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  1. Attachments

    PEQ's really only purpose is for NV, and IR. Wondering if they will implement them. Make a smaller map add them in just for that map. I know they were talking about breaching charges and breaching shotguns. However still would be a nice touch since they are shooting for realism.
  2. The Weapons Thread!

    EOTechs would be a nice touch.
  3. The Weapons Thread!

    For Taliban a Mosin, we pulled those off guys before. Maybe would also like to see a M40A3.
  4. Attachments

    Was wondering if there are any plans for weapon attachments? Suppressors? PEQ's, Surefires? Bipods for marksman. Also I remeber awhile back they were going to introduce breaching is that still going to be a thing? I also think they need to add a SMAW. And maybe going handle held with he 60 mortars? Anyone else have any other ideas?
  5. Bought game for 70$ how do I get it on steam?

    Thanks gents
  6. I bought the game when you had to download it from the website. Now how soon get it on steam?