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  1. The Military Media Thread

    Battlefield Finland 2020
  2. Insurgency

    And what made PR essentially Black Hawk Down/Generation Kill humvee simulator in certain maps
  3. Should Finland be added to Squad?

    So if FDF team does well, it could be added.
  4. The Military Media Thread

    Combat Camera Showreel 2018 – Finnish Defence Forces
  5. Insurgency

    What exactly happened with this game mode? Is there any timeline when it will be properly included back?
  6. The Military Media Thread

    Capability of the North
  7. The Military Media Thread

    Give a hint? FDF readiness units in their final exercise
  8. The Military Media Thread

    Let's bump this thread up with some relevant media, considering the coming MBT's:
  9. The Military Media Thread

    CV9030, Leopard 2, artillery and infantry live fire
  10. The Military Media Thread

    Finnish Air Force 100 Years. Messerschmitt 109's and F-18 Hornets.
  11. The ghosting is like really bad. I can count 7 AK's there
  12. I really wonder what AA PUBG has... looks almost like MSAA + SSAA at no performance cost. And no ghosting issues. Best AA in Squad is TXAA with 1.00 sharpness, but has terrible ghosting artifacts and performance impact.
  13. As of now it's impossible to play with friends. Steam joining throws you on some empty server, and the server browser utterly fails at showing servers, so can't join the same server from the browser either.
  14. FDF Mod - Finnish Defence Forces

    That's surprising news. Hope it goes better than the PR FDF project which died halfway through. Could you get some help/model donations from them? They had some nice looking weapon models ready, like the RK62.
  15. The Military Media Thread

    A bit more of that goodness, they published a montage in honor of 100 years of finnish field artillery.