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  1. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    They don't place FOBs because they can depend on Rallies. If Rallies are nerfed, you will see an increase in FOB construction. This, in turn, leads to more teamwork among squads, as they can't just depend on their on RP anymore. Furthermore, players will begin to see the use of dedicated transport instead of vehicles being used as disposable one-offs. People are lazy because the game mechanic allows them to be lazy.
  2. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    They make it neither more tactical nor more cooperative. Rally Points allow squads to operate independently of the rest of the team, and they allow squads a form of mobility that undermines actual tactical gameplay. If anything, Rally Points aren't being nerfed hard enough.
  3. https://old.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/9648z3/do_not_purchase_the_new_indie_ww2_game_on_steam/
  4. Post Scriptum had a really simple job, take Squad and set it during WWII. I honestly have no clue what they're thinking with their game mechanical changes.
  5. Give SL more Power over their Squad

  6. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Uhhhhhh, they can already do this? A pretty meaningless distinction. Forcing kits may be unnecessary due to other implementations, but your arguments are just nonsensical.
  7. New mechanic for kits and team play

    Nope, because ISKLR: Basically, SLs would usually have their squad loadout set in stone. If not, there would be default preset loadouts available, and individual players would have already made a bunch of preset loadouts for themselves already. They would have familiarized themselves with the system out-of-match with the loadout manager and would consequently be very familiar with how it works, therefore they would be able to create a loadout on the fly in 10 seconds if needed(Which it probably wouldn't ever be).
  8. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Why not? It's the same as me saying "Player X, take this kit", so I don't have to waste time arguing with people. If they don't like it, they can leave the squad or be kicked. Except if you've been squad leading for a while, you'll know how much of a time sink verbal commands are. Having to tell people what kit to take when people leave and join, having to repeat that information constantly is in no way conducive to attracting good SLs. I frequently run 4-man squads. For those squads I always need Medic, Scoped Rifleman/AR, and LAT. It doesn't change. Right now, I have to tell people this all the time. I also have to repeat this information several times during setup because people join and leave, or they spawn with whatever without checking with me, so I either have to get them to pick up the proper kit or kick them. All of that is wasted time. Setting the specific loadout of your squad is a great communication tool that will allow squads to tell players what is expected of them in your squad before they even join it. People joining and leaving a squad is almost 100% caused by the squad not being what they expected or the kit they want being taken. If you can cut through all of that bullshit before they even join the squad, you remove a toooooon of the crap SLs have to go through at the start of a match, making SLing more accessible, and making more complex squad structures and functionalities possible. Right now, SLs probably spend 20% of their time verbally communicating non-vital information that could be conveyed through the UI instead. And the more complex your squad structure is, the more this increases. The current design incentivizes the least organized squads possible. You get SLs that just set up an "Alpha/Bravo/Charlie" squad that gets loaded up with 9 randos with whatever kits they want, and then that squad just runs straight at whatever objective is active at the time. Rinse and repeat. Imagine organizing a 9-man squad into three fireteams, one fire support and two offensive. With verbal commands. And half your squad is rotated during the match, so you have to re-issue these commands frequently. That's why you never see that stuff in-game. If you want to see complex teamwork, you need to give players the tools to organize and communicate effectively. That's what this is about. Effective communication. Because verbal communication isn't effective here.
  9. The actual problem here isn't the proposed system. The problem is the needless hurdles set up that effectively make logistics squads non-viable. The manpower requirements for a squad to take a logistical vehicles and place FOBs means that you're going to have to run around with a 3-man squad to do a job that only needs one person. Because of this, it's basically impossible to operate a logistics squad since nobody wants to play "sit in a truck for 90% of the time". Since the Officer kit doesn't have a shovel, he's reliant on squad members to do the shoveling for him. Again, nobody wants to play "shovel emplacements for 90% of the time". Because FOBs can't hold much in the way of resources, you can't set up proper stockpiles at the frontline. This means that logistical tasks can almost always be intermittent. This leads to a lot of dead time for logistical squads. The solution is obviously to just remove all of those restrictions. All you need to place a FOB: Be a Squad Leader. All you need to take a logi truck: Be a Squad Leader. And give the Squad Leader a shovel. You're making the game easier to understand and you're making a lot of roles and functionalities viable. Ideally, you shouldn't have to ask your squad members to do logi runs because that would be a task for the squads that are explicitly tasked with that, and those who join those squads know what they're getting into. So many issues that currently affect general gameplay and specific game modes, as well as some of the most frequent complaints, would be quickly resolved if they just implemented the logistical system I've suggested since pretty much day one:
  10. New mechanic for kits and team play

    I'll just leave this here:
  11. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Yes, it does because you're making supplies magically appear on the battlefield. This circumvents any need for those supplies to be transported across the map to their destination, removing the need for a team to actually control territory and removing the ability of the enemy team to target and destroy those resources en route. Anything that circumvents the need to physically transport resources in some form from point A to point B inherently undermine the entire logistics system. As per the Universal Logistical System suggestion, the radio would function practically like it does now, but it would visually be altered to a supply box. Right now, all the radio does is put up a 125m construction radius, a 400m FOB proximity restriction, and allows for adding and removing resources from it at a potential cost of 25 tickets. As a Supply Dump, it would provide a 50-100m construction radius, allow for adding and removing resources from it, and cost no tickets if lost.
  12. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Your second suggestion would undermine the logistical system, the other two will have no real effect. I never have any issues getting squad members to do logistics runs for me, the problem lies mainly with squad leaders that can't prioritize properly. However, what would promote better use of logistics is the removal of what are now completely arbitrary restrictions. Logistical operations should require nothing more than one SL with a logistical truck. Remove the 3-man requirement to place FOBs. Give SLs shovels(Or introduce a SL logisitcal kit with a shovel). Reduce claim requirement for logistics trucks to 1. Remove the 400m FOB proximity limit(Any proximity limit should be no bigger than the construction radius). Remove ticket loss for losing a FOB. Having to drag two people around with you to just stand around or shovel does not create exciting gameplay and actively discourages dedicated logistics squads. This is what results in teams relying on infantry squads and the like to do logistics, but when they get to the battlefield they prioritize infantry combat. Because AAS focuses everyone on a few spots, the 400m limit blocks pretty much everyone else in the area from placing more, so they just dump their logi trucks, as well. As the teams push back or forth, the trucks become separated from their squads, and any logistics breaks down. Teams end up relying on a single FOB , and when any team loses their FOB they also lose the match.
  13. Development - Submit your vote now!

    Your first two suggestion are horribly abuseable to the point of being completely pointless. Your third suggestion is nonsense. If you want some non-abuseable medal and rating systems, read this: