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  1. No servers ingame

    Yeah I'm getting 0 servers showing up ever since the update, I was playing yesterday morning then this morning I get on and cant see any servers at all
  2. Can't join servers (New Update(

    I'm Not even able to see any servers, idk whats going on. Not even empty servers are loading up, I was playing yesterday and then this morning I'm not able to
  3. V9 Disconnects, EAC, and you.

    I am not able to see any servers at all. Not even empty servers ever since I downloaded a9
  4. Harder Game Modes

    Does anyone else think a harder game mode would make the game better? If you couldn't respawn until the next round, how much more careful would you be? If anyone has ever played socom you know exactly what I'm talking about. Another game mode where you have to protect 3 Vip's from being killed by Insurgents, Or where Multiple squads are trying to rescue 3 Vip's from the insurgents. You either work together to complete the objective, or you all die trying. Playing socom you would be in a match with 3 or 5 rounds and the best 3 out of 5 would be the winning team. I don't know I just think that would be pretty damn sweet, for the serious players at least. That would make the need for teamwork greater as well.