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  1. Game closes sometimes when I left click

    Have you tried another mouse? Edit: scratch that, you have some software running in the background stealing the focus, most likely. Are you running borderless? If so, try going fullscreen. If that doesn't work, you should turn off some of the apps running in the background.
  2. @Fuller There is no need for a cap. Balancing can happen through capacity and pricing, allow a team's ability to do logistics affect what they get out of it. If there are caps, there's a maximum amount that you can get out of it no matter how much effort you put into it. It's a perfectly contained self-balancing system. If you do more logistics, you have more resources available on the battlefield. If you stack too many supplies on a FOB, your loss will be that much greater if you lose it. It allows teams to distribute their resources freely, allowing for a multitude of approaches and an evolving meta-game.
  3. Dedicated Squads

    I don't understand why anyone looks at scores at all. It means literally nothing. Even when I'm straight up capping objectives, I rarely stay on the cap with my whole squad capping. Other times I spend most of the match off objective, causing 100-150 tickets worth of material damage to the enemy with just 4 people, taking down FOBs and wrecking enemy vehicles. Because of the way I play, my squad rarely has any points. It in no way reflects the impact I have. @Dls Samuel You're barely legible at the best of times, dude.
  4. How are they going to build anything?
  5. Not if they have to be supplied. Neither is what you're suggesting practical. The ammo drop isn't really an issue here, and you know my opinion on starting resources on FOBs.
  6. Should be removed completely. An obsolete restrictions from when FOBs auto-generated supplies. Should probably reduce the current logistics truck capacity or adjust pricing, but pretty much any of the restrictions, inclucing emplacements should go. You restrict those through pricing instead of hardcaps to reward teams that run good logistics, and allow for more emergent use of FOBs and emplacements.
  7. Did you have a seizure halfway through reading my post and miss the part where I said the build and proximity radius should be the same?
  8. Dedicated Squads

    He doesn't English well. What he means is that in PR, servers had a script that auto-kicked people who didn't join a squad within X amount of time.
  9. No, this is not PR meta. Putting FOBs on flags was a bad idea in Squad pre-vehicles. Because you could only move on foot, forces could not redeploy quickly. Teams used screening to create an impenetrable wall between the enemy and their FOB, and the only way for the enemy to take the FOB was to break through the front or flank wide, which was too time consuming. With the introduction of vehicles, FOBs on flags became relevant again because of smaller FOB hunting squads operating behind enemy lines to take out enemy FOBs. FOBs and RPs should cost resources to spawn on, and RPs should work about the same as FOBs.
  10. I think you will find quite the opposite. This is just one more of those early Alpha restrictions put in to stop spam when it was possible. The build radius and proximity restriction should be the same. It would work better if spawning consumed resources, but the current requirements are sufficient for now.
  11. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    @MultiSquid You're confusing the Commander with his abilities. Sure, people go CO for the JDAM and UAV, but that is it. They're not actually Commanders. It's "Wait for JDAM to charge up, jump in CO position, use JDAM, leave CO position". His abilities in PR can be powerful, but the CO isn't. None of which is relevant to the CO supposedly running logistics, which would just be bad. All the tools required are in the game already, we just need to remove obsolete restrictions put in place when the FOB system functioned very differently.
  12. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    You're confusing different levels of coordination here. I mean, what you're describing can already be done, but doesn't happen. Does that mean nobody's coordinated, then? No, it simply means that your "solution" is too impractical. A 1-man squad is a squad. It means they have direct comms to other SLs, and are able to coordinate. However, I didn't say that logistics should be a 1-man job. I said it should be possible to do it alone. First of all, I've been suggesting this since before the pre-Alpha, so calling this panic mode short-term fixes is just dumb. Unlike you, I actually think through the consequences of something. And you still think we'll have a Commander? It didn't work in PR, and it won't work here. To make it work, you'd need to give him more power than what you can safely give a single point of failure. So, it'd either end up the anemic and unoccupied CO of PR, or a heavily disruptive and abused position. Just follow my suggestion, and everything is solved. With or without having to wait a year for a feature that is unlikely.
  13. Cookers

    Teams will catch on. Many already have. They just need to tweak some stuff to make dedicated logistics more practical. Remove the claim requirement for trucks, remove the 3-man FOB requirement, and remove the Officer kit requirement for Emplacements (FOB included).
  14. Planning before a match

    They can simply add map layers, which would solve the *** drawing issue. Everyone has their own clear map, then a squad and team map. SLs can draw on their squad map, and allow SMs to draw on them. All SLs can draw on the team map. Squad maps are only visible to individual squads. Team naps only visible to the SLs. Admins can sort out spam, and if not you simply don't use those maps.
  15. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    Many have, and it always ends up with Logistics trucks abandoned on the battlefield. And they're only used for HABs, and usually only for one FOB, before being abandoned. A dedicated Logi squad can set up Repair FOBs on the flanks and, if they remove the 20 ticket FOB value, set up forward emplacements and fortifications that aid in offense or defense.