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  1. The problem is the exact opposite. First of all, Conquest mode is about area control, requiring high mobility and reconnaissance to let squads effectively control a large area. It's not about this flag and that flag, it's about dynamic areas in which several flags exist. On OP First Light, for instance, your squad is active on 2-3 objectives at once. Secondly, what Conquest maps needs is more flags, pretty much covering the entire map. Right now, people get very unsure about what to do after capping objectives. Should they sit on the flag? Should they attack? This happens because of the large distances between flags, as you point out. If the entire map is covered in flags, players won't feel as reluctant to move out, you'll have more feedback about enemy progress, and the individual flag focus will go away.
  2. Conquest is the best game mode in the game. It's currently being hampered by a lack of maps and too few flags on the existing maps, but no other current game mode provides the same level of tactical and strategic complexity as Conquest mode. Conflating Conquest mode with BF/COD-style gameplay is to be ignorant of what causes those kinds of gameplay. It is abundant spawns(Flag, SL, vehicle, etc.), quick respawns, no logistics, and no teamwork incentive. As anyone who has played Conquest mode in Squad can immediately tell, the gameplay is nothing like COD/BF because it doesn't have the things that causes BF/COD gameplay.
  3. No, it doesn't. A 2-man squad that communicates with and assists their team is just as valuable a squad as a 9-man squad. When I take a 4-man Recon squad behind enemy lines, taking out 5-6 enemy vehicles, cutting off their supplies, and tearing down their FOBs/Mortars, are you saying that I'm not contributing to my team? That I'm not an effective squad? Would I be a better squad if I accomplished the exact same thing, but with 9 people instead of 4? When I'm running a 3-man Mortars/Logistics squad, building and supplying FOBs, and providing fire support as requested by other squads, am I not contributing to my team? Would it be better if I had 6 guys defending the mortar FOB perimeter, instead? It is your way of thinking that goes against the concept of the game.
  4. @LuckyJack888 It's already in the game, with a 7 character limit currently.
  5. Or just make spawning consume supplies. See how long you can keep that forward FOB last when it needs a steady resupply that can be targeted by the enemy.
  6. 1. Name your squad based on how many members you want(4-man Mortars/Logistics). 2. KICK PEOPLE PAST THAT NUMBER. Don't know why people have such a hard time kicking people from their squads.
  7. That as well, but what I was saying was that you should be able to have 2 or 3 medics in your squad, but you're going to have to sacrifice on something else.
  8. I didn't say anything about being able to pick whatever kit you want. In fact, there's a very convenient link in the post you quoted. Give squads more customization tools so they can adjust their squads for defense, offense, support, sabotage, whatever. When you set fixed limits you just end up with every squad being the same(2 Medics, 2 LAT).
  9. I don't think there should be a set limit for how many Medics, or any other kit, you can have in your squad.
  10. A lot of people also avoid making the first squad because it often attracts the shittiest players who just join whatever squad they can. I generally run 3/4-man squads and if my squad is one of the first two squads made, I have to spend half the round kicking people who don't bother reading the squad name(4-man recon).
  11. People just feel threatened by the thought that someone else might actually know better than hem, so they just dismiss them as "knowitall dickheads".
  12. This is what you get with a linear capping order. That's why more work needs to be done on Conquest mode, and/or an adjacency-based capping game mode needs to be introduced. If you just remove the ticket bleed like in PR, you can just have a team sit on its first flag and let the enemy cap up to there, then push out. You only lose tickets from losing capped flags, and if you never cap them, you don't lose them. The enemy, however, stands to lose more tickets as a consequence of capping more flags.
  13. First of all, you can run Mortar Only squads already. Just call it 3-Man Mortars and kick anyone else joining. Squad locking will be coming soon, hopefully in v10. Secondly, the concept of a "full strength" squad is just misguided. A squad can be at "full strength" with 4 members, 6 members, 9 members or whatever. It all just depends on what purpose the squad has. I often run 4-man Recon squads that do 6-10 times direct ticket damage to ticket loss, and tons more in indirect ticket damage. If I were dragging around 9 people on that job, we'd move slow as shit and the team would be down in manpower for a significant time during the substantial maneuvers involved.
  14. Absolutely everything should need a SL ok. It's when squad members get latitude to do stuff on their own that the SL workload increases.