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  1. UNIVERSAL LOGISTICAL SYSTEM (Previously RSBB, now more streamlined) The purpose of the Universal Logistical System is to give teams the tools and ability to shape the battlefield, and creates varied and emergent gameplay that ensures that no match is ever the same. Resources Two resource types exist, one of which is derived from the other. Supplies is the main resource, and is an infinite resource that is dispensed from a faction’s Main Base. It is used for construction, rearming vehicles, repairing, and spawning. Ammunition can either be converted from Supplies(1:1 ratio), or a player can spawn with Ammunition Bags. It is used for rearming infantry weapons and weapons emplacements. It cannot be converted back to Supplies. The only primary source of these resources is at Resource Extraction Points(REPs), located at Main Bases. Logistical vehicles can interact with these to extract Supplies for transport to other parts of the map. Other vehicles and players can only extract Ammunition from these points, either to rearm or to transport. The quantity of Supplies or Ammunition that can be carried depends on the vehicle. Logistics Once a vehicle or player is loaded with either Supplies or Ammunition, these can now be transported to other parts of the map for use. They can be deployed in several ways. Supply Dumps can be created by a logistical vehicle carrying Supplies. They have a 50m radius in which structures and emplacements can be constructed, and players can resupply from them. They can hold and be resupplied with both Supplies and Ammunition. If depleted, the foundation remains unless destroyed or deconstructed. Supply Dumps cannot overlap. Supply Crates can be created from a Supply Dump and are man-portable. They can hold only a fraction of the Supplies a Supply Dump can hold, but allow players to move Supply Dumps to vehicle-inaccessible locations. They have no construction radius, but can be converted into Supply Dumps. Players can resupply from them. If depleted, they disappear from the map. Ammunition Boxes can be created by any vehicle carrying Supplies or Ammunition, and are man-portable. Players can resupply from them. If depleted, they disappear from the map. Ammunition Bags are a piece of player equipment that allows them to carry small amounts of Ammunition to resupply team members with. Players can either directly apply them to other players, or drop them on the ground for players to resupply from. If depleted, they disappear from the map. (Man-portable crates and boxes can be carried by one player, but reduces their movement speed and disables any equipment use.) (Rearming vehicles depletes Supplies and can only be done from REPs or Vehicle Repair Stations. Ammunition cannot be used.) (Players can interact directly with vehicles carrying Supplies or Ammunition to resupply from them.) Construction The Supply Dump is the base structure required for any construction. When deployed, Officers can place structures and emplacements within its 50m radius. Construction depletes Supplies from the Supply Dump. Spawning or resupplying on it depletes either Ammunition or Supplies. All structures and emplacements within the Supply Dump’s radius are automatically linked with it and can extract Supplies and Ammunition from it at will through player interaction. Spawning When a player spawns in on a FOB, they deplete Supplies from the Supply Dump it is linked to. How much they deplete depends on the equipment of the player. If there are not enough Supplies on the Supply Dump, players cannot spawn in on the linked FOB. Rally Points are now a piece of Officer kit equipment that can be dropped and picked up at will. They serve both as spawn points and resupply points for the squad, but can only be re-charged with Supplies. Only one can be active at a time, so if the squad leader resupplies his RP, then any currently deployed RP disappears. Just like a FOB, spawning on a RP depletes resources. A depleted RP disappears from the map. ----- The system is entirely player-driven, ensuring that teams are rewarded for their teamwork, organization, and logistical skill. FOB placement becomes more sensible. Teams can’t drop magic spawn points behind enemy lines with no regard for supplying them. Freeing construction from the FOB allows teams to use structures and emplacements to their maximum potential. They can now be used in innovative and flexible ways that expand gameplay variety. Logistical vehicles become vital strategic assets that can be targeted to cripple the enemy’s ability to reinforce areas of the map. They also become important to defend and keep alive. The larger footprint of the Supply Dump dissuades the currently common shrub-FOB style of play. The system is self-balancing. Player get out only what they put in.
  2. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    They don't place FOBs because they can depend on Rallies. If Rallies are nerfed, you will see an increase in FOB construction. This, in turn, leads to more teamwork among squads, as they can't just depend on their on RP anymore. Furthermore, players will begin to see the use of dedicated transport instead of vehicles being used as disposable one-offs. People are lazy because the game mechanic allows them to be lazy.
  3. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    They make it neither more tactical nor more cooperative. Rally Points allow squads to operate independently of the rest of the team, and they allow squads a form of mobility that undermines actual tactical gameplay. If anything, Rally Points aren't being nerfed hard enough.
  4. https://old.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/9648z3/do_not_purchase_the_new_indie_ww2_game_on_steam/
  5. Post Scriptum had a really simple job, take Squad and set it during WWII. I honestly have no clue what they're thinking with their game mechanical changes.
  6. Give SL more Power over their Squad

  7. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Uhhhhhh, they can already do this? A pretty meaningless distinction. Forcing kits may be unnecessary due to other implementations, but your arguments are just nonsensical.
  8. New mechanic for kits and team play

    Nope, because ISKLR: Basically, SLs would usually have their squad loadout set in stone. If not, there would be default preset loadouts available, and individual players would have already made a bunch of preset loadouts for themselves already. They would have familiarized themselves with the system out-of-match with the loadout manager and would consequently be very familiar with how it works, therefore they would be able to create a loadout on the fly in 10 seconds if needed(Which it probably wouldn't ever be).
  9. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Why not? It's the same as me saying "Player X, take this kit", so I don't have to waste time arguing with people. If they don't like it, they can leave the squad or be kicked. Except if you've been squad leading for a while, you'll know how much of a time sink verbal commands are. Having to tell people what kit to take when people leave and join, having to repeat that information constantly is in no way conducive to attracting good SLs. I frequently run 4-man squads. For those squads I always need Medic, Scoped Rifleman/AR, and LAT. It doesn't change. Right now, I have to tell people this all the time. I also have to repeat this information several times during setup because people join and leave, or they spawn with whatever without checking with me, so I either have to get them to pick up the proper kit or kick them. All of that is wasted time. Setting the specific loadout of your squad is a great communication tool that will allow squads to tell players what is expected of them in your squad before they even join it. People joining and leaving a squad is almost 100% caused by the squad not being what they expected or the kit they want being taken. If you can cut through all of that bullshit before they even join the squad, you remove a toooooon of the crap SLs have to go through at the start of a match, making SLing more accessible, and making more complex squad structures and functionalities possible. Right now, SLs probably spend 20% of their time verbally communicating non-vital information that could be conveyed through the UI instead. And the more complex your squad structure is, the more this increases. The current design incentivizes the least organized squads possible. You get SLs that just set up an "Alpha/Bravo/Charlie" squad that gets loaded up with 9 randos with whatever kits they want, and then that squad just runs straight at whatever objective is active at the time. Rinse and repeat. Imagine organizing a 9-man squad into three fireteams, one fire support and two offensive. With verbal commands. And half your squad is rotated during the match, so you have to re-issue these commands frequently. That's why you never see that stuff in-game. If you want to see complex teamwork, you need to give players the tools to organize and communicate effectively. That's what this is about. Effective communication. Because verbal communication isn't effective here.
  10. The actual problem here isn't the proposed system. The problem is the needless hurdles set up that effectively make logistics squads non-viable. The manpower requirements for a squad to take a logistical vehicles and place FOBs means that you're going to have to run around with a 3-man squad to do a job that only needs one person. Because of this, it's basically impossible to operate a logistics squad since nobody wants to play "sit in a truck for 90% of the time". Since the Officer kit doesn't have a shovel, he's reliant on squad members to do the shoveling for him. Again, nobody wants to play "shovel emplacements for 90% of the time". Because FOBs can't hold much in the way of resources, you can't set up proper stockpiles at the frontline. This means that logistical tasks can almost always be intermittent. This leads to a lot of dead time for logistical squads. The solution is obviously to just remove all of those restrictions. All you need to place a FOB: Be a Squad Leader. All you need to take a logi truck: Be a Squad Leader. And give the Squad Leader a shovel. You're making the game easier to understand and you're making a lot of roles and functionalities viable. Ideally, you shouldn't have to ask your squad members to do logi runs because that would be a task for the squads that are explicitly tasked with that, and those who join those squads know what they're getting into. So many issues that currently affect general gameplay and specific game modes, as well as some of the most frequent complaints, would be quickly resolved if they just implemented the logistical system I've suggested since pretty much day one:
  11. New mechanic for kits and team play

    I'll just leave this here:
  12. I frequently activate the auto-walk by accident because of the 2x activation. Just trying to adjust your position a little bit can set it off, and if you hold down W and then give it a tap afterwards you can also activate it. It gets a little annoying trying to scoot up to the corner of a building, only to rush out into open ground when you've got the perfect sight picture. 4x presses of W in rapid succession is something you don't really do accidentally, so I think that would be the best option.
  13. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Yes, it does because you're making supplies magically appear on the battlefield. This circumvents any need for those supplies to be transported across the map to their destination, removing the need for a team to actually control territory and removing the ability of the enemy team to target and destroy those resources en route. Anything that circumvents the need to physically transport resources in some form from point A to point B inherently undermine the entire logistics system. As per the Universal Logistical System suggestion, the radio would function practically like it does now, but it would visually be altered to a supply box. Right now, all the radio does is put up a 125m construction radius, a 400m FOB proximity restriction, and allows for adding and removing resources from it at a potential cost of 25 tickets. As a Supply Dump, it would provide a 50-100m construction radius, allow for adding and removing resources from it, and cost no tickets if lost.
  14. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Your second suggestion would undermine the logistical system, the other two will have no real effect. I never have any issues getting squad members to do logistics runs for me, the problem lies mainly with squad leaders that can't prioritize properly. However, what would promote better use of logistics is the removal of what are now completely arbitrary restrictions. Logistical operations should require nothing more than one SL with a logistical truck. Remove the 3-man requirement to place FOBs. Give SLs shovels(Or introduce a SL logisitcal kit with a shovel). Reduce claim requirement for logistics trucks to 1. Remove the 400m FOB proximity limit(Any proximity limit should be no bigger than the construction radius). Remove ticket loss for losing a FOB. Having to drag two people around with you to just stand around or shovel does not create exciting gameplay and actively discourages dedicated logistics squads. This is what results in teams relying on infantry squads and the like to do logistics, but when they get to the battlefield they prioritize infantry combat. Because AAS focuses everyone on a few spots, the 400m limit blocks pretty much everyone else in the area from placing more, so they just dump their logi trucks, as well. As the teams push back or forth, the trucks become separated from their squads, and any logistics breaks down. Teams end up relying on a single FOB , and when any team loses their FOB they also lose the match.
  15. This suggestion is an amalgamation of several other suggestions I've made previously(Subscription-based Ranking System, Arm Patches/Badges, Squad UI), along with some new suggestions, all combined to propose a vastly different form of community building than we see in other games today. The various components are perfectly functional on their own, but I think that the more are implemented, the stronger the effect is. There has been a lot of discussion on this forum about how we're going to promote a healthy community that embraces the values of teamwork and communication that the game requires, and how we should disincentivize negative gameplay behavior that has the potential to severely damage the game experience of a game of this scale. Various ranking systems, mandated microphone use, XP systems, and many other things have been suggested.However, I think that a better way would be to focus attention more on the cause rather than the effects. The main reason why people can be selfish assholes on the internet is simply because they can get away with it. Anonymity and a lack of consequences means that you can act like an ass one day, and the next you're just another handle in a sea of handles. To get things in games, you grind or you throw money at something, and very rarely will your actual behavior have any effect on your progress. The stats gods are blind, and a kill is a kill. What we have to do is remove the advantages of anonymity, and provide rewards that do depend on behavior. Where the community is the arbiter of value, and to do that we need to empower the community. Community-driven Awards System: This system will allow players, clans, and communities to create and distribute their own awards that can signify competence within specific or general roles, achievements, and recognition. A player/clan/community will acquire the ability(1) to create a reward, be they medals/ribbons, badges, or something else. They can then provide a visual design, a title, and a text description of what it signifies. For instance, a ribbon: The award design must then be cleared to avoid offensive or infringing content, but once that is done the player/clan/community can then distribute it freely. If it is distributed to a player, and that player chooses to accept it, the award will show up in-game in their publicly accessible profile. The issuer can at any time withdraw the reward. At this point, the community takes over. The awards themselves are to have no inherent value, it instead coming entirely from the reputability of those awards, based on the behavior of those granted the awards. 1: Both to avoid spam, and to provide the developers with an additional source of income, individual award licenses can be purchased as DLC. It would also provide more utility for the system currently being implemented to distribute arm patches. What would this be used for? Well, my example shows one use. If the Squad developers want to organize a community driven training program, they would then be able to provide those who complete it with awards showing this. Clans and communities could do the same with their own in-house training programs. In this way, they could help communicate competence to other players. Tournaments could provide participants, winners, and losers with trophies signifying their involvement and achievements. They could be used to signify people who utilize certain gameplay styles, to connect more loosely organized groups, commemorate specific events, and so on. In a greater sense, they would provide players with something to strive for that they can't anonymously grind their way to by racking up kills, playing 1337sniper, or building useless FOBs in the middle of nowhere. Players must instead gain the recognition of their peers, and maintain their standing to keep their awards. The awards could build a mythos within the game where battles, events, and people are immortalized and shared through them. Two random players on a server may notice that they both participated in the same tournament on the same side, or the opposite side. Some awards may grow to become so wanted that those who have them are considered elite, while others may show that they play the game in a certain way. As those who distribute these awards have to pay for individual licenses, they are incentivized to keep their awards reputable. Nobody wants to pay to distribute a medal that nobody wants. This means that giving players awards regardless of competence serves to devalue your own awards. (There is potentially a need to provide a system that filters, categorizes, and ranks awards in some manner, but for now I'm just keeping it as a manually operated system) Subscription-based Reputation System: This is an older suggestion of mine that has the same community-driven foundation as the above awards system. As statistically based ranking systems are inherently flawed and vulnerable to manipulation, the idea was to create a system that does not have the same vulnerabilities and more accurately reflects the opinions of individual players. Basically, you can "subscribe" to, or "tag", individual players that you had a good time playing with, felt were competent, or thought had a playstyle or play philosophy similar to yours, in the game. In this way you can easily identify the players you've previously enjoyed playing with before. For the purposes of this explanation, players you tag are colored a neutral green, showing that they are recommended players. In this way you create you personal network of players you want to play with. Every player who tags other players creates their own network. However, when you tag someone you don't just add them to your network, but you also subscribe to their network, meaning that you also get their player recommendations. If you tag one person, he shows up as a neutral green to you, while those he's subscribed to show up as a faint green to you. As you continue to tag people, the people they've tagged will begin to overlap, and those people who are tagged multiple times by individual players you've tagged will show up as a stronger and stronger green depending on how strong the overlap is. The point of this system is to provide players with a rapidly expanding network of recommended players that is based on their personal preference, that doesn't create exclusive cliques, and is decentralized so that it is unaffected by attempts at manipulation. (Read more in the original post) Community-promoting Squad UI: The impetus behind this is similar to that of the awards system, to prominently display symbols that allows players to identify and associate other players with specific values and behaviors, as well as to inspire a desire to belong. The idea is that the arm patches/badges players are able to wear in-game are also shown in the Squad UI: The point of this is two-fold. Firstly, we want community structures to be visible to everyone playing the game. Seeing that a lot of players have these badges(UI icons of selected arm patches), and seeing that players from this or that community are doing well or providing you with a good gameplay experience creates both a positive association with them, but also instill a desire to be part of it. It is also a good way for communities to brand and promote themselves in a non-invasive manner that is far superior to clan tags that more often than not only become noise. Players also get a sense of accomplishment from being able to display these things prominently. Secondly, it creates a sense of accountability. Not only are community members motivated to behave in a manner that positively reflects upon their community, but other players are more able to make associations with those communities and hold them accountable for their behavior. (A potential addition here, and another source of income for the developers would be Reserved Squad Names. If a player/Clan/Community wishes to reserve particularly unique squad names for their own use, they could do so.)
  16. Development - Submit your vote now!

    Your first two suggestion are horribly abuseable to the point of being completely pointless. Your third suggestion is nonsense. If you want some non-abuseable medal and rating systems, read this:
  17. Defenses

    Deployables are by and large useless because their construction is tied to FOBs. Where you want to build a FOB/HAB is usually not where you want to place an HMG emplacement. But because a FOB has a 125m build radius and a 400m exclusion radius, it leaves a lot of non-buildable area. You can place a FOB on the border to reduce it to a 150m non-build zone between the FOBs, but you now have a 20 ticket static asset in an exposed area. And you don't want to spend manpower and resources defending a second exposed FOB just so you can have an HMG emplacement in a good position. That doesn't make economical sense. And the enemy will know where the FOB is because emplacements are tied to FOBs, so they're just a big "Hey, we have a FOB here" sign. And because frontlines don't remain for a long time, any emplacement may only have a useful lifespan of 5-10 minutes before the frontlines shift out of range of the emplacement. So, with the current situation, it's just not cost effective to actually use most deployables.
  18. The first episode of a new TWA series, Squad Concepts. It will cover a variety of subjects, from the simple to the complex. Stay tuned for more episodes, covering everything from emplacement positioning to squad organization.
  19. The War Academy - Information & Event Schedule

    The first episode of a new regular series, The Squad News Update, has been released. Available on Anchor.fm and Youtube: https://anchor.fm/thewaracademy/episodes/Squad-News-Update---April-6th-2018-e19m8u
  20. THE WAR ACADEMY The War Academy is an institution dedicated to the collection, understanding, and dissemination of all knowledge related to Squad. Our objective is to foster good gameplay within the community, understand and evolve the meta-game in Squad, and to spread this information throughout the Squad community. We provide educational content through our Agoge branch, focusing on live training courses supplemented with visual aides, as well as audio and video content. The Hattusa branch is our administrative and academic branch, focusing on community-wide content and events, the overall administration and growth of the institution, and the archival and dissemination of all our content. Through our Skunkworks branch we organize experimental events that test and push the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the game. The War Academy Discord Server - The War Academy Sub-Reddit - The War Academy Steam Group INFORMATION Training Courses: The War Academy organizes numerous training courses covering everything from basic infantry skills to advanced strategy and tactics. Check the schedule for upcoming events. Currently available training courses: Basic Infantry Combat Basic Squad Leading Mentorship Program: The War Academy Mentorship Program allows new players to get in touch with seasoned players for practical training sessions or just leisurely play. More information to come... Squad Leader Rush: The purpose of the Squad Leader Rush is to improve gameplay in a targeted and effective manner. Participants come together and target individual servers, particularly low quality servers, that they join and set up squads in on both teams. In this way, the participants can positively impact the gameplay with likeminded and competent peers who put teamwork and communication as the priority. Squad members joining will experience this elevated level of play and what Squad can actually be, hopefully craving more and expecting more of their team members in the future. Join the Squad Leader Rush Steam Group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TWASLR Clan Support: The War Academy hereby provides support for players who want to form a group, but don't yet have the ability to host a server, or want organizational support, media support, exposure, and more. The War Academy will provide its own server for training purposes, along a corner on The War Academy Discord Server. If you want to receive this assistance, simply contact Tartantyco on The War Academy Discord Server. Doctrinal Groups: These are groups within The War Academy hierarchy that focus on specific aspect of Squad gameplay, honing their skills, abilities, and understanding of that aspect of Squad. These groups can be dedicated to anything from logistics and infantry to armored warfare and air combat. If you want to establish such a group, contact Tartantyco on The War Academy Discord Server Existing groups: Voltigeurs - Light Reconnaissance Infantry SCHEDULE No events pending.
  21. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    Just give the option to toggle a guide for the first few meters of travel.
  22. Game Mode Event: Operation Chaos

    Event is starting. Download the mod(It's just 165MB) and jump onto the OPERATION CHAOS - NORTHEUM.COM server!