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  1. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Yes, it does because you're making supplies magically appear on the battlefield. This circumvents any need for those supplies to be transported across the map to their destination, removing the need for a team to actually control territory and removing the ability of the enemy team to target and destroy those resources en route. Anything that circumvents the need to physically transport resources in some form from point A to point B inherently undermine the entire logistics system. As per the Universal Logistical System suggestion, the radio would function practically like it does now, but it would visually be altered to a supply box. Right now, all the radio does is put up a 125m construction radius, a 400m FOB proximity restriction, and allows for adding and removing resources from it at a potential cost of 25 tickets. As a Supply Dump, it would provide a 50-100m construction radius, allow for adding and removing resources from it, and cost no tickets if lost.
  2. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Your second suggestion would undermine the logistical system, the other two will have no real effect. I never have any issues getting squad members to do logistics runs for me, the problem lies mainly with squad leaders that can't prioritize properly. However, what would promote better use of logistics is the removal of what are now completely arbitrary restrictions. Logistical operations should require nothing more than one SL with a logistical truck. Remove the 3-man requirement to place FOBs. Give SLs shovels(Or introduce a SL logisitcal kit with a shovel). Reduce claim requirement for logistics trucks to 1. Remove the 400m FOB proximity limit(Any proximity limit should be no bigger than the construction radius). Remove ticket loss for losing a FOB. Having to drag two people around with you to just stand around or shovel does not create exciting gameplay and actively discourages dedicated logistics squads. This is what results in teams relying on infantry squads and the like to do logistics, but when they get to the battlefield they prioritize infantry combat. Because AAS focuses everyone on a few spots, the 400m limit blocks pretty much everyone else in the area from placing more, so they just dump their logi trucks, as well. As the teams push back or forth, the trucks become separated from their squads, and any logistics breaks down. Teams end up relying on a single FOB , and when any team loses their FOB they also lose the match.
  3. Development - Submit your vote now!

    Your first two suggestion are horribly abuseable to the point of being completely pointless. Your third suggestion is nonsense. If you want some non-abuseable medal and rating systems, read this:
  4. Defenses

    Deployables are by and large useless because their construction is tied to FOBs. Where you want to build a FOB/HAB is usually not where you want to place an HMG emplacement. But because a FOB has a 125m build radius and a 400m exclusion radius, it leaves a lot of non-buildable area. You can place a FOB on the border to reduce it to a 150m non-build zone between the FOBs, but you now have a 20 ticket static asset in an exposed area. And you don't want to spend manpower and resources defending a second exposed FOB just so you can have an HMG emplacement in a good position. That doesn't make economical sense. And the enemy will know where the FOB is because emplacements are tied to FOBs, so they're just a big "Hey, we have a FOB here" sign. And because frontlines don't remain for a long time, any emplacement may only have a useful lifespan of 5-10 minutes before the frontlines shift out of range of the emplacement. So, with the current situation, it's just not cost effective to actually use most deployables.
  5. The first episode of a new TWA series, Squad Concepts. It will cover a variety of subjects, from the simple to the complex. Stay tuned for more episodes, covering everything from emplacement positioning to squad organization.
  6. The War Academy - Information & Event Schedule

    The first episode of a new regular series, The Squad News Update, has been released. Available on Anchor.fm and Youtube: https://anchor.fm/thewaracademy/episodes/Squad-News-Update---April-6th-2018-e19m8u
  7. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    Just give the option to toggle a guide for the first few meters of travel.
  8. Game Mode Event: Operation Chaos

    Event is starting. Download the mod(It's just 165MB) and jump onto the OPERATION CHAOS - NORTHEUM.COM server!
  9. Game Mode Event: Operation Chaos

    1 hour warning! Join Operation Chaos #1 - Northeum.com server in 1 hour! Mod download link in OP. The event will be streamed here: https://www.twitch.tv/kermamakkara
  10. Game Mode Event: Operation Chaos

    We have multiple clans who have signed up for reserved positions, so expect the server to fill up quickly.
  11. Game Mode Event: Operation Chaos

    Server information update: The server will be named Operation Chaos #1 - Northeum.com. You can find it in the Custom Server list close to event start.
  12. Cock Block Rush

    Just show up. If there's room, there's room. We haven't settled on a server yet, but it'll be this Sunday at 16:00 UTC.
  13. Cock Block Rush

    Try out the Territory Domination game mode mod. We're having a playtest this weekend: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313584672

    What you want is to remove the FOB and replace it with a Supply Dump. Instead of dropping a FOB, putting supplies in it, then building a HAB, the logistics truck would instead drop a Supply Dump from its truckbed when you dump supplies. This Supply Dump would have a construction radius in which you can build any emplacement, from HMGs to HABs. Remove the ticket value, and let teams fully utilize emplacements such as HMGs and SPG-9s without their placement revealing the location of a high ticket value location that also likely is a team spawn. All the emplacement number restrictions, the 3-man requirement, and the Officer kit requirement should also be removed. Let logistics loose and let the best team win. Universal Logistical System