel does 100% srgb in reviews, while 35 does 90%. It actually goes other way round, if you can maintain high fps, the advantages of syncing are non-existent on a 144Hz screen. Fast sync / vsync is something I'd steer away from, be without or with gsync/freesync. If you really care about getting good image, good colors and blacks without IPS glow and BLB, the new LG 32GK850G with VA panel would be the best. But you'll be paying the 200-300€ extra for it, and its probably not available in your country yet as only US have it until February.
  7. Which screen would you pick ?

    BenQ XL2730 is the best. It has a better panel than the XL2735 and freesync ability if you'll get an AMD card down the line. The BenQ's have ability to go to Gamma 5 mode, which removes banding and washed out image (caused by too bright gamma) that these other TN 1440p gaming screens suffer from. BenQ has better quality control for backlight bleed too.
  8. November 2017 Recap

    This is true. I've had the feeling many now have after trying out V10, since, let me see... 17.11.2016. But now we're there, the core infantry gameplay that I've expected (and had no doubts about, as I've followed the development since PR 0.1) is in place. It's been steady well paced improvement all along, and a prime example of how an early access should be run. Thanks indeed, I'll be putting some serious hours into V10.
  9. I was just looking at some V10 ZU23 footage and noticed the zero recoil on the gun. In this video you have the ZU23 in a prepared ground position, and look how much there is recoil within one short burst when doing surface firing. Especially after 1 min mark when you can see the zoomed in shot.
  10. The Military Media Thread

  11. The Military Media Thread

    Anti-tank porn
  12. I tried adding the game to nvidia control panel profile and selecting prefer the GTX 960M, if the problem was caused by game running with the integrated GPU, but still the same thing. CPU is a true quad core i5-6300HQ so the game should run fine with 1080p resolution and lower settings.