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  1. [UK] JoinSquad.co.uk - Community!

    Okay so website is now live, what i'm currently doing is trying to install the servers via TC Admin so anyone that would like to rent one has full access via TC admin to the server, obviously branding will be our domain at the end, but in anycases individuals remove it we will just shutdown the server, we are doing this for free to anyone who would like to host there own server! you also get your own section on our forums!
  2. [UK] JoinSquad.co.uk - Community!

    We are now live! checkout the webby
  3. [UK] JoinSquad.co.uk - Community!

    Tough decision do we go by the name of SurrealGaming.net or JoinSquad.co.uk - opinions?
  4. [UK] JoinSquad.co.uk - Community!

    I'm in Greece till this upcoming Tuesday so the team speak is up, will need a few changes to accommodate us guys! And anyone who is interested can leave a post here there's no limit on how many servers we can offer, even will be giving small communities there own section on our forums
  5. [UK] JoinSquad.co.uk - Community!

    We will start offering server hosting for free to communities obviously there will be our branding and free use of our team speak? What's your opinions on that guys?!
  6. [UK] JoinSquad.co.uk - Community!

    Public team speak, work in progress any squads which have 5+ members who would be looking at a channel created for you guys message me in the team speak! Was hoping a few squads have ranking systems in place! Join the team speak ip:
  7. [UK] JoinSquad.co.uk - Community!

    JoinSquad.co.uk is backup! If anyone is interested in helping moderate servers etc give me a buzz!
  8. Hello from Germany ;)

  9. hey boys

  10. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Beautiful pictures
  11. Hello from Newfoundland!

    Welcome Conway!
  12. Hi from the low countries

    Welcome buddy!
  13. Insurgency Server?

    So i decided to go ahead and chucked up a Insurgency server with 32 slots over at JoinSquad.co.uk - for the new Insurgency Mod not the old :P
  14. Insurgency Server?

    if your interested in running it fire my wire :P
  15. Insurgency Server?

    Anyone willing to or wants to admin an insurgency server if i set one up and get the server players etc? any suggestions open