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  1. Conquest Mode: More flags and faster cap times

    That's just as much of an "issue" in AAS. If you lose all your vehicles on Yehorivka, you're just as screwed.
  2. Community Roundtable Discussion, 9/9 22:00 UTC

    Yes. There'll be a text channel that open to everyone, and we may open up the event near the end.
  3. Community Roundtable Discussion, 9/9 22:00 UTC

    The event starts in six hours.
  4. COMMUNITY ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION The War Academy, in association with ISKT, CCFN, and OWI is organizing a Community Roundtable Discussion on September 9th, at 22:00 UTC. The Community Roundtable Discussion is an event that brings together representatives from clans and communities, as well as Squad developers and notable individuals, to discuss matters related to Squad and its community. We hope to establish this as a periodic event that helps us communicate, cooperate, and coordinate in a constructive manner to the betterment of the Squad community. Agenda: The topic for the inaugural Community Roundtable Discussion is community-building. In what ways can we build and promote a strong and mature community around Squad? How can we promote our communities and events internally, and what actions can we take -individually and as a whole- to that end? In what ways can we help promote Squad externally in a manner that reflects those values? Beyond this topic, the event is also open to topics suggested by participants ahead of the event, and topics introduced during the event if time permits. The event will be held in the Official Squad Discord. Only invited representatives are able to actively participate, but the event is open for everyone to attend. Community Roundtable Discord
  5. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    @Kendo Universal Logistics System
  6. Do mortars suck?

    Kills mean a lot in this game. Not only do they cost the enemy tickets, they also take players out of the match for 30+ seconds, and affect map control. If doesn't matter how tacticool you are, if all your guys on the flag are dead, you can't contest that flag any more. Kills are battles won, and battles won result in flags taken.
  7. Revisiting Squad Leader Options

    This isn't an issue if implemented properly. You simply have a default map layer that can't be drawn on, then you have a squad and a team layer that can be drawn on. Squad layers are only visible to squad members, team layers are only visible to squad leaders.
  8. Points-Based Asset Allocation System

    I make no distinction between the two. The system rewards coordination, and the more organized competitive teams would be more capable of making use of the Joint Purchase and Asset Access features. Increasing points accrual based on flags capped or whatever might be feasible, but I'm not sure giving more ticket-costing assets to a team that is on the back foot would do anything other than speed up their demise.
  9. The PR state of things is a bad state of things that is forced by the squad limit. Separate squads for individual assets is a far better option. It gives both the crew and other squads direct access to comms with them, allowing for fast intel sharing. If you have a squad with multiple assets, those assets are slaved to that squad's squad leader, he has to relay inter-squad comms to and from those other assets, and the added comms chatter will often interfere with the individual asset crews' ability to communicate with each other effectively. With separate squads, assets can quickly shift roles depending on the team's needs. If you need to go from a fire support role to a transport role, you can directly coordinate with the squad requiring transport while en route, being notified of dangers, pickup zones, etc. If you have multiple assets in the same squad and your SL sends you to pick up another squad, all of that information would have to go through your SL, which would result in spotty communication.
  10. Esports

    @Zylfrax791 I think the issue here is that you're assuming a scale nobody else is. Also, you're way off on your numbers.
  11. Instead of crying about rush tactics

    No, it isn't. That's just a fast way to lose the game. If you put one or two(!) full squads on a rushable objective, you're going to be outnumbered on the center flag(s), which means you won't be able to contest it, which means you will get a ticket bleed, which means you have to be on the offensive, which means the opposing team can concentrate all of their forces on that central flag(s) while your team has to divide its forces between their offensive and defensive flag, which means you'll be fighting uphill for the rest of the match. And this is if the opposing team does in fact rush. Your suggestion is a pre-emptive tactic. You have to commit to it before you even know if the enemy is going to rush or not. And if they don't, you'll be extremely outnumbered on the central flag(s) and unable to stop them. Which is the problem with the current situation(Caused by the AAS game mode): You just have to gamble on something you cannot ever know the answer to, and your choice will usually decide the outcome of the entire match. Do you commit more forces to rushable rear flags and risk being weaker at the center flag(s), or do you push all your forces to the center and cap the rear flags with a skeleton crew? And this is why everyone rushes. Even if it fails, the rushing forces can quickly respawn on a central HAB and help contest the center flag(s). If you instead try to secure your rear flags by sending full squads to cap them, you're screwed in the center because if they cap the rear flags they still have to move to to the next flag all the way to the center flag(s), which means they'll be out of the fight for the entire time. It just doesn't work.
  12. Esports

    And still, Squad has a competitive scene that is bigger than many games with players in the millions. The player base is not so important for something to be an eSport. And you should think of it the other way around. The competitive scene of Squad is a way to expose the game and the gameplay to more people to expand the player base. With the team sizes required for Squad, it would never become something like CS:GO, even if it was equally popular, simply because of the economics of it all. That does not preclude it from becoming an eSport, nor a successful one.