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  1. Bundeswehr Mod

    You should remake Lashkar valley!
  2. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    I liked the base building aspect, a nice meta game until vehicles etc...
  3. User Interface Concept Art

    Beautiful! @AJAX
  4. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    The PR way hehe
  5. The audio system is an on-going refactor, 4.11 does have multithreading and parallelization but not specifically for audio I believe. New features are: Stereo Spatialization Sound Focus Sound Occlusion Sound Concurrency Fixes are: New: Improved Gameplay Statics sound API. New Spawn at Location functions return an Audio Component that allows manipulation of the played sound similar to the Attached version. Play at Location still does not return the audio component and should be used for one-shot sounds. Sound and Dialogue APIs are now consistent. Rotation added to Location and Attached API to allow facing to be specified to work properly with non-spherical attenuation shapes. Play Attached renamed to Spawn Attached. New: Added ability to set a global pitch scale for every non-UI sound in the game via a new blueprint function. New: Made audio component's applied sound attenuation settings accessible from blueprints. New: Orphaned sounds due to a Sound Node Looping now output a warning to the log. New: Sound attenuation boundaries match the attenuation curves at min/max. New: Sound attenuation values match attenuation curves at min and max rather than assuming 1.0 or 0.0 respectively. This allows for more unusual distance-based attenuation curves, such as donut-shaped curves, or curves that cause audio to be loud far away but quiet nearby. New: Support for playing sounds with audio component properties without needing an audio component as long as the sound's properties do not change. New: XAudio2 voices for PC/XBoxOne platforms are pooled and reused. New: Volume-weight voice prioritization sorting for active voices. This allows for sounds with zero volume, but high priority, to be stopped by lower priority, but audible, sounds. Bugfix: This feature includes a fix for when sounds go out of range (attenuation reaches zero) and then come back in range while still active. If not stopped in between, the sound won't automatically restart from the beginning. Bugfix: Fixed a probable crash that could have happened if 9 reverbs became activated at once. Bugfix: Concatenator sound cue nodes will now wait for all sounds to finish in child mixer nodes before playing next sound in sequence. Bugfix: On PC/XBoxOne, an audio skip in sounds past a certain length have been removed. Bugfix: On Mac, splitting and merging audio streams when using reverb, EQ, or radio effects no longer causes volume levels to to change. Added low-pass filter for voice audio units to closer match PC audio. Bugfix: Play In Editor Sound Quality Level is now being used correctly for Sound Quality nodes in Sound Cues when playing in editor. Bugfix: A rare case where a sound would not be played because an async load request had been made too recently has been fixed. Bugfix: Core Audio API no longer crashes on Mac when the number of active sounds exceeded the number of available audio units. Updated OVR Audio SDK. Anders is going to have fun Source: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?105929-4-11-Released!
  6. If anyone wants to understand the complexity check out the 9000 lines of code that needs to be reinterpreted... https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/blob/fc6dc0354f73cb7cb9b28ffc351aac45c14bfdbe/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Components/CharacterMovementComponent.cpp
  7. Please elaborate! What's happening?
  8. I think the dark overlay PR has should be tested publicly to gauge
  9. March 2016 Recap

    Well done Drav, the tunnels look fucking amazing!
  10. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Wow love it! Well done! I like the small and cute row layouts for each kit, the smaller things are the greater sense of control and immersion I feel. The colour scheme is in the right direction, needs as you say transparency with the gameplay behind. My suggestions: 1. I'd like to see more 8-bit symbolism icons with as much as possible as this pays homage to PR and looks sexy as hell. 2. If the equipment capacity is less then 100% then the faded 0 shouldn't exist as it kind of indicates percentages larger then 100. 3. The medic icon doesn't feel right, I think it looks too official and badge like or like a crest/shield... I think a red cross within a border lined square would be awesome. 4. I feel the first image showing in large text ROLES & LOADOUT is far too descriptive and should have more emphasis on the faction text being larger with the specific faction flag. ROLES and LOADOUT should maybe say simply KITS 5. I think instead of the black theme it should be dark grey. Black doesn't fit the overall game colours.
  11. AAS and Breaking the Bell-curve.

    Love that idea taxi. Get it in there
  12. Battlefield 1

    BUT why.... why god why would DICE tease BF 2142 with images and easter eggs through out BF3/BF4? I want WW2 btw but something tells me it isnt
  13. Battlefield 1

    Something coming on the 21st of this month according to this russian leak... http://imgur.com/8KNhpqA
  14. PRX Map pack (Project Reality)

    Rabbit any plans to make new maps or port your maps with UE4 with the squad SDK?
  15. Bundeswehr - German military

    I believe German should be after British.