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  1. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    No, IMO that would break the squad cohesion, and this game is called squad, that would be weird if just staying with your squad was hard because you have a bigger gun. Squads cohesion is shit enough atm. Only valid reason that could be implemented is if you could actually control your speed and adapt it to other players.
  2. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    He's giving feedback, that's the entire purpose of an Alpha in game development. Since A13 was released and even during the test I read a lot more "complaints" about those changes than praises. If you disagree with him, please explain, don't just tell him to shut up, please. As for OP I agree on every points as well, it goes against what was sold/promised in the first place.
  3. Steam Account Linking

    I have the same issue, sent an email to the support adress months ago, still no reply. I started playing squad again recently and still can't link my steam account to my forums profile, also I don't have the kickstarter rewards ingame, and by that I mean in the "inventory" nothing shows up, and never did.
  4. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Best known as Midnight on PR, been playing since .3 on and off, mostly on though.
  5. Military/Veteran in-game recognition

    Even if it was a good idea, which IMO is not, because of elitism and all that bragging issue, it would require a tremendous amount of time to verify it as stated before, because it's an international community, and to confirm that you'll have to know and be able to verify military papers from all over the world... and that's a lot of countries, with a lot of languages, and a lot of "official" stamps and shits. I respect military personels from every country, I'm from an airforce family myself, but a video game is really not the place to seek recognition.
  6. We've never been talking about lower tiers, or including more stuff in the $30 pledge. Look at the OP, his suggestions start at $150. And sorry but yeah calling people "selfish pricks" because they think otherwise kind of makes you lose any credibility in term of selfishness and the "because I have a different opinion" thing... I do believe there are enough weapons in this world to find two weapons that would be totally balanced but yet different... even if it's just a sidearm, or even a knife (kukri knife for BAF instead of bayonet?), without talking about Elite status, backers usually like a little recognition in the games they helped bring to life, buying a finished game after the reviews and all is pretty easy and safe, giving money to an unfinished good with just a promise... is pretty risky, especially when you pledge $200, and those guys want and kind of deserve something special to make them stand out among the rest. For the wallpaper and such, yeah they can be given for free, but people can do whatever they want with it, just giving it first is what matters, many KS game campaign include a "exclusive" wallpaper, that of course is on the net 10 minutes later, but at least the backers have the legitimate one, it costs nothing, takes very little time to make, and still pleases people. Also people are kind of simple, the more you add, the happier they are, even if it's meaningless things. They're already sending physical goods, to print a book (artbook, guide...) is honestly cheaper than you'd think, and to ship it would only require to take a bigger enveloppe to get it with the dogtags. (They could make a .pdf artbook though, that would be pretty cool) A figurine would of course come with a really high tier, so there goes your money, and if it's limited 5 to 10 copies, it shouldn't be time consuming (3D printing and painting figurine startups are poping all over the place, sometimes they even take care of individual shipping themselves) So all in all yes, it takes more time, and money, but so is any additional content, that would be ingame or not. Hell, having people send them pictures of themself with good quality and then transforming them into billboards, all that for 50 people would take A LOT of time to make. but if the ratio Time/money is good enough that's worth it, they just have to set the prices high enough for the tiers to get them money and not make them lose some. How is that in any way different than having a different weapon and therefore an "Elite Status"? Most of these would give a theoretical advantage, faster reload, better handling of the gun... etc... I'm not against it it's a pretty cool idea (even though I doubt many militaries allow you to custom your gun in such way, and the rebels would hardly get their hands on such gear) but that goes against your own logic?
  7. - Asymmetrical Warfare : Forces you to use different tactics and to adapt to claim victory over a more technology advanced enemy
  8. You're not helping.... Like at all... You're actually part of the problem and funny enough, you're kind of selfish for thinking that because YOU only want to blindly support the game, others should do the same and we don't care about the rest. As I suggested in another post, since they're going for a role customization interface, why not give a special item in a pledge level, that will not be available after the KS campaign, I suggested a special weapon for the rebel factions, something not too common IRL but really cool to have? (STG44? not sure if realistic but would be cool) A wallpaper would be a nice addition, it's easy to make and still nice to have. Maybe look into making a Figurine? With 3D printing it's rather easy/cheap to make one, and it's quite successful among people to have collectible figurines of games. A physical copy of an ingame Guide (of course once the game is finished with vehicles and everything) or an artbook, taken that there are any concept arts, otherwise maybe a poster?
  9. Been wondering the same since here Credit Card is a generic word used for all payment cards, including debit cards... most "credit cards" as we call them are actually debit cards...
  10. Kickstarter Critique/Suggestion Thread

    The rewards aren't that good actually. I mean other than early access, it's just a weapon skin ingame. What about a Wallpaper? Not much, but the more you offer, the better? A physical copy of the game Manual, for the tiers where you're already shipping items, I don't think that'd raise your production costs so much, printing a book is actually quite cheap in big numbers. They're planning on adding a customization mode so why not offer a special item for the backers that wont be available after the KS campaign, so we really get something unique, like a sight or something. Would of course have to be realistic. Or a unique weapon for one of the factions (most likely the rebels/insurgents as you can add any weapon you want without breaking reality...) that, again, wont be available later in the game. As stated before the focus is on the current state of the game instead of the grand scheme behind it with helicopters, tans and all... maybe release some concept art featuring all that, or modified images of PR if that's possible. Make a video showing squad as a PR Legacy, including images of both games? From the videos, apart from the FOB constructions, it all looks a lot like generic running & shooting. Highlight the things making squad unique, like the insurgency warfare, IEDs and all that? We've seen tanks in other games, but random ambushes with IEDs.... not so much.
  11. French navy special force : "commando Marine"

    Why call them French Navy Seals? The Navy Seals are a very specific unit... and so are the French Special Forces, nice video though FFL is a regular force. Those in the video are Special Forces, can't really compare the two.
  12. Please no raised weapon as default

    If Squad is anything like PR, maps are 4 km² and a round can last from 1 to 3 hours... any soldier IRL, dangerous area or not, able to keep his rifle up for this amount of time, walking a few kilometers, in a rather desertic environement, is either on very strong drugs, a robot, or an alien. I don't know what you've seen in that video (I didn't watch it entirely) but I've been fooling around a bit in Ground branch and their system is pretty decent, if not actually great. I strongly advise you to try it (but you have to pay... or find someone who has it already) MMB transitions the gun from low ready to ADS or ready position. Once Ready or ADS, the mouse wheel transition the gun from one to another, as in : Mouse wheel UP -> ADS Mouse wheel DOWN -> Gun ready/"hip fire" When in lower ready it makes you point your gun up or down. It's fast to use, if you're in lower ready stance and try to fire it automaticly switchs to ADS or ready position. It's fast, smooth and only takes the middle mouse button. They have the right click bind to switching active hand but in Squad it could be bind to the stance like "RC + Wheel" or to anything else...
  13. Alternative Skin for M4 leaked!!!

    Hello Kitty Skin is gonna be the new "Fastrope!" (for the PR veterans out there)
  14. How much do you think the Kickstarter will raise?

    It's 184,000 CAD, which is roughly $150,000
  15. What country do you think will be added?

    WIthout even talking about the past, France fought a bunch of wars these last few years, Peacekeeping and full on wars, France is probably one of the most active military in the world. They also have the nuclear weapon (with the UK, the only two in Europe) and the capacity to deploy their troops abroad without exterior support (again, with the UK, only two in Europe)... all that contrary to... let's say... Germany... so I guess we can move on with those jokes now? OT : Russia would make for a pretty good OpFor with the last events, or China, which seem to be the two most plausible enemies of the US that could fight in a somewhat balanced manner.