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  1. What on earth are you talking about? FOBs are extremely important in the game, probably the most important thing, and they're used constantly. If by "not used enough" you mean people don't SuperFOB enough, then there's a reason for that. Squad is a game about mobility and maneuverability. When you cap an objective, you need to move up to the next one. When you lose an objective, you have to fall back to the next one. You need to outmaneuver the enemy at every turn. Consequently, massive SuperFOBs are completely useless in the game. The manpower expended building it, and the manpower expended manning it, is completely wasted as the enemy will outnumber you on the actual objectives, you will lose the objectives, and the FOB will suddenly become completely useless. Anyways, we had this game mode in Project Reality. It was boring and uneventful.
  2. An opinion based on actual experience. Everybody thinks they're doing the right thing, that they're being attacked by five squads, when they make the same mistake you did. They never are right, though. Stop SuperFOBing. Stop sitting on inactive flags. It's never the right thing to do.
  3. Have you ever considered that maybe the reason why they lost palace and the HAB was because they were one squad short against the enemy? This shit happens all the time with incompetent SLs, they sit on a flag that's no longer active, claiming that they're "defending it in case we lost the defensive flag", which is just a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course you're going to lose the flag if you're one squad short. If you're on the offense and steamrolling the enemy, it is better to push forward and keep taking/holding flags. You can sacrifice the odd FOB here and there, and they can be rebuilt(Maybe in a position better suited to reinforce the front line). In fact, if you need to keep a full squad back on defense on a FOB, you're usually better off just abandoning it. A FOB under attack is not a good FOB to reinforce from, as your forces have to move through enemy fire to even get to the active objective. Hunkering down inside a SuperFOB just leads to higher casualties and a bad spawn position. Instead, you push out and engage the enemy away from the FOB so that they can't get anywhere near it, which also makes it a safe spawn. In short, every single thing you did was probably to the detriment of your team.
  4. You keep talking about how useless they are, and here I am frequently taking out multiple vehicles and plenty of infantry with them. And I am referring to the open-top HMMWVs. The CROWS is a murder machine.
  5. HMMWVs can be extremely effective if used properly. The problem is that most people think they can just park it in the middle of the open and start shooting. Instead, you have to use mobility and surprise while limiting your own exposure. If you just stand on top of a hill and start engaging contacts 100m away, you're going to have a bad day. If you're in a depression with foliage obscuring most of your vehicle, you can take out a 30mm BTR without it ever noticing you.
  6. Yes, they would. FOBs would suddenly end up not being spawnable.
  7. Mortars need to cost less ammo, FOBs need to have the 1,00 ammo cap removed, damage may need to be beefed up, and penetration has to be added. @Skul, you're a crazy person.
  8. Ancient discussion. Answer is no. People stop using comms, they start using 3rd party communication software, comms ate only used for enemies to shit talk each other, etc.
  9. It's not tenuously related, it is directly related. And I bring up my own opinions just as everyone else does, as they do in this thread. However, since they're generally larger in scope than most suggestions, and as only certain parts are relevant, I provide a link to the entire suggestion so people can read it in context.
  10. And? They're going to lose.
  11. And those people would obviously then be punished for their wasteful use of resources that would leave them with no FOBs to spawn on because they've wasted all their resources de-spawning and respawning. You either care, or you lose.
  12. I wouldn't see any problems with players being able to de-spawn at any spawn location, be it the Main Base, a FOB, or a Rally Point, provided doing so consumed resources. We seem to be moving towards a logistical system such as the one I've suggested here, which would involve players spawning on FOBs consuming resources from that FOB, and would require continual resupply to maintain a FOB's spawning ability. For the purposes of this thread, I could see de-spawning on a FOB costing the same resources as spawning in on that FOB. That way, FOB de-spawning isn't something that is abusable, but a function of the team's logistical capabilities. This would mean that you'd expend resources to de-spawn and then resources to respawn on another FOB or RP, which I think would be an acceptable penalty for this ability(Paired with the respawn timer). This would also function to make transportation more important, as the resource savings in re-deploying with vehicles instead of de-spawns would be considerable.
  13. Just target HABs and you'll be swimming in kills.
  14. This is not on the same level. Marksman vs. HAT kit is not the same as Infantry squad vs. Mortar squad.