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  1. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    Add normal belt-fed MG for militia, Russians and insurgents. They can use: PKP(Pecheneg)-Russians and militia, PKM-insurgents and militia, MG 42(3) for insurgents. PKP for Russia and militia PKM for militia and insurgents MG 42(3) for insurgents
  2. In game we have Marksmans - guys, who have DMR's and are not so different from soldier with optic on his AK or M4. But what if real sniper class was added? Like 1 or 2 for a team. For example-militia can use Mosin-Nagant rifle(1 photo), insurgents can use same Mosin or Kar98k( photo 2 and 3), US can use M40 or Harris M-86 (photo 4 and 5), russians will use СВ-98 (6 and 7). What do you think about this? Eastern-ukrainian terrorist with Mosin-Nagant Mosin and Kar 98k in Syria M 40 and Harris M-86 СВ-98
  3. Eastern-European faction #1

    what customization? I think that any fraktion should have ability to customize guns, as it works in Insurgency. Or you was asking about something else?
  4. Eastern-European faction #1

    In real life in most caces they have post-soviet equipment(guns, artillery, tanks...) or some russian, like PKP, AS-VAL or BTR-82 sometimes. It's very uncommon (not impossible) to see them using some of the ukrainian new guns and cars, such as Fort or KrAZ. In a game-this is tottaly plausible. But unlikely, a new faction(even made by modders) is better then just few additional guns, also Millitia is fully equipped, each role has its own rifle. I was not talking about fleet, it's really small and will not be included in to the game. Everything else, exept nonsense about nazies in army, is pretty obvious truth. Ukraine is using all soviet staff, why not, but simultaneously they use all the guns in the topic. As far, as i know, russians do the same thing, this is normal.
  5. i'm not sure if you understand, but we are not discussing politics. Faction can be interesting if they fit in games LOR and it's gameplay is unique in a sertain way. Don't mix you polotical ideas and game, they are not connected.
  6. Body size matter

    But this will be unballanced, like short skinny guy will become OP.
  7. Eastern-European faction #1

    If they will add malfunction sydtem- it will be great. Just for general knowlege. Like, in most cases people know only about their native forces and Murica) Now you know more.
  8. It's not me, this is written on Militia's logy)
  9. This topic is going to be about one of Eastern-European armies. This time I'll try to give general info about Ukrainian army, their armaments and etc. If this topic will be popular- i'll make the next one about Poland or Turkey. So, lets begin from pearsonal weapons. Assault rifle: Basically Ukrainian troops use AK-74, but it's common to modify them with red-dot or golographic sights with magnifier. Sometimes we can see silencer and frontal grip. Also, Ukrainian army is using Fort-221, licensed Tavor. Some examples: Sidearm: As sidearm they use Fort 14 or Makarov pistol. Mashine gun: RPK-74, KM-7,62 or Fort-401 they also can be modified with scopes, grips and so on. Marksman rifle: Fort-301 or SVD with different scopes. Grenade launcher: Standart RPG-7B Lets roll to possible vehicles. Logy: KrAZ-5233 for troops and amunition. Battle vehicle: Standart BTR-80, KrAZ Spartan LAV wit 12,7 turret or BTR-4 with unmanned 12,7 or 30 mm turret. As main camo Ukraine use MM-14 or Varan ( more examples). Thank you for your attention.
  10. Before September monthly recap i was sure, that next new faction will some of Eastern European countries(Ukraine for example). Like New maps are based on that region, Militia looks exactly like Easter-Ukrainian terrorists, even graffiti on Militia's logy is about russian president (ПТН ХУЙЛО=Putin is ****head). But surprise- Britain. I'm fine with this new faction, but sometimes gamers want something more exotic. There are a lot of americans,russians,taliban, brits in other games, also other european, south-american and african armies were in some games, but there are few shooters with interesting eastern european army(Poland,Ukraine,Turkey, Ichkeria,Belarus, Baltic and Balkan countries...etc.) Here some wiki links for brief inroduction in this topic Polish Land Forces Ukrainian Armed Forces Turkish Land Forces Belarus Armed Forces
  11. Okay,probably Chechen and Ukrainian insurgents, also Georgian and Ukrainian army will be non mainstream fractions.
  12. It will be great if developers will add new countries in to the game. You can add Georgian forces, they will fight against local insurgents and Russian forces, you can add Ukrainian forces, they will also fight against insurgents and Russians, also you can add Chechen insurgents,they will fight against Russian forces. Main battles of these conflicts were happening in cyties, so it will be great chance to add big urban maps, for example:"Grozny city","Donetsk airport","Gori".