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  1. Attachments

    Was wondering if there are any plans for weapon attachments? Suppressors? PEQ's, Surefires? Bipods for marksman. Also I remeber awhile back they were going to introduce breaching is that still going to be a thing? I also think they need to add a SMAW. And maybe going handle held with he 60 mortars? Anyone else have any other ideas?
  2. Attachments

    PEQ's really only purpose is for NV, and IR. Wondering if they will implement them. Make a smaller map add them in just for that map. I know they were talking about breaching charges and breaching shotguns. However still would be a nice touch since they are shooting for realism.
  3. The Weapons Thread!

    EOTechs would be a nice touch.
  4. The Weapons Thread!

    For Taliban a Mosin, we pulled those off guys before. Maybe would also like to see a M40A3.
  5. I bought the game when you had to download it from the website. Now how soon get it on steam?
  6. Bought game for 70$ how do I get it on steam?

    Thanks gents