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  1. We've got a major troll on your server right now, who do we contact to do anything about it?
  2. Does the new vehicle system fix buginess?

    Vehicles with with more than 4 wheels should not get stuck as easily, as they will all gain traction from ground and not just the front and back 2. Hopefully this means BTRs can actually get up a hill now, and not get stuck on silly little things.
  3. Check out the modding section. That's where, "just like PR", you'll find a lot of maps making their way into the game form all theatres.
  4. one squad to lose it all.

    I played a game like that last night, from the other side. My squad were literally walking into fobs all over the place on Logar. Myself and the other squad leads discovered and removed at least 8 fobs, they lost the game basically on the tickets lost from those fobs.
  5. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Half of my staff are European, most of them speak the language better than my English staff...
  6. View angles in vehicles too restricting

    I was lucky enough to spend some time driving and in the turret of an FV432 IFV this week. Once you're turned in and the hatches are closed, the view is almost nothing but a good 45 degrees in front of you. You become very dependant on your turret crew and commander for any kind of situational awareness. Reversing even while turned out would have been impossible with someone in that turret guiding me in, and really should have been done with someone on foot calling out directions. I'd say we have it pretty good with regards to our view inside a vehicle.
  7. [image] Are these Pill boxes in game?

    I haven't noticed those, only the large bunkers?
  8. Worst sin Don't do it. Teamspeak abuse

    I feel like I was in that exact same squad last night... Happily it's few and far between these days.
  9. Happening to me as well. Sucks when you're in a full server leading a squad, and you have to quit. By the time the game starts up someone has taken your spot in the server, and you have to build a squad again from nothing. Very frustrating.
  10. V6 MG emplacement, how it works.

    They really need to be placed properly. I was experimenting with them last night with mixed results. On Chora, we placed one on a roof over looking Packers (compound on the hill, just west of the cap point) and it was highly effective in supporting an attack. Nothing inside of Packers could so much peek onto the rooftops to see where we were coming from. But anything in the fields could have sneaked up on the gun without much of a problem. It's something we all need to find the new meta for.
  11. Ragers

    You know, I've played with and dealt with this same guy before. Just a couple rounds a while ago. Moved him from my squad to make room for a friend, got nothing but grief from him for the whole round and then some when he went SL. I find with guys like that, if someone wants to act out then they will. Nothing you can do about it. Just play around them and try and pick it up form the ashes when that squad empties out and can't do it's job any more. And most importantly, talk to the other SL's. Generally, if enough of them see someone is acting like that, that guy will be ostracised in short order and probably quit the server.
  12. Ranking system for newbie restrictions

    I can see why people think there should be restrictions, I really do. But at the same time it's just not practical! You can argue all you want for an hours played cap, but some people are going to reach that a lot faster than others. I've got 40 hours in game, and with a busy life full of work I don't know how I've churned that out. A 17 year old kid sitting at home on school holiday can do that no problem in3 or 4 days, not the 3 or 4 months I've had the game. Not to knock our younger players, I've played with some great ones! They just simply have more time, and some severely lack in maturity which is the most important aspect of being SL in my opinion. Maturity leads to everything else you need to have. When I jump in, I play a round as medic of rifleman, then I make a squad. My Squad often does well, and I keep the same group of guys together map after map. We might not always be top squad, but we often are.
  13. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    People do this all the damn time. And while it annoys me, it can be effective. Keep in mind that in Insurgency, the defending team has to all intents and purposes unlimited tickets. Dying is not an issue. What annoys me about it is that once the FOB is inevitably taken down, nobody else has bothered to set up a FOB within any reasonable distance, and you can't get back before the cache goes down too. I'm more of a fan of building a large defensive FOB with clear sight lines overlooking the cache if at all possible. A squad or two inside the cache can defend it and direct rocket and AR fire, and hopefully we draw the attention of at least one enemy squad.
  14. Hey guys, Squad popped up on my suggested games on Steam, only took a video and a few reviews to convince me. Played a few rounds since and had some amazing moments, hopefully with the best yet to come.