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  1. graphics

    i turned sharpening up and switched to TAA. seems to be better. also, Al Basrah was really bad compared to sumari so maybe it's al basrah specific for the jagged edges. but still have really blurry sights when ADS. Also just noticed im crashing 5 minutes after joining a server. every single time.
  2. graphics

    just got on for my first time since v13, and the game overall looks a little worse than before. like the AA is off. anyone else? Also while ADS the gun looks terrible and it's actually distracting from whats infront of me. I see no setting to disable this.

    Just wanted to give a huge thanks for FINALLY implementing custom ADS sensitivity. The game is much more playable for me, and possibly thousands others now
  4. Seperate aiming sensitivity

    I posted on this question before. Need some dev insight because I'm currently not playing just because this feature is missing. In close quarters I need to be able to swing around really fast but that fast sensitivity doesn't work so well when you're trying to aim steadily far away.
  5. as it stands, there is only one sensitivity for the mouse. this is the only shooter i have played where you cant configure the ADS (right mouse click) to cause a lower or higher sensitivity. i dont know how so many people are playing like this. but i cant get used to it coming from other games like battlefield, playerunknown's battlegrounds, rainbow six siege.
  6. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I dont mean anything like battlefield at all. I mean squad, with smaller maps and no vehicles. The teams would of course still have to take it slow and communicate everything. Just cutting a round down from an hour to a more heart pumping 10-20 minutes
  7. Smaller, faster game modes?

    Now youre talkin my language lol. Squad could easily beat many other games to that punch line. Dev or fan made.
  8. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I do love insurgency also! But the tactical game modes dont have a very big player count and graphics are pretty outdated. I look forward to the new one, sandstorm, to see what thats going to be like.
  9. How does the community and devs feel on smaller games. Smaller versions of current maps with less player count and maybe even some different game modes just for these smaller games. Like 5v5, 8v8, 16v16. I really love the game and the way it feels but its hard for me to get into the full rounds of the game- With all the different things that are required from a team. Also i have a wife and child that dont enjoy when i mindlessly play one game round for an hour straight lol. I think game modes like this would be really good for growing the player base and number of players that stick around in the long run.
  10. Can downed incapacitated players be damaged?

    Not what ive been trained
  11. Separate aim and look mouse sensitivity

    I've also been waiting for this feature. Please implement , devs. Every other shooter has it i think it's pretty critical.
  12. Breach through walls & fences with C4?

    That just reminded me that often times in urban ops theres someone in a squad with a shotgun used for blowing doors before a breach. That would be a really cool feature id like to play in maps like sumari. Having your guys stack up on a wall while a squad member breaches door with shogun and the rest rush in.
  13. Gun shot hints

    Thats some good information. I wish i had a gaming headset. Right now i just use a pair of apple earphones lol. I can tell left and right but forward and backwards is the same thing
  14. Gun shot hints

    Yeah id love to see a dev's input.
  15. Gun shot hints

    i know IRL everything that has to do with the muzzle is the first thing people look for. i just notice when im taking fire in the game i cant spot anything other than the tracer or i actually see the person, which can take a while. flash would be a great addition. im not sure ive see the dust in game before but ill have to look. dust would definitely help in maps like chora with all those clay walls where you can barely see someones head peaking over.